Gothic Waters
by SLoB
Gothic Waters by SLoB
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#15   01 Jul 2011
This map is the closest thing I've found to the Icon Of Sin boss fight at the end of DOOM II.

IDK about you guys, but I'm keeping this for awhile!! 5.5

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SLoB unregistered
#14   03 Jun 2000
hmm lordy lordy wot a twat u are heheh

erm I'll leave any comments out in reply :) but my little pic on my readme will suffice :)

have a nice day :) heheh

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Lord Stephen Stonecorner unregistered
#13   24 May 2000
Oh! see: You're going to make all the comments by Yourself, Dear Mr 'SLoB'? Maybe You should be renamed? What about... what about... -'SNoB'? In Your language: 'Hehehehe.'
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SLoB unregistered
#12   19 May 2000
heh hmm hav a look at this article :-) - by redchurch

this is almost gospel :)

SLoB :-)

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sLoB unregistered
#11   19 May 2000
heh out of all the peeps who have dl this only a hand full reply :) heh

well elvis the bots should go into the teleporter as I placed a bot entity there and depending on the bot u use they use the ents with different weighting :) trust me they do use it :)

As far as bot play goes most maps suk


if you checkout RA2 map 15 the dock was in that map

Us brits play RA2 quite a bit- infact I dont really play against bots neways - I have cable :) and I play multiplayer games- this Arena was intended to be played as an RA2/3 Rail arena as this is what happens on the small arenas :) I only really play v other peeps as this is the best play u can get online!!

if you havn't checked out RA2 yet then grab it m8 :) in the small arenas we play Rails only most of the time to sharpen the aim and with the pickups its all weps :)

Next time peeps- think of playing an ra2/3 arena and this is the type of arena(s) I have done and plan to do :) NO dm maps Mainly ROCKET ARENA ARENAS!!!

hmmm despite the fact there was a readme file in the zip and pk3 did peeps read it??? probably not :(

next time I'll make big feckoff letters saying this map is intended for RA2/3 REAL PEOPLE PLAY!!!

heheh lol

oh well :)

It dint help that lvl reviewed it and didn't even mention that it was based for playing as an ra2/3 rail arena!


SLoB :-)

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elvis unregistered
#10   19 May 2000
well preaty cool rail map though bots stay in the water they should go into the teleporter in the water.

i wont keep this one though;(

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Crassus unregistered
#9   18 May 2000
How can you be so BLIND and not mention that it's a copy of a Kick Ass RA2 Map ! Dry Dock DOH !!!!!

Overall nice map,

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SLoB unregistered
#8   17 May 2000
heh thnx for your comments peeps :)

erm well this was my 1st attempt at map making :) and I was only really going throught all the tutorials from :) only really to get a feel of using rad for future arenas :)

hmm I happen to like the fog teleporter :)

and u know wot they say ehhe u cant please peeps all the time :)

if map designers stopped and reworked everything they did just cos some 1 said i dont like that bit they'd never get ne work done :)

ehhe once my arenas are done thats it finito no more editing :)

map is as is and its tough if u dont like it heheh :)

at the end of the day I'm the one thats making it and if I like it then it stays!! :-)

I had no probs with the bots at all they use the teleporters , there are bot roam ents all over the place and bots go everywhere :)

be sure to check my other arenas out @ :-)



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Steinecke unregistered
#7   17 May 2000
Bots have problems with the water. Another '....' fogteleporter. I don't like it.
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XBEYONDX unregistered
#6   17 May 2000
This map is the Brest.
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BLaDE/~ unregistered
#5   17 May 2000
Hmm I remember this one from ra2, the map was a bit cack but this arena was one of the best for gameplay, nice to see the gameplay has been improved :) more spawn points :)

The jump pads are just spot on for this small arena.

I liked this:) bring on the next one :)

good for a first arena :) are there any more arenas?

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^MeRLin^ unregistered
#4   17 May 2000
hey great rail map

the water was cool but knida flat lookin would have been better a nicer blue color :) and I thought the deathfog pit coulda been a bit deeper.

but on the whole a nice arena for railing :)

n1 m8 keep up the good work :)

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SLoB unregistered
#3   17 May 2000
Thnx Bd :)

heh yea ouchie :) must have bin that email i sent sayin my map has been waiting for too long to be reviewed heheh :)

ahh well the downloads and comments will undoubtedly flow soon enough :)

see wot other peeps reckon on it :)

next time I think i'll add big letters saying this arena was made for RA2/3 play heheh :)

i think i did include a pic of the original dock in the zip?

so peeps could see it :) before my version :)

neways got assignments to do :( b4 Hols to Malta :)))



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Bulldog unregistered
#2   17 May 2000
OUCH slob m8 :(

the map which the idea was taken from was the doc in Quake2's RA2 MOD.

and i think Slob has captured the RA2 arena down to a tee.

the gameflow is the same as the

RA2 version but better because of the Quake 3 format ie jump pads and such.

nice conversion m8.

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RaZZA unregistered
#1   17 May 2000
I dissagree with the review!

The author said that the Arena was intended for Rocket Arena 2 style playing and I thought it was great for 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 and with this view in mind is a great rail arena :)

I'd have to give it 7/10 not bad for a 1st effort :)

The rocky ground was cool though :)

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