MeatPak Two
MeatPak Two by Pete Parisi
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man unregistered
#94   24 Sep 2008
cool maps!!
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#93   07 Aug 2008
I kinda skipped this pack originally on the basis of the first pack and it proves you should never judge a body of work on the basis of 1 effort. This pack picks up where dark meat left off in the original. Meatpatty could really have used a better skybox. i would have really have liked to have seen it set inside a power station (ala Death Star) or as a lift rising from a planet to a sky station but oh well. MH/Quad can both be camped by the rail gun in these packs and in coloncancer the RA can be camped too but these areas will be highly contested. The steak logo on the floors of meatpatty are kinda tacky and out of place too. These are novelty space maps that are alot of fun to play on and the intricacies involved in moving around colon cancer will keep the brain stimulated as well. A real hoot!
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redfella unregistered
#92   26 Feb 2005
Great work. These maps were way ahead of their time 5 years ago, and still great by today's standards (as far as ingenuity goes), imho. Peace out.
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Black Dog unregistered
#91   01 Apr 2004
Consecutive comments going 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. Now I'm happy.

Oh yeah, interesing maps.

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A1yssa unregistered
#90   28 Feb 2003
This guy is a great artist!
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not entered unregistered
#89   28 Mar 2002
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MEME unregistered
#88   26 Jun 2001
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GuitarMan unregistered
#87   23 Jun 2001
Strange, different - GREAT!

This guy should be doin' maps for ID!

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Lavaman unregistered
#86   07 Jan 2001
Th best mapping ive ever seen

Huge attention to detail

someone hire this guy and give him loads o cash so hes got more time to map :)

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Dark Spot in the Corner unregistered
#85   14 Dec 2000
I simply love those meatpacks! Great Deathmatch arenas altogether. Start your downloads...
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#84   19 Nov 2000
again, beautiful work and incredible attention to detail. interesting fighting, although not the best space maps out there. close though.
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=SiN= unregistered
#83   01 Sep 2000
Coloncancer is like sooooo wildah! I can't even beat Anarki on hardcore here (normally i play Anarki on nightmare)... Very, extremely kewl. Gave it a 9 'cuz the other map is far less interesting.

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Zak unregistered
#82   23 Aug 2000
Great maps. Both meatpaks are my most frequently played maps.
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GorillaGok unregistered
#81   13 Jul 2000
Not as cool as MeatPak 1. The look is there, but the play's not. They're worth checking out because they are pretty unique and really, the art's gorgeous, but I haven't found myself playing them over and over like the ones in the first pak. Great art though, love to see Mr. Pete use this style on a more complex map.
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Zarathustra unregistered
#80   12 Jul 2000
What can I say? This guy Pete Parisi is prolific. Two packs of maps so far with original textures and original layouts and original themes. I really love what this guy can do. And he is very productive. He must be going pro soon if he hasn't already right?

And his moving tunnel contraption in "Coloncancer" is MUCH better than the runaway train effect in that Unreal Tournament map.

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Leviathan unregistered
#79   08 Jun 2000
Now THATS what I call "style"! Isn´t it just great, that someone can think of something else than those I-am-jumping-around-in-an-empty-black-space-maps? I love the design of these maps (especially the jumppads!), although they are a bit weird to navigate.

At all, I was VERY impressed!

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SAGGREALLYSUX unregistered
#78   02 Jun 2000
owned ahah
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brimmie unregistered
#77   23 May 2000
Just thought that i would say, that these maps get better everytime i play them
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Hi-C unregistered
#76   21 May 2000
Well, this has almost ruined me for any more of the lackluster id maps, and for just about any gothic or base maps as well. ;) It's really a startlingly new DM environment, so full of originality and wit that you feel like you're seeing Q3 for the first time. Or more to the point -- like you're seeing what Q3 could have been. What Q3 should be.

