Kihaku (Intensity)
Kihaku (Intensity) by Mr.CleaN
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#94   01 Nov 2020
Nice theme but gameplay falters a bit.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#93   02 Jul 2019
it could have done with a bit more health and it's easy to get trapped around the bridge area (pretty annoying), but the theme (teleports, pads, platforms etc.) is beautifully realised.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#92   27 Jan 2012
So much action and gore :). 10/10
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[SK]V.Dobermann unregistered
#91   13 Apr 2008
Красивая и очень прикольная карта... ^)
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#90   07 Mar 2002
Great map, some probs with fps if there's a lot of ppl in the RG room. As a note to greengiant and captain (horatio) chaos's comments you can reach all four platforms in the RG room from the pad (tho' you prob all knew that anyways :p). Personally I can't see why ppl are slating the gameplay so much, each to their own I suppose. 8 from me.
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~Eevil~ unregistered
#89   31 Aug 2001
Oh man, this one really bites, why the hype around this ugly piece of s&%t? Gameplay is weak, item placement even weaker, only the use of textures is nice...
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Digit@L PC unregistered
#88   29 Aug 2001
I played this map and it was actully good. Keep up the good work, Mr. CleaN
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#87   12 Jun 2001
Hey you why don't you release an arabs levells?
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{GDC} -Nekrataal- unregistered
#86   28 Jan 2001
nice gameplay, but i dont like the design very much ...
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Zak unregistered
#85   23 Aug 2000
Great map for 1-on-1.
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gorilla unregistered
#84   03 Aug 2000
hell yeah. good stuff here. love to see people actually builing unique architecture especially when it has an overall theme in mind.
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not entered unregistered
#83   11 Jul 2000
No wonder you beat their asses. Only newbies use that POS Mplayer service. :p

Nice map btw.

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Mysterious Dr.X unregistered
#82   04 Jul 2000
When I see someone in the M-Player website with this or meatpak (1 or 2)in a game I will just have to join in their game and whup their big fat american asses till they beg for me to stop. So there.
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Mysterious Dr.X unregistered
#81   04 Jul 2000
I love this level- textures layout an' all. Why has CleaN got a capital N?
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poop doggy dogg unregistered
#80   30 Jun 2000
it's pretty but the gameplay is lacking. this guy just released a new map that is kind of the opposite. kind of boring to look at but the gameplay is much better.
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Greengiant unregistered
#79   25 Jun 2000
Really pretty map.. the japanese style looks really great, and has never been done be4....Only thing is the jumpad in the big middle room... cannot guess what it is for....

I gave an 8

Good Job Mr.Clean, you worked with style

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Sundown unregistered
#78   19 Jun 2000
Picturesque, but I felt like I was on a slip n' slide, looking for danger. Same feeling as on Darren's Revelation..both are excellent maps, but there something about the physical movement on both of these maps that's not as crisp as I like. Have no idea why.
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Stormbringer unregistered
#77   29 May 2000
The map is pretty, no question about it. As far as game play goes, you got a good sized courtyard, a cat walk with ammo, a bounce pad for that "sea sick factor" and a couple of nice spots to get trapped if you fancy a powerup. What more do you need?
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dupa unregistered
#76   27 May 2000
beautiful map...


thank you

Jessie "the Body" Ventura

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zec unregistered
#75   26 May 2000
nice, but:

  1. laggy
  2. too plain combatwise
and coriolis storm is still no 1
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brimmie unregistered
#74   24 May 2000
I wasnt a big fan of the gameplay in this map. Great texturing and style. But gameplay is what the name of the game is so 6.
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$uSh| }{ unregistered
#73   22 May 2000
What can I say, Ive been a fan of Mr.cleaN's maps since he was doing Q2. Very well thought out, very well done. Its the Mr.cleaN trademark. Great work buddy, looking forward to your next ones.
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Camacha unregistered
#72   20 May 2000
Great map, great custom textures... nothing to complain. Exceeds the Id maps in some points. See the review at
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BBobBobbyEwing unregistered
#71   15 May 2000
I am very impressed by the looks, taste and originality of it.Must have been a lot of work.

