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Lupo House 3
Lupo House 3 by Destroy
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FragTastic Rep. 1380
#15   07 Jan 2012
Loving the Rocket Launchers on the pool table =).
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Alexje60 Rep. 30
#14   22 Oct 2011
Great map, but it's a really weird house, like you say.
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Alex unregistered
#13   08 Jul 2011
Best map ever! Please create more awesome maps like this!!
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Nalidoargshatphawitz unregistered
#12   20 May 2010
WHere can I find QUake 2 version of lupohse?
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SW12 unregistered
#11   15 May 2010
Alright. I have played it. This map is really funny with the Homer Simpson's Voice EX: Marge, somebody broke the toilet! If you happen to have the Homer Simpson model-that this map ought to be a blast.
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Phil Mitchell unregistered
#10   18 May 2000
Hmmm...i thought the 2 rocket launchers were supposed to be the pool Q's. Oh well, who cares i suppose ?
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Destroy unregistered
#9   25 Apr 2000
By the way, in making a level based on your own house, you sometimes feel strange walking around in your own house afterwards. You almost expect to see a shotgun here, a pool table there (I don't even have one), or a bookcase with a secret teleport in it...


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Destroy unregistered
#8   25 Apr 2000
Thank you. This makes my day. The door you were trying to open is the front door of the house. Currently there is no outside to the house and therefore it isn't a real door. Lupohse4 (when I get around to it) will have a roof, a small path around the house, and many ways to go outside (including the front door, the chimney, the windows, etc...).

Have you tried lupohse3 in ctf yet?


>From: "John G. Fay III"
>Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 23:47:45 -0400
>Lupo's House 3 is a cool map; very unique idea with the toilets.
>I was curious - how do you get the door just below the megahealth open?

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#7   24 Apr 2000
kaled - the maps are all co-reviewed, that *pool with the Fintstones* was 100% Mandog :]
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kaled unregistered
#6   23 Apr 2000
hehee, "pool with the flintstones" good one, tig
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SiCdeth unregistered
#5   22 Apr 2000
just be glad that quake matches take place on a computer, in a make beleive dimension. not in your neighbors house, oh god the horror


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Jim unregistered
#4   22 Apr 2000
Too claustrophobic to play any real games on this one, and the layout has too many dead ends. Maybe a good shotgun of gauntlet map, but the scenery certainly won't keep this one around very long.
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Steinecke unregistered
#3   22 Apr 2000
I'm so tired of 'rocket-launchers'...
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Destroy unregistered
#2   22 Apr 2000
EXACTLY!! No really, there's two there, because... it's been like that since I made the doom2 version of it. The pool room gets the most action of the house and so I gave it the most weapons. People who have played the doom2 version, the quake1 version, and the quake2 version can tell you that it would be missing something without those 4 weapons there. (Even though it looks silly)

Please try all modes of play on this level. I spent a lot of time tweaking the level for ctf and dm.

The level is based loosely on my house, of course. As we all know, regular house levels usually make hublike, non-cicular dm matches, so I took artistic license on my house to make it more fun for dm.


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Johnny Law unregistered
#1   21 Apr 2000
> why 2 rocket launches on the pool table?

Because 3 would be just silly.

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