Yeah, you can fault these maps for slowing down a bit here and there, or for the bots falling off them, etc. etc. But that's just plain churlish: would you also gripe about mosquitoes in Eden? (id's bots suck so much that limiting any map design for them is like crippling yourself to make a legless fellow feel better.) M2 hints at where DM design is going in spades once people get better hardware and once DM thinking is liberated from its box origins...

Favorite touch in Meatpack: the glowing kickers, reminiscent of pinball.

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david unregistered
#75   20 May 2000
superbe texture, and superbe bumpers

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DBD unregistered
#74   20 May 2000
I think I have been particularely clear, vertex mod badly supported for one map, too many areas too dark for the second map.

For both map, bot play sucks, they can only have negative scores. So no real bot play play impossible. For me, a major flaw. And this is a description of why gameplay sucks.

All of that is constructive:

  • Please all maps authors, take care of bot play at HMP and Hardcore, that's a major feature.
  • Please map athors take care how your map look in vertex mode. That's a not so small feature.

Il also add (and repeat here) very nice and original look.

Again other constructive comments for meat :

  • continue with map looking very nice.
  • Persevere with originality.

So well, perhaps it's more clear this time.

And yes all of that is just my opinion, but I don't see why I should put here something else than my own opinion.

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Machiavellian unregistered
#73   19 May 2000

If you cannot come up with any constructive criticism then please just shut up. I think the last thing meat needs is a 10 year old idiot spouting one line negatives. It's fools like you that turn good mappers away because of your immaturity. Why don’t you go make yourself a map have it reviewed and show us how its suppose to be done.

As for the game-play issue, for those that just say game-play sucks if you cannot describe why it sucks to you, you are really no help. A lot of times a mapper is not catering to your particular taste with certain maps so to each their own. Now, if the mapper was catering to a type of play but did not succeed then explain where he failed could help out a lot

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outofbounds unregistered
#72   18 May 2000
Who say's i'm a 'she'?
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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#71   17 May 2000
Meathead, I mean, Meat have you considered designing a level set in a REAL space environment (with views of the big blue mouldy meatball - Earth, and Nebulas, etc, like in UT),I think a Q3 map set in surroundings like this would be awesome. I am mentioning this to you as you appear to have the ability, to sucessfully create something like this.


By the way Veggie; after reading outofbounds comment, I'd suggest that you watch your back as it appears you have a very eager Stalker on your tail. Should consider taking out a restraining order, that's right you don't know who she is, to remedy this check out your back garden as she's probably there now.

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Your Sister unregistered
#70   16 May 2000
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Steinecke unregistered
#69   16 May 2000
These maps are... useless posermaps!
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outofbounds unregistered
#68   16 May 2000
I saw you at E3, and you got a real pretty behind
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DBD unregistered
#67   15 May 2000
I think bot play is an important feature of the game. But sadly the author of these 2 maps seems to have forgot that. Space map isn't a new stuff, falling in void is always possible but good space maps allow a bot play without bots that do constantly suicide. Both maps of the pack have a big problem, bots mostly do negative scores and no real play with bots is possible. For me it's a major flaw. The maps looks arginal and very nice. But one mostly can't be played in vertex mode and the author should have take care of that, the other is sometimes a bit too dark. So I gave it a 4 and I'll rate it again when these maps will have a bot support.
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magatsu unregistered
#66   11 May 2000
these two maps rule! i don't know why some of you write they have bad gameplay...
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JonaH unregistered
#65   11 May 2000
Impressive maps, origonality at its best, but with no disrespect to custom mappers, when is someone going to make one thats as good as q3dm6? - looks good, bots play like they live there, item placement is superb and plenty of vertical action - excellent all round.
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elvis unregistered
#64   11 May 2000
i think gameplay is fine here not against bots. bots dont act to crazy, so its ok.
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Steinecke unregistered
#63   10 May 2000
Gameplay? What gameplay?
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brimmie unregistered
#62   10 May 2000
Where to start,I'll give it a ten just for originality and style. Now on most maps that have such exquisite texturing and good looks u suffer in gameplay, but i can say that both of these maps, hold up very well. My favorite of the two is coloncancer because it can be fun in many situations my fav being teamplay 3 on 3. Anyway thought i would give it a ten and say great job keep em coming.
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elvis unregistered
#61   10 May 2000
i agree with what ,what? said.