Thow I think the map is a little out of scale for that spanking gameplay, which should be first place. Big 8/10

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266MHz[BM3] unregistered
#70   13 May 2000
good maps!!
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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#69   06 May 2000
This map is one fantastic piece of art, magnificent design, great textures, and a brillant looking sky. Weapon choice and placement was good, and the lack of health helped to keep me on my guard. Liked the layout a lot, and thought it was well connected. The waterfall was a great idea and adds even more character to this level, unfortunately water is so clear that I couldn't camp behind it, only joking.

In my opinion the only thing that needs tweaking is the central bounce pad in the room with the rail gun, would prefer to be able to reach all four platforms from the ground.

Thanks so much Mr Clean, for making this great level freely available to the Quake community.

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RaVe unregistered
#68   01 May 2000

I can't wait 2 play diz map! But unfortunately I'm experiencing some troublems which I won't bother to explain 'cause they are sooooo silly!

One more little thing to everyone out there!

I sometimes go nuts and do weird stuff like this:

I've let 7 bots compete on nitemare in q3dm18 space chamber..

Major...came out, after one hour, with a score of 445 frags. :o

Numero 2, sorlag, had a score of only....275 frags.

NOw this is what I call living in the fastlane!!!!!!

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TheBIgCheese unregistered
#67   30 Apr 2000
definetly a very beautiful map but i found my fps dropping alittle too often..

i can only play this online because even with 1 bots my system slows right down, sure its not the fastest thing ever but its not too shabby either

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Blade unregistered
#66   30 Apr 2000
This is simply the best User map I've have seen so far. The architecture, lighting, game flow, bot support, weapon placement is just spot on. A perfect user map. Let this be an example to the user community of what a good map should be about.
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Rave unregistered
#65   28 Apr 2000
Sorry tigger-on

Heck I do check out this site quite often. 4-5 days a week but I guess i should go out and buys some glasses :)

Good thing Coriolis storm is on the site .

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FooL unregistered
#64   28 Apr 2000
oops....7 outta 10 that is. I feel like a dumbass now.
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FooL unregistered
#63   28 Apr 2000
7 outta 19 for me. But only because it is better than your average level. Otherwise, I was not as impressed as some of the earlier comments on this string. Let me clarify for the people who are not so well spoken what it was that "sucked monkey balls" about this level. The size was good. The weapons were good. But the weapons selction and amount of weapons and ammo for the size was not good. With the level's open spaces, the plasma gun for some wide open strafing was sorely missed. The weapons played best with 4 I've found. But the size of the level plays best with 6 ...maybe 7. It may not sound like that big of a deal, but that's the biggest thing I've found to be "strategically" wrong with the level. One of my other problems were there was not enough health. I think it totally distracts from conentrating on the play of the game when all your'e doing is looking for that 25 point health ball that hasn't been taken yet. My last and final gripe about it is this: (and I save it for last because it may be my machine or my configuration @ PII 350 192 MB RAM, V3 3k card) The area around the (one and only) rocket launcher is a bit lagged for me. Especially with 3-4 bots in the same room all firing rockets.

But like everyone else has said, "It was pretty." I just don't think a level with these kinds of "stategical" lackings deserves anything over a 7.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#62   27 Apr 2000
Rave - you may want to check LvL a little more often, we put Coriolis Storm up on LvL on the 13th of April. You can check it out;

also if there is any other map the you want to find (that maybe on LvL try using the search feature (which can be sorted by date, rank, votes, map name, filename or author) at;

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BEDLAM unregistered
#61   27 Apr 2000
oh my this is a good to watch 16 bots go at it
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Rave unregistered
#60   26 Apr 2000

man everyone should check it out at "the big house"!

the mapname is "lun3dm1 i guess.

Man I think quake arena is doing something to my brains;....

nope's just me :B

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RaVe:( unregistered
#59   26 Apr 2000
yeah this looks like a pretty map. Thing is I'm downing it right now so...i'm kinda curious what it'll be like :)

Ooze pleaz don't say id's map suck when it comes to gameplay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the coolest maps for quake arena is defenitily the arena gate. YAH OK SO IT IS SMALL ETCETERA BABLABLABLABLABLA

but the flow, gameplay, connectivity are there. And hey, it's a pretty map. Just to give you an example ;)

Deva station is pretty good too.

I hate it when someone tries to tear down the id maps. After all, thanks to them you can play quake arena and make those ooh so beautiful and cool maps, models and mods right?

