Gothic Waters
by SLoB
UPDATED 29/03/00 FINAL VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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**** SLoBs QUAKE 3 RA3 ARENA :-) ****
**** Gothic Waters ****
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Before we begin to frag :) this erm getting longer readme file needs to be read :) heheh NOTE: README files are
SPose to be READ so plz don't msg me saying u cant get the arena to work etc.. blah blah :) heheh :)
SLoB :p

hmm wish I had a penny for every time sum1 asks me wot to do cos they couldnt be Arsed to read the readme file heheh

** THIS Arena is NOW FINAL stage -heheh this time IT IS FINAL :) - Everything has been tidied up and optimised to the
max without too much loss in visuals :) and is ready to incorporate into the RA3
competition multiarena map pak :)******* whenever they can be arsed to tell the public :) or reply to emails heh

Gothic Waters Based on Ra2s The Dock - Fubar'd By SLoB :-)

Woah heh I keep adding to this Readme heheh lol :) Stop it SLob :)
I've often found it helps to read the 'READMEs' b4 u start sumthing :) however boring they may be heheh :p

Title : Gothic Waters - will do for the now :)
Date : 29-3-00
Filename :
Original Author : KaRNiX

Author : SLoB
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : :)
Description : Q3Arena Rail Arena map superb for 1v1s :-) and 2v2s team play or even FFa :-)
: *The above map is available from my website*

* Installation *

Simply place the GothicWaters.pk3 file into your Q3/baseq3 directory and select the map from the in-game
FFA, TeamDM, or Torny menu in either singleplayer or multiplayer :-).

* Play Information *

botmatch : Yes- Anarki is the main bot for 1v1s :) u can add yer own :) I will do me own
custom 'SLoB bot' soon :)
Teamplay : Yes- modes FFA, TeamDM And Torny - 1 v 1 and 2 v 2s esp good :-)
Weapons : Rail only.
Armor : Yes- RA3 style.
RoX Shooter : Yes- :-) heh I've added this random shooter for a bit of fun :)

Arena Specs : Full Total bot support this time :) Bots shud use all areas including the jumppads :)
: 6 Yes 6 spawn points to make the camping on spawn point aspect a thing of the past :)
It was so predictable on the original map so I've made this more random :) now u
can't camp 6 spots heheh. Players spawn/respawn in random(6) points with Railgun and 50
SLugs thers no machine gun :)
: 2 Teleporters one at the back with deth fog so be careful where u jump :) Linked to 8 Destination
Points :-) now camp 8 spots ya M****R F****R heheh :-)

Don't 4 get to have fun with this arena :-) this is my 1st attempt at doin a real arena/map :) ne comments
/feedback email me @ **email removed** :)

Although the orig The Dock wasn't much to look at I've always liked the gameplay of it in RA2 esp with
rails be it 1v1 or 2v2s :-) and to remake it for RA3 was a great experience :) the game plays vwell with
the bots and hopefully I can get this arena in the competition they will be doin for RA3 :-) Please
vote for my arena to be in the forthcoming mappack comp :)

The Bot Play should ROK on this Arena now :) impossible to beat Xearo on nightmare mode heheh challenge him :)

SLoB :p


* Construction *
Base : did a q2-q3 convert but ended up only keeping the base
under the dock and the overall size :) everything else was remade :)
Editor used : Q3Radiant v 181/197 (shit-hot cool prog :-)
Known Bugs : None that i am aware of :) heh who am I tryin to kid?
heheh thers prolly lots of bugs still :( will get round
to fixin em sumtime :) altho all/most issues have bin fixed :)

Build Time : Approx 4 weeks (in my spare time) (My missus says bollox heheh) and plenty of early mornings
:( Mapping is too addictive and may seriously damage your health!! heheh
There should be a Health Warning in Radiant telling U mapping can Seriously Damage your
Health heheh Now I really kno wot sleep deprevation is apart from all weekender LANS :-)

Compile machine : K62-450 with 230 megs RAM and V3 :-) will b Awsome on me new gforced PC :)
q3map BSP Time : originally fullvised -11 hrs 11 mins and 18 secs :) too bleedin long heheh
: but Fastvis in 23 mins :-) All my future arenas will be fastvizzed (ids space maps are fastvizzed)
Bot Compile Time : 22 mins another long and boring process : but is much needed for u non net lamers :)
Brushes : As long as i can brush me hair :)
Entities : too many to list heh
Textures used : Mainly Gothic set.

Testing you have done : Tested all areas, no flaws erm ?, no brush problems heh:-) I wish :)

Comments from testers : WOW Looks Cool, Kicks ASS, Superb, WOW u made this?, Plays Real Cool :) heheh.

Thanks to : Bulldog :-) (Main Tester) for "in depth" support/hints on rads brushes and generally makin sure
my bodge ups wer fixed heheh :) etc. and for the excellent prefabbed chainlinks :) and
generally bein a cool dood :)

Also thnx to : [XTC]Orion (tester :-) , Crassus, Krunch, Deathlord, Swelty Billy, Deviant, and ne1 else who
knows me :) for giving me feedback..cheers guys !!!

Additional Comments/Credits/etc:

Copyright / Permissions
This version is copyrighted by SLoB.

Origional copyrighted by KarNiX - **email removed** ? link dont work nemor :(
Author(s) Home Page:

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet,
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive


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