not all maps are suited to the style of play the player chooses. thats why a good player changes his style of play in situations makeing you(me)a camper sorta say once in a while and so on, again depending on situations.

pesonally i think goth maps are getting old, not that i dont like them but a change is nice.

also , again ill say that in meatpaty the illusion isnt doing it for me. coloncancer is an ill ride.

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-=Jazz=- unregistered
#60   09 May 2000
One of the best set of maps I've played... wish the bots had have worked better tho.
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wHat? unregistered
#59   08 May 2000
Could all you people complaining about gameplay tell me exactly what it is you mean?

Honestly, gameplay is what you make of it. If you're a "cat and mouse" kind of player, you're going to find you enjoy and different style of map than the "rampaging through the level" kind of player. If you're a "camper", you're going like a different kind of map than the "controller". It can not be expected of a level designer to cater to everyone's playing style and individual idea of what makes the perfect gameplay in a level.

Now, I'd like to touch on my interpretation of the gameplay. Personally, I find this level is oozing with gameplay. There are enough environmental hazards (especially in the first map) to make this level a very intense deathmatch. Dodging rockets and ducking rail shots is enough action for the most serious playes. Incorporating a sense of place and a number of environmental dangers added to the frantics of having a rocket launcher fired at your ass makes this level a surefire nail-biter. You are fighting to stay ALIVE. That in itself is enough gameplay to make me come back again and again.

I would like to congratulate MEAT on a job well done on both the maps in MeatPack 2. Highly detailed; excellent use of shaders and geometry; brilliantly styled architecture; and innovative ideas -- Excellent work Meat. My hat is off to you on a job well done.

Map on brotha,


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KODIAK unregistered
#58   07 May 2000
A true professional I must say :)

The sceenery is stunning the custom textures are just fantastic I might even say that these two maps beat id's space maps on looks not on gameplay though.

Nice work

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ALS unregistered
#57   07 May 2000
Nice maps!

but not impresss by the gameplay!

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MEAT unregistered
#56   06 May 2000
I gonna kill you Vexar!!!! You got my sister pregnant!! And now you steeling my textures!!!

Just kidding, Hey Vexar you need to stop makeing gameboy games AND RELEASE SOME MORE Q3 MAPS!! Damn man you lag!!

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Vexar unregistered
#55   06 May 2000
I finally played the maps man! By far your best work, BTW, I am using your textures in my WhirlWind Map, thanks! :) Oh I mean can I use your textures in my map? ahhh I'm using them. I don't care what you say! :)
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Kalgol unregistered
#54   06 May 2000
Visuals 10. Awesome style.

Gameplay 4. There is none :(

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Jim unregistered
#53   06 May 2000
An excellent pair of maps. MEAT really knows how to develop a concept into a good solid Q3 map. These maps also display excellent use of shaders and implementation of environmental hazards. Structural/mechanical detail is nicely done as well, while maintaining good FPS throughout as well. I was stunned when I first saw the jump/accel pads in MeatPatty- very well done.

The only thing I don't like about these maps were that the bots don't know how to play them (or at least Meat Patty- I didn't even try bots on Colon cancer).