O'right, no more lectures. heh

Luckily there are so many good add-on maps.

OH YES if you want to see real llama BUT THEN REAL LLAMA MAPS

drop by on this site:

You'll see what i mean. Most of you already know I guess.

haha yeah haha

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not entered unregistered
#58   26 Apr 2000
nice map, looks gr8 - i like the corridors, but i feel the bounce pads are a bit dodgy, but all in all a good level.
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Hi-C unregistered
#57   25 Apr 2000
Amazing artwork. Beautiful, top quality. Play? Well... But I don't think Mr. Clean worries about things like that. ;)
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j unregistered
#56   25 Apr 2000
hang on.......what, exactly, is so great about this level,

its not like the Japan(g) shtick has been done before is it?

Yeah Yeah it may look nice, but where's the gameplay?

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Q3A Sarge +9 unregistered
#55   24 Apr 2000
My Opinion, Arni.
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LowGun unregistered
#54   24 Apr 2000
Vary cool looking and simple layout, a map you can just jump right into and start fragging.
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Louis unregistered
#53   24 Apr 2000
Great map, smooth play and good bot support. Play it on lan, and they love it.

Thnx Mr Clean

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Eraser unregistered
#52   23 Apr 2000
Hmm, now I've played the map and well it's really not that good. Some of the textures are interresting but the gameplay was boring. The map is not that bad but I can't understand why all of you act if this map would be THE BEST. Well, it certainly isn't. I gave it a 7 for the good textures (and the great waterfall :]). Hmm that's my opinion.

Bye all.

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kaled unregistered
#51   23 Apr 2000
now, my connection's been screwed recently (cable), so it might just be me, but...

i can't get cdrom to work on any of these downloads all i get is ftp connect failed pages. I like cdrom because they don't open another stupid window and take forever to get started like fileplanet, but what i want is kinda moot riht now because there's something wrong with something.

neone else have this prob?

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Captain Kaos unregistered
#50   23 Apr 2000
This map is truly a work of art, the custom textures are superb, and the waterfall is really cool, only wish I could have hidden (camped) behind it. The only section of the map that needs some attention is the central bounce pad in the room containing the Red Armour and Rail gun, would prefer it to have a bit more elevation so as to allow access to all platforms from the ground.

Mr Clean your map is really top notch.


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Eraser unregistered
#49   23 Apr 2000
Ok thanks Tigger-oN I haven't read your commend bevore so I have to apologise for my command! Thanks again.


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Eraser unregistered
#48   23 Apr 2000
Erm well I read some really good comments on this map and so I thought, "WHY NOT DOWNLOAD THIS ONE" There was only one problem. The map I downloaded wasn't Kihaku from Mr.CleaN, it was t8dm5 from Senn!?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK happened there? Hope that will be fixed soon.


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OO7MIKE unregistered
#47   22 Apr 2000
How very interesting for me. (and maybe a bit embarrasing.) Thanks Tigger_oN and Mandog for the fast responce. I did not know about this Teir 8 mod. Thanks again.
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Joseph Stalin unregistered
#46   22 Apr 2000
Hell Ya!
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#45   21 Apr 2000 asked for we have 6 unplayable maps..YIPPIE! I think there should be a rule, for every 3 maps that Tig puts up that have shit gameplay, he has to put up at least one that we can enjoy for more than 10 minutes. Can I get a HELL YA!
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wheres the maps????????? unregistered
#44   21 Apr 2000
tig, put some new maps up already for cryin out loud!


