Alphanoid 3d
Alphanoid 3d by snail
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Mark unregistered
#20   06 Jul 2008
This 1 is in my favourites. Wonderful use of ramps,corridors and gangways. Beautiful use of the oldschool textures. Very clean design. You can tell this guy is organised. Little too many ammo clips for the amount of weaponry here but i can see this being useful in team matches and large ffa. I would have liked to have seen a Vore where the RG is. The shotgun is out of the way, MH and Quad spawn in the same atrium and alot of plasma ammo close to the plasma gun but very professionally done
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Anonymous unregistered
#19   06 Apr 2006
verry good game
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Nitebeat unregistered
#18   27 Jul 2002
This level was part of a q3 pack, on a cd. (game mag)

Yeah well this level isn't bad =) it was a nice change from all the other maps. Did feel a bit "empty" sometimes.

I've never fallen into that pit though :-)

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Zak unregistered
#17   23 Aug 2000
I really like the look and feel of this map, but it's just too freakin' big:( Is there a smaller version?
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Locutus_MP unregistered
#16   10 Jun 2000
n0th|ng's a nut.

Just DL'd the level and i have to say, i'm impressed. The architecture is very well done and the theme is consistant for a sci-fi construct. The ambient sounds also add to the atmosphere of the level, making you feel like you're on a ship or near heavy machinery. i didn't really get the relationship between the level design and the space invaders, but whatever tickles your fancy. :-) And contrary to popular belief, the grays and browns don't make the level boring. Oh, and the level should work just fine for teamplay; it's certainly big enough, and it has a few open areas which allow for heated battles while not preventing players from disappearing back into the, uhh... metalwork... so to speak.

The one complaint i have is the overuse (in my opinion) of clip brushes. Usually you can't have too many of those babies, but i never liked people removing natural sniper spots from the level. The pillars in the room shown above have ledges spacey enough to stand on for a surprise attack, or just to use to get from one ramp to another faster, but they're all clipped off. How annoying!

Other than that miner gripe, the level rocks! i give it a 7.

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n0th|ng unregistered
#15   04 Jun 2000
Hello everyone. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you I never even downloaded this map... but Ill review the lil picture... from the looks of it its a good map. There's alot of good space for rail matches, and obsticles to hide behind and stuff. As for the color it's pretty dull but hey, it's a fun map anyway. Those 2 pillars in the picture are very nice and round... yeah. All I wanted was a pepsi just one pepsi. What really gets old about this level is that when you're playing it, and you fart, it smells really bad. Expect my name to be randomly popping up across the gaming world untill some day, you see me at the top with the $40,000 dollars and a score like 10 - 2 against nb.fatal1ty. Yes thats right, the future pro of the q3 world is mindlessly jabbering about a map he's never even played on some random webpage or something. I know it seems wierd, and you're probably think I'm drunk/stoned/high, but no. I'm not. I'm really just tired, and bored. Its amazing how long I can go on talking to a bunch of people who dont even know me. Anyway, ill let you back to your map stuff, I give this map a 7 by the way, just by the screen shot. :)
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RedFive unregistered
#14   04 Jun 2000
Man that's a huge map! Me and five bots had trouble finding each other in this maze. Could've been nicer if it was smaller and more colorful; it looks like a Q2 map with all the grays and browns. It earns the passing note: a 6.
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Eternally In Your Mouth, unregistered
#13   03 Jun 2000
I havent played it yet either, cuz it looks like the asylum that my Aunt just came and got me from. I don't think I will go back there again in a long time. All I wanted was a Pepsi...Just one Pepsi....
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JonTart unregistered
#12   03 Jun 2000
I like the look of this

I haf to admit i aint pld it yet but the look is v.nice. Original and new keep it up

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J.Bravo unregistered
#11   02 Jun 2000
Whoa Momma! this map IS brown, ah'm a sure of it, but maybe i just need to clean my screen real fast, coz when Jonny's in town everyone goes down and the shit tends to fly before i say bye bye!!

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magatsu unregistered
#10   02 Jun 2000
go go space invaders
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RiO unregistered
#9   01 Jun 2000
I don't know what J. Bravo is on, but the map looks grey to me. I see no brown...

I liked it! The space Invaders theme was cool, and the map's constant humming is a great feature: A Q1 feature which Q3 needs more of is background noise. Didn't like the item positioning so much: the Quad could have been better placed than on the top ramp. Was disappointed that although Tig recommended it for TDM, it did not add itself to the TDM list with it's arena file: had to edit it.

On the whole, though, good. 8/10

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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#8   01 Jun 2000
This map rock it's fantastic superb it just plays fantastic found the team DM better than DM but i love team DM so that's a good thing and Brown isn't so depressing it just helps create an atmosphere I love this map a 10
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J.Bravo unregistered
#7   01 Jun 2000
....but what about the brown??

it's all brown. Am i the only one who objects to this, the most shittiest of colours? Maybe 'James Brown' feels good but i dont coz i dont like BROWN!! it just gets me down and when i'm playing q3 i dont wanna frown!!

P.S. apart from the diabolical taste in colour everything else is ahreet.

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i wanna jon IMB unregistered
#6   31 May 2000
Snail's maps rocks, I wanna Join IMB.

cos IMB rocks, Their l33t !!!

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snail unregistered
#5   31 May 2000
thanks for the comments guys! glad you enjoy it ;)

i feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. it's always good to get feedback from people. thanks again for the response! :)

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Jake unregistered
#4   30 May 2000
We've been enjoying this map for a while at UCSC, just for ffa. Never been able to gather enough people for a large team game, but that is the master plan. Nice work, Snail.
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Schufniken unregistered
#3   30 May 2000
Believe me, it's actually a good teamplay map :)
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Patridiot unregistered
#2   30 May 2000
At last, an example fo my favorite kind of map. I had a really fun match against 8 other nightmare bots. I don't know if it's good for teamplay because it doen't really allow for the that campy style of gameplay that makes me want to gouge my eyes out with my thumbs. I do however think it would be good for clan arena and I'm going to recomend it to the guy who runs the server I play at. Thansk snail.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#1   30 May 2000
This is a very fun map for FFA, but I disagree about teamplay. It's a highly symmetrical map, with each individual area much like all the others, and I see no real rallying point to force team conflict.

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