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OozE unregistered
#52   06 May 2000
I agree....Yeah, I said it again.
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hhmz unregistered
#51   06 May 2000
could do with a much better bot support, coz not many servers will put these babys in the rotation..
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elvis unregistered
#50   06 May 2000 have some good points espeacially how hard these maps are to conquer.

if a player cant conquer these maps then either, the player sucks, or it is too hard.

to me hard gameplay is good, i dont like easy maps and get sick of them fast, and delete them. im not saying im great or anything but if a player doesnt like the gameplay because its difficult to manuver, then the player in my eyes is not that good.

over all i give it a 9. nice meat, i like these better than the first two. hope im building your confidence and keepupthegoodwork

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elvis unregistered
#49   06 May 2000
well my machine is low, low end, maps run well with the graphic settings on high when im alone and O.K. with bots.

first of all coloncancer shows me ,the author did a good job with the constant movement illusion, but meatpatty..was just a cheap illusion. not that the map sucked or anything..GREAT MAPS..but the illusion is and was weak. for patty i give it a 5 for the illusion part..gameplay for coloncancer, illusion 10, gameplay 9.

GREAT maps. good game play. definatly a keeper.


everybody go to the millenium march(weed fest)if you live in nyc..peaceout

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0xide unregistered
#48   06 May 2000
Abomination, if I hadn't seen your demo against Maka I would think you were a complete and utter newb. WTF's wrong with you? These maps are totally WORTHLESS for 1on1, ESPECIALLY coloncancer (wth is up with these names?).

Granted, they're beautiful and innovative, but the gameplay is severely lacking.

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Dev0 unregistered
#47   05 May 2000
Meat, you work shows some of the most progressive ideas I have seen. Stylistically elegant, they have a tactile quality that is rare for any level; id's included.

While I enjoyed meatpatty, it just seem underdressed to sit a the table w/ colon cancer. Granted I am waiting for high-speed, so YES the bot issue is warrented.

Colon Cancer is the outright finest example of an add on level yet. Those who find gameplay lacking and slow would do well to try it again. The speed one can navigate the level and dethrone an opponant is a joy. Wepon balance and natural level hierarchy is ingenious. As far as the weight to man vs man or man vs nature, there is more than counting frags to a great game. The amazing moves required to pull a good frag off in colon cancer is pure joy, and why we keep playing stupid video games.

Meat, your work is refined, thoughtful, and on par with anyone's (original box or not). Keep up the amazing work!

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Abomination unregistered
#46   05 May 2000
I seriously cracked up when I saw the comment by "a good player."

First off, you're name is good player but you can't even conquer a map!? If you're so good to be named good player, why do you suck so much that you can't even use a level t oyour advantage? You retard, this map is for good players only, it's extremely hard to master the movement in cc, which separates it from any other q1/q2/q3 custom 1v1 map so far. I think a REAL 1v1 player would enjoy having to master the movement in a map, which is one of the main reasons q3dm13 is the best 1v1 map at the moment. One of the reasons q2dm1 was the best map for it's time.

A good player, you should never mention "good players" in your comments because you obviously have no idea what a good player wants and you probably have no idea what you want.

And if you were even a half decent player, you'd realize that meatpatty is not nearly as easy to dominate. It's much harder to dominate then dm17 and the fact that someone can rocket jump (from the experience displayed in your retarded message, you probably don't even know what a rocket jump is) to the railgun makes it almost impossible for someone to hold a monopoly over the entire map, unlike q3dm17. I love q3dm17 but meatpatty is simply better FOR THE BETTER PLAYER. If you suck you won't find any point to anything in the map. Go become a better player so you can play these maps for what they are.

Meat, this map pack is great, the only problem is that it doesn't seem to please the newbie crowd, unlike whitemeat (I loved whitemeat too but it wasn't that good for 1v1). In your next map, get some teleports in there :D. I'm with yinyang, I'll send money too :) and Yin is a good role model of someone who actually knows what he's talking about.

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Big D unregistered
#45   05 May 2000
Just played this map at work and I can say that with 4 players meatpatty rocks, was fast and furious, gameplay never got boring, great maps!
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Yin69Yang unregistered
#44   05 May 2000
Asthetically these maps are the best...

I'm reserving judgement about game play until I actually play em. So far I've ran around these maps and I'm just dieing to play.

I'm hoping that someday Pete makes another whitemeat! Whitemeat has spoiled me, I have a hard time playing any other than Meat 1.