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Tigger-oN and Mandog unregistered
#43   21 Apr 2000
OO7MIKE - this map was made as part of the Teir8 mod (which I believe is no longer heading in the same direction) Minefields by Senn was also part the Teir8, Minefields is t8dm6, Kihaku is t8dm5 - does that clear things up?
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punk_wocka unregistered
#42   21 Apr 2000
oh and johnny law yer a liar and liars go to hell bye bye now
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punk_wocka unregistered
#41   21 Apr 2000
finally some good opinions, the flow sux soooo much and i forgot to mention that the bots were pretty damn good on this level and i also liked the waterfall but it still sux gameplay is the most important factor in a map ,in my opinion, and this map has none really, and i really dont think this map looks all that great and it is ok if yer opinion of the map is different than mine just everyone thinking about downloading this map realize that my opinion is right and everyone elses that differs is stupid and wrong ;p
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#40   21 Apr 2000
Ok i have tried to download this map from cdrom and fileplanet but they all give me a file called "t8dm5" Thats Senn.!!! I dont know what you guys are playing and this dload sure isnt made by Mr.CleaN. Please address this problem Tigger oN.
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OozE unregistered
#39   21 Apr 2000
What, then, is ur problem with the gameplay? I hope ur as hard on id's own maps as this one, which seems equally lame in that dept.
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Ray unregistered
#38   21 Apr 2000
Great map, poor gameplay. (As usual) If I was uploading maps to planetquake, i'd throw out maps like this (but then I'd probably be out of work). 7 for graphics, 1 for gameplay. that's 4. (the lowest mark i ever gave).
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hmmz unregistered
#37   21 Apr 2000
what do u mean whith tricks?? r u in a circus?
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Abomination unregistered
#36   20 Apr 2000
jeeze guys...

I mean sheesh, its a pretty looking map n all but if you want pretty shit, you can go look at screenshots or better yet, play a different game.

I didn't hate the map and the gameplay on kihaku isn't all that bad but when I play a map that's all I'm looking forward to. I rated the gameplay at a 6 but the prettiness at a 10 (in hope of something higher). The map was certainly beautiful, no question but the gameplay was flat and one-dimensional with a couple of items thrown higher then the others for good measure. If it were purely gameplay I was rating, I would give this map a 4, but since I loooove to do tricks, I had to give it a 10 in tricks and an 8 in item placement (the GL placement sucked). The tricks in this map are awesome and fun, although there are only like 3 tricks, I really enjoyed those 3 so I gave it a 10 in tricks.

great map but with a score of 9.25, I would expect much better gameplay.

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xzed unregistered
#35   20 Apr 2000
Great map, and even tho everyone else has said it, I gotta repeat: cool waterfalls.
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Cranial Bore unregistered
#34   20 Apr 2000
Great map, like a Japanese garden with Rocket Launchers.
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LiQUiD unregistered
#33   20 Apr 2000
What can I say that hasn't already been said? Great textures, very clear sense of style. I liked the waterfalls and the bridges especially. My only gripe would be that its so wide open it doesn't have that much flow. I guess I like some corridors and cut-off points to enhance the action. Ran a bit slow on my meager machine. Great job though!
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DrZuess unregistered
#32   20 Apr 2000
I think this map is a solid piece of work as well. At first the flow did not seem to go very well, but the more I learned the map, the better I liked it. I think MrClean did a fine job with the custom textures and I had no problem with the jump pads as some others seemed to have had. I also seemed to get my butt whooped by the bots on this level. I think maybe this level may just have a bit more of a learning curve then others... although it doesn't seem al that complex. maybe not THE best custom map out there but it is very nice, and the change of theme is refreshing.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#31   20 Apr 2000
The problem with that theory, for me anyway, is that I have no idea who Mr.CleaN is or what other maps he has done (if any), and I think this map rocks.

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punk_wocka unregistered
#30   20 Apr 2000
sorry i didn't put my name in before i fergot anyways what specifically i dont like about this map is everything i think the layout is horrible and dull the item placement is fine i guess and i think the textures are just ok like i said before i think if this was released by a different author the opinions would be a lot different, and by the way I DO like most of his other maps a lot peace fools!
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Arse unregistered
#29   20 Apr 2000
Nice custom textures, but the jump pad in the middle just screwed up the flow. Hit the jump pad in the heat of battle and you're complete cannon fodder. And by the way, this one doesn't EVEN touch JapCastles.
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laerth unregistered
#28   20 Apr 2000
pjw: Yeah, the bots really kicked my ass, too.

I love this map. Superb job, Mr. Clean.

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=[SIN]= unregistered
#27   20 Apr 2000
A+ - Little small though for a strafin' maniak like moi.

My favourite maps are now baldm1, Kihaku, Ztn3dm2.


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Kenneth MacDonald unregistered
#26   20 Apr 2000
Fantastic map,I love this map the gameplay is really great,I will enjoy playing this map for a long time to come,bots play great,the level design and texturing is excellent and that waterfall is awesome.
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shiva unregistered
#25   20 Apr 2000

I GIVE IT A 10 !

