Dead Simple (2)
Dead Simple (2) by KODIAK
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SW12 unregistered
#13   22 May 2011
This is like being Doom walking around in his past-of his gruesome memories of fighting mancubi and arachnotrons on this war-torn outpost/fortification. I can go around and be like: "yep, and thats where I got the bfg". I got to try this.
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Rune unregistered
#12   26 Oct 2000
It's amazing, I keep coming back to this level because it is just so good.
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Dr. Crazy unregistered
#11   06 Jun 2000
This is a great map! What else can I say?
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KODIAK unregistered
#10   29 May 2000
The beta has arrived check it!!

I would like to hear YOUR oppinion...

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Wilqo unregistered
#9   28 May 2000
ahhh Good ol' doom 2. I remember this map too.. probably one of the better ones.It definitely needs a railgun, The one after it I liked too..
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KODIAK unregistered
#8   28 May 2000
The beta map will be there soon :)

Having some problems unfortunately..

Death2Uall Thanks for the advice if I will have some spare time I will make a remake of this remake :)

IsmiteU had the same idea abut the railgun ...

So it will have a rail and I might work on the lighting... Although I am allways having problems with that part... I dont know why.. It is propably the faul of my brother .. He made my cfg file and it screws up a lot of things includeing the ambience and intensity of lighting... And when I made a cvar_restart the game looked awfull... I have no idea what to do but hopefully my latest map will not have these lighting problems... I ll work on it.

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OozEf unregistered
#7   28 May 2000
KODIAK, what beta map r u talking about? I just looked through every page and I'm probably blind but I couldn't find one. Gimme a link, bro.
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Death2Uall unregistered
#6   27 May 2000
One more thing. It needs a railgun. The broken walls and debris make for nice duck and snipe play with the RG. A railgun in place of one of the shotguns would do the trick.

I'm a rail freak though so take that however you want. :)

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Dutch unregistered
#5   27 May 2000
I tend to agree with Death2Uall as he made some excellent points.The only thing I can add is the r_speeds climb in a couple spots and the frame rate dips.Still this is the best Dead Simple remake I have seen.
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Death2Uall unregistered
#4   27 May 2000
KODIAK: Hope you don't mind a little constructive criticism from a non-mapper. :)

First of all, I think the architecture to this remake is awesome. I love the idea of a weathered down and crumbling version of dead simple. The architecture really conveys a sense of age (which is pretty fitting considering how old DOOM is). However, there are a couple of small things that I think could have made this WAY better.

The lighting is my biggest complaint. The map has the great beaten down architecture but the lighting doesn't fit IMO. Way, way too bright. A darker sky (maybe even a custom night sky) with light coming from some fires burning on the ground here and there and maybe a few torches would have looked awesome. It would have really accented the architecture and the overall setting brilliantly. I also have (and enjoy quite a bit) your Pit and the Pendulum map. If I were to criticize any area of your map making, it would have to be lighting. On this map and the Pit and the Pendulum, the lighting just looks rushed a little to me (well, a lot on this one and a little on the other). Just something I've noticed. Not trying to rag on you at all. I enjoy most of your maps a great deal.

Second is the total lack of enviornmental sound in this map. Just a simple wind howling would have been perfect (along with the crackling of aforementioned fires).

I KNOW you did this quickly and just for fun. I'm just offering up my opinions and actually hoping you might go back and touch it up a little. I think the concept is excellent and this map has always been a blast for the occasional beatdown. I love really high quality classic map remakes personally. They bring back great memories. Not enough good ones out there. Most are sub-par conversions without much thought put into them.

If by any chance you decide to touch it up at all in these areas, please let me know about it at

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KODIAK unregistered
#3   27 May 2000
These two maps with deep space were made for the PureDM dead simple contest...

Do not expect too much. They are just for fun and were made in about three days...

If you want to make your self heard try the beta section. Because my latest map is under beta testing I would like to hear your oppinions.

Especially Abonimations :)

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Delitzsch unregistered
#2   27 May 2000
Nice conversion, but not sure what the point is. We're talking Doom level design here - not too interesting. For what you had to work with, well done.
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Steinecke unregistered
#1   27 May 2000
No atmosphere; it's just... wasteland. Giving 3.
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