Another GREAT job! Keep them coming.

If you ask for money ... just let me know where to send the check.

It would be worth paying for IMHO.

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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#43   05 May 2000
Well i was a big fan of meatpack 1 i gave it a 10 but this one is a bit worse it looks fantastic but the bots suck so i give it an 8

PS Meat please in your next map pack meatctf please include a good aas file because i don't have a network and i have a damn bad internet connection

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A Good Player unregistered
#42   05 May 2000
Abomination: Good players want to fight eachothers, not the environments. In colon cancer the environment is far from being ideal for good 1on1 game. Meatpatty is somewhat standard spacemap with poor flow and nice graphical gimmicks. Players with good aim sitting at the only jump to the mega and quad will dominate the map with iron grip.
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#41   05 May 2000
As usual, your stuff is aestethically AWESOME, Pete... I mean MEAT.

Unfortunetly, unlike the Meat Pak #1, these maps do lack a certain something in the gameplay area.

You haven't been hanging with Vexar too much have you?? ;)

Colon is DEFINETLY a novelty map, while Meatpatty could easily be a highly playable level with just a few tweeks.

Yeah, the bots can't hang... but screw the bots... they take 5-10fps off of my machine anyway!

Keep em coming, just work out some of the gameplay issues next time...

WHITEMEAT & DARKMEAT are still two of the BEST user-maps made!

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not entered unregistered
#40   05 May 2000
These are the kind of maps you load up to show a friend the neat things Q3A can do, but when it comes time to play, you will forget all about these maps and load up something else...
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Astram unregistered
#39   05 May 2000
Very cool looking maps. Haven't had a chance to 'play' them, but I love the look and the feel of movement. Love the green glass also.. though maybe u could put that big picture of the chop somewhere less conspicuous next time? It killed the atmosphere somewhat.

Good stuff :)

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#38   05 May 2000
I removed a double post (incase you where wondering where it went)
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Variant unregistered
#37   05 May 2000
very unique, cool maps, I like patty, but it just doesn't create that illusion of movement like cancer, in the last 2 weeks I've just started my mapping endevours, I can only hope to be half as good as Meat.

can't you remove the bouncepad sound when you hit the rails on cc? Very small thing, probably not worth another version as how big this is...

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Abomination unregistered
#36   04 May 2000
Veggie, you've got to be from some other country or something because if you read a word I said, you'd realize that I didn't say anything about bad players, I didn't insult anyone and I didn't say anything about myself (except the picmip 4 thing) I only said that these maps are good for 1v1 and 1v1 only. I don't think Meat designed them for FFA because they are too balanced. btw; it's what's FAA?

My FFA opinion can be summarized like this: Simple deathmatch (FFA) has been around for like 9 years, you'd think that we'd be playing a wider variety of gametypes now.

And slater, who said I was speaking for everyone else? You got the wrong impression, I speak for me and only me. Lot's of people that are new to FPS' (I'm pretty new) like FFA but it gets boring very fast, it's much better on LAN and I don't LAN much. Remember, I'm only speaking for ME.

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Veggie Burger unregistered
#35   04 May 2000
Not much of a space map fan, but Patty is interesting enough to give a run through. The textures withouth the special effects(base textures) are quite bland - the custom light and jump pad effects are nice. Patty feels massive. Yes Bot play does bite, but I found that limiting each level to only 3 bots keeps framerates in control.

Colon cancer is a bit too claustraphobic for me, and it'll be deleted as soon as I finish this review.

Meat, you're obviously an experienced level designer, and yes many people enjoy maps that play well with bots. Leave out the aas file and watch the number of bad reviews increase(how many servers run custom map anyway?) Bot play is a god send. It's too bad the bots jump to their deaths in Patty(the 'donotenter' brush would've prevented this.

I wouldn't stop making maps with your talent, after all these maps took you only a 'couple of weeks.' There have been some mappers that have gotten trashed for work on a single level that took them months. Here's an idea for a future map: make one that plays well with bots.