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Slyko unregistered
#24   19 Apr 2000
WoW! FANTASATIC! Mr. Clean has worked very hard and surely polishied this map. Everything is first class. I'm loved all the new sounds, textures, etc. THIS IS HOW GOOD QUAKE CAN BE!
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good unregistered
#23   19 Apr 2000
good mapping skill
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Jim unregistered
#22   19 Apr 2000
Here is a nice map- much better than the Japanese Castles map IMO. Good layout, texturing, and the theme is carried out well. The waterfall is VERY nicely done. I was starting to think that the rocket jump up to the powerup spawn was a little too difficult until I found the portal that takes you right to it.

Great work- a keeper.

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pjw unregistered
#21   19 Apr 2000
Gorgeous level, and really interesting flow and connectivity. For some reason, the bots really kick my ass on this level. I had to play it around ten times to actually win on my regular difficulty setting (as opposed to maybe two or three max on other levels. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and what special tricks for bot navigation Mr. Clean might have used--or is it just a fluke?
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not entered unregistered
#20   19 Apr 2000
Me! It's me! I'm the real Not Entered!
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Rokscott unregistered
#19   19 Apr 2000
Will the real Mr Not Entered please stand up.....
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not entered unregistered
#18   19 Apr 2000
You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but if you think it is such a poor map, perhaps it would be more helpful to give some specific, supported reasons as to why you are of this opinion. At least that way you might help the author improve. Not to mention it will help you not look like such an arse.
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not entered unregistered
#17   19 Apr 2000
i think this map sucks and anybody that likes it is stupid and if it was released by a different author the scores would be much lower
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not entered unregistered
#16   19 Apr 2000
it is so cool it´s almost embarrasing!
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Rokscott unregistered
#15   18 Apr 2000
If I was wearing a hat, I'd take it off to you.

Excellent work, and that waterfall really is a cool feature (I seem to remember one in a Q2 map of yours. I tried swimming up this one as well but got railed in the ass by Xaero).


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Senn unregistered
#14   18 Apr 2000
The waterfall Rocks Clean... (no pun intended) =)

Great map, glad to see you finished it. After playing the early versions I was curious as to where you would take it. Wonderful theme and brush work. Kinda makes me wish we all would have gone through with the T8 pack.

Take care

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herc unregistered
#13   18 Apr 2000
mis sa ise arvad sellest kuradi lohh ime mu munni kuradi libelõug fuck your self and bi happy
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herc unregistered
#12   18 Apr 2000
üli kõva level aga miks ta nii pikk on
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herc unregistered
#11   18 Apr 2000
päris hea level aint miks ta ni pikk on
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NattyDread unregistered
#10   18 Apr 2000
I'v played ton's of these levels from here and this is one of the best i'v played full stop. Great textures , Great theme consistant throughout, Great playability, What can i say if you only ever download a few maps make sure this is one of them. Can't wait to see the next one from this Mapper.
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#9   18 Apr 2000 the scoring system messed up or something? All the scores seem to be fucked!
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SiCdeth unregistered
#8   18 Apr 2000
well, it was nicely textured and designed, the jump pads helped the game flow very nicely, but a little too small for my taste.

P.S. mmmmmmm waterfall


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Sundown unregistered
#7   18 Apr 2000
Refreshing, well crafted. Another gem from Baldy.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   18 Apr 2000
Refreshing look, cool architecture. A few navigational hangups, and the reduced active area on the jumppads juked me a few times, but you get used to that pretty quick & then it's no longer an issue.

Much much fun with bots... haven't tried it with people yet.

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Steinecke unregistered
#5   18 Apr 2000
Indeed -beautiful!
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#4   18 Apr 2000
Cool level...nice textures. Was a little hard at first distinguishing jump pads from portals, but after a few minutes I guess you kinda get the picture. I havent played with any humans yet, so I'll wait to score it.
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MogWaEE unregistered
#3   18 Apr 2000
Tigger's comments were right on!!! So only to plagerize, I'll say this: "a must have level" ! (I added the exclamation point btw:)).
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than unregistered
#2   18 Apr 2000
I've said it once now I'll say it again:

This map turns me on.


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geron unregistered
#1   18 Apr 2000
Great map for one player..
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