Delirium by Gummo
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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#16   28 May 2000
Railgun camper map. I played it once. Thats all. waste of time
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Lager unregistered
#15   25 May 2000
Nice map d00d! U R l33t!!


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rave unregistered
#14   21 May 2000
Gummo, i like what i see on the screenshot hehe very original

Indeed it looks like some little midgets live over there, or little orbbs...Haven't had the chance to down your map, but i defenitily will!

Good going dood

Oh yeah gummo do all the bots suck on this map? I like playing with major,xaero,hunter and keel. ah can't win them all..

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not entered unregistered
#13   19 May 2000
i cant download it none of the downloads work??
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mr.GRinch unregistered
#12   18 May 2000
This is why we all are gamers !!! If YOU LIKE ORIGINAL MAPPING. DOWNLOAD NOW.
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XBEYONDX unregistered
#11   18 May 2000
Is'nt that the point of the railgun to leave it where you can get killed over and over again trying to get it? I know if I am playing my friends I DO NOT want them to get the railgun. And if I can kill them trying to it makes me feel ohhhhh so good.

I really dig this map. Keep this up and pluggin at it and you'll wind up on a good team someday.

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Niptlar unregistered
#10   18 May 2000
The Railgun really isn't worth getting; you miss out on too many frag opportunities, not to mention leave yourself vulnerable. This level really didn't need to include all non-BFG weapons (but this isn't the only map I'd say that about). The flow was a little slow around the perimeter. If Delirium takes advantage of the 3rd dimension and perhaps some teleports, the gameflow will be much better in his future levels.

The originality is there and is somewhat useful, so this map gets a 6-.

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Gummo unregistered
#9   18 May 2000
Happy to hear you like it.

I just wanted to try something new with the lift. I knew that the bots would hate it, but with humans it's a great risk going down there (and it should be since the RG works very well in this map).

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KODIAK unregistered
#8   18 May 2000

Congratulations Gummo!

An original map. One you do not see often.

a tener on my scale!

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Tyre unregistered
#7   18 May 2000
This is turning into a firm favourite. Great map. Unsure about the lift to RG, and I notice bots occasionally get stuck at the entrance to the cage, but basically, I just play this over and over.
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Octovus unregistered
#6   17 May 2000
Lol Steinecke bring my comp into the kitchen =0

Maybe I shouldn't of given it points for mushrooms but hey ;)

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Steinecke unregistered
#5   17 May 2000
'Delirium'? Sounds to good. To good for this map. Who is going to give some points for mushrooms? -Bring Your comp into the kitchen!
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XBEYONDX unregistered
#4   17 May 2000
I really like this map. Any map with your own textures and "Imagination" really kick me there. I love playing this map. Give me more.
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Octovus unregistered
#3   17 May 2000
Magic Mushrooms lol. Yum

Bots aren't all that bad, better than a lot of maps out there (which does actually say something). Unfortunately, imho it's the maps that isn't that great. I originally thought that the back room platform would have a quad or something spawn on it, but it turned out to be a lift down to the RG. I thought that was coolm but actually it sucks, it is just too out of the way and bot's don't use it either.

The mushrooms were cool I must admit though, especially the bouncie ones =). RL placement was good, little enough armor to make it be a wanted item (I.E. important to online survival, bots didn't get YA in my experience either). LG and GL were great, PG was ok. Liked the other mushroom map that was here a long time ago (was that your's?) a bit better.

7 outa 10 =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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Gummo unregistered
#2   17 May 2000
But they make you so funny, can't stop eating 'em !

Hope you people enjoy the map.

(the bots suck on it by the way, better off playing with some psyched-out friends)

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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#1   17 May 2000
Gummo, have you been eating those magic mushrooms again, I think so.

Map's quite good; will make further comments later.

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