Oh and Abomination, your insinuation that those who don't like these maps are 'bad players' is a joke, and your FAA opinion illustrates how full of yourself you really are.

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Slater unregistered
#34   04 May 2000
Abomination, quit speaking for everyone else, lots of ppl love FFA.

On another note, these maps are incredible.

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Vexar unregistered
#33   04 May 2000
Hmmm, dam it Pete...

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Abomination unregistered
#32   04 May 2000
I just want to comment on the people who think the gameplay is bad. These maps aren't "fit" for FFA but they're great for 1v1. FFA is extremely boring now and I'd think it should be completely forgotten about by now. Great 1v1 playability is the way to go and colon cancer has it. Coloncancer will take ANY perfected aspect (movement, aim, intelligence, item control, awareness) and multiply it. Someone with perfect aim can do great but if that person has crappy movement, they don't stand a chance. This makes it extremely fun for the good players to play 1v1 because it separates the good players from the bad. This is the thing that makes good 1v1 maps playable, like dm13. In about 1 month, coloncancer and possibly meatpatty will be huge... not for FFA playability, but for 1v1 superiority. meatpatty isn't as good because it's highly biased towards aim (what do you expect in a space map) and the railgun can be a little controlling, but it's much better then q3dm17 for 1v1 in too many dimensions for me to go into here (I'm a dm17 freak).

BTW: I play with picmip 4 so don't think I'm giving a good review because I think it's pretty.

Meat, these are spectacular maps and the gameplay is awesome too, once the good players get their hands on these they'll become much more popular.

Some of the things I just wanna point out about gameplay to the other mappers is how he balanced the level. Not only are you always moving around in coloncancer, but you're also always trying to control the itmes. Another thing that most mappers ignore is weapon balance. Coloncacer has the lightning gun and the plasma gun placed as equals. This should be obvious in a 1v1 map. The plasma gun is extremely powerful (as is the LG) and most mappers tend to overlook this and place the plasma in the level as if it's as powerful as a shotgun. Another thing is the two rocket launchers. The rocket launcher the hardest weapon to use (with the exception of the GL) and therefore should be hard to dominate because someone with good rocket launcher skills should be able to use them (rather then someoen camping the RL like in dm13). The moving sides are awesome and can be deadly in the hands of a powerful mover.

Keep pumpin out maps :)

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4Fuxsake unregistered
#31   04 May 2000
Very nice maps
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GibMaster unregistered
#30   04 May 2000
Excellent maps, Meat. They both kick ass, and the concept is so original. I don't think I've ever seen ANYTHING like it before ANYWHERE on ANY system. The only problem I have with the entire pak is that the frame rates are always down in the toilet with my little PII 333 system. Other than that, it's all good. Keep up the damn good work!
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Delitzsch unregistered
#29   04 May 2000
Meat, you totally rock. Your map packs are the best out there. Totally original, unique, and perfect. You totally rock. Keep up the great work.
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Steinecke unregistered
#28   04 May 2000
Dear Meat: You've made a clear and clean decision. You'right, your maps are unplayable with bots. But thats not Your fault; ID's bots are not very clever anyway.
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OozE unregistered
#27   04 May 2000
Meat, please don't ever make maps without bots. The reason is, for those of us (the majority, I bet) who don't lan frequently, we have no WAY TO PLAY THE MAP without bots. It would just sit there. Therefore, If I were u, I would work on the bot pathing more than just deleting the bots at all.

How else can people play ur maps? They aren't on most servers, and most who lan prolly do so fairly infrequently. Please rethink this.

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MEAT unregistered
#26   04 May 2000
Hey thanks for everyone’s comments. I appreciate all the feedback, its definitely going to help me make better maps in the future. My goal with these maps was to just try something different. I was influenced by Unreal’s train level and I really like that idea. I did have most of the parts of the levels shifting around with func bobing, which really helped the idea of movement, but killed framerate (which is still a problem even after cutting out most of my detail geometry.)

To all the comments about bot’s and gameplay. I never really realized that so many people play with bots. In the future I might just leave the aas files out due to the fact that the bots do not work very well in my maps, and I don’t really care about making levels for bots. I do agree that gameplay in these maps needs some work but I guess that’s the way it is sometimes when you’re trying something different. Don’t get me wrong I think the bot stuff that ID did was great and works very well in their maps.

Right now I am working on a couple of projects related to quake not to mention the Bond game. I am also thinking about releasing some texture and shader pak’s , as well as a character pak. Screen shots will be going up soon on

Thanks again,


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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#25   04 May 2000
These maps are excellent, superb new textures and innovative design ideas.

The only gripe I have is that they are a little on the dark side, and so I happened to get a bit frightened.

Secondly, I think that the people who complain about gameplay in the Meat Packs, should try and give more constructive critism so as to help this talented individual.

Pete, all of your work so far has been truly impressive, especially Meat One which is a real work of art. Am eagerly awaiting future releases.

P.S. Have you considered incorporating into your custom skies that natural phenomena, the Northern Lights.

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OozEf unregistered
#24   04 May 2000
What strikes me, I know this is obvious, is that it's a pity id never implemented graphical ideas represented here (i.e., the moving backgrounds). I think this is a landmark graphical achievement, though the gameplay side has been unwittingly neglected.

That said, kudos for some innovation!

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Steinecke unregistered
#23   04 May 2000
Name forgotten. To me, giving a high rating to this maps is like giving gold for things colorful but made of cheap plastic.
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not entered unregistered
#22   04 May 2000
Maps for lamers: now you can win even in Nightmare: the bots are suicidal.
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Cranial Bore unregistered
#21   04 May 2000
Pretty textures and flashy green things but I think the maps lacks alot in gameplay.
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Friction unregistered
#20   04 May 2000
Looks good, plays mediocre. Item placement is way off and there is no flow to speak of. Visuals do not make gameplay.

A 6.

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SwitchBlade unregistered
#19   04 May 2000
This guys supposed to be mapping for a James Bond Single Player game that will be using the Q3A Engine, and I think he'll be awesome at it. I know he's just testing the engine and trying to make the lvls look unlike anything in Q3 so that the Bond game will be original. He's great at making original textures. he only has one weakness----GAMEPLAY. I know he will be making single player maps, which are totally different from Multiplayer maps, and that's why I'm not too hard on him. BUT, the meats are just not good Q3A Multiplayer Deathmatch maps. They're good instagib, if you play that, but for good dm players, they are soo lacking. they don't flow. there's nothing to really control, and having big open maps with great distances between platforms and areas does not mix well with skilled players using a railgun. I know it sucks to get railed constantly, and I know it sucks to constantly rail helpless targets. The jumpads and item placement make for very boring games. For new players/mediocre skill level players, these maps are good, because you get to look around at all the cool stuff, but when it comes to gameplay and flow, every meat map he's released has been lacking. This has been my rant.
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bejamz unregistered
#18   04 May 2000
the textures, as always, are excellent and Parisi's originality is showcased yet again with these latest two maps....however i really felt gameplay lacking, which is really a shame considering how excellent the looks of both are.

most notably, lack of any kind of flow to the maps. the lighting is also chacteristically a bit too dark for my tastes.

as awesome as these maps look, i really believe gameplay should be the focus.

verdict: looks pretty, plays pretty boring

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Abomination unregistered
#17   03 May 2000
Perfect for LAN but can coloncancer can get a lil laggy over the net... I haven't had this much fun playing since, I can't rememeber. Great revolutionary gameplay as well as graphics without sacrificing framerate. Enough to even satisfy me and balance that might put this map into the big tournies.

Definately a 10

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SiCdeth unregistered
#16   03 May 2000
007mike: the same moving effect has been done already in a q3 map, and its on this site.. check out railroad, it might suck but the same effect is used.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#15   03 May 2000
very nice i liked both maps, ive only played cancer with bots and it was pretty cool, but the bots were retarded, i noticed in both maps that the ledges are too far apart from each other making it so that u take damage evrytime u drop down a level. the bouncepads in cancer next to the horizontal columns can push you right into the column if u step onto it the wrong way, that i didnt like either. overall very nice, very different (which is good) but how is cancer a space map if its inside? oh well cool maps either way.


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OO7MIKE unregistered
#14   03 May 2000
Oh yeah!! Meat is back!!

Ive seen this before in UT but never in quake3. (this as being the moving illusion.) Beautiful map. Like Meat said the maps were not designed for bots. They do "OK" well less than ok in coloncancer and they rarely get a frag in Meatpatty. (well that is to balance there negative frag score.

I thought it was funny as hell to see rangers ass getting torn up when he landed ass first into the gears in Meatpatty!!!

Its a bit slow but consistantly slow.

I liked Coloncancer better because it felt a bit more real than any q3 map i have ever played. It was a real nightmare and i enjoyed it!

Together as a pack i will rate them a 8/10. Bots are dumb. a bit framy but man its origional!! Download it now!!!!

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Muppet unregistered
#13   03 May 2000
omg, these are nice :)

Only one thing though, low r_speeds on my machine. Perhaps its time to throw out the v3 and go for a geforce?

oh yeah, dl these NOW. BITCH. GO. DOWNLOAD.

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Jazz unregistered
#12   03 May 2000
This is the kind of mapping I love. The thing that makes the meatpaks so great is there is NO style out there like it. Break away from the boring gothic theme mappers! Think outside of the box!
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CasbahBoy unregistered
#11   03 May 2000
Damn. These levels are mapping genius. An obvious 10. Damn (!)
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Godsmack unregistered
#10   03 May 2000
Great architecture, map making at its finest.
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Niptlar unregistered
#9   03 May 2000
There is a lot of originality here. The Cancer map was pretty fun, and the balance was okay, but the Patty map was really hurt by the MH-RA-Quad placement.

(Patty: 6) & (Cancer: 8-) ==> 7.

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Insincere unregistered
#8   03 May 2000
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Carlos Splendangos unregistered
#7   03 May 2000
Cool man, like it. Very different. Why you called Meat by the way?
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JJ unregistered
#6   03 May 2000
frame rate works fine for me with the first map colon cancer but the second just killed the game play.

must take a hammer to my voodoo2.

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Steinecke unregistered
#5   03 May 2000
This maps look great -gameplay is not as good.

Unplayable with bots.

But you don't need no enemy anyway: environment kills everything!

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Defender unregistered
#4   03 May 2000
Oh man. I love the aesthetics in these levels (although IMHO MeatPak 1 was a little better), however I thought the gameplay was really poor. Both levels are far too small and repetitive. Meatpatty probably would have been more interesting if the platforms moved a bit (ala q3dm19, but not as fast). Also, before you flame me for making a q3dm19 reference, no I don't like that map either.

With all that said, I can't wait for MeatCTF. ;)

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jeff k unregistered
#3   03 May 2000

MEATE ROX)!@$!@$!$~

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GIBBS unregistered
#2   03 May 2000
MEAT does it again! This guy could and should be running the creative department at Id. Coloncancer is one wild ride. I have never found a level where the environment is just as if not more deadly than the opposition. Meatpatty, what can I say. You've got to love those tranparent floors and green glowing jumppads. Definently a sniping level so find a shadow and start hunting. All I got to say is orignality flows through this guys blood. Bring on MeatPak3! MEAT RULES!
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Fragman unregistered
#1   03 May 2000
MEAT RULES! These are the best levels to come out since the first Meatpack! Game play is excellent and challenging. Both can be fast and furious or a sniper's dream. Well done again Meat!
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