The Colosseum
The Colosseum by Armageddon
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6416
#5   23 Mar 2020
good idea but seems better suited for Age of Empires style gaming with appropriate skins and combat weapons (swords, bows, staffs etc.) Having a power up in the centre arena would invite some action there and a temple retexturing (ala sock or donkey) could really make this idea work.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#4   06 Feb 2015
I played this map in the Hunt Mod, and I think that there should have been a second version of this map for Hunt.

It should have all of the items either in the bleachers/stands/whatchacallit, and in the rooms underneath that lead to the arena. The aforementioned rooms should also be closed off from everything else, so that the Predator monsters don't get anywhere else. Players could be in the stadium seats watching the Predators and Titans kill each other off, or jump in if they wanted to.

Only problem is the Titans can jump high, and would get on the stands and attack the spectators. Someone needs to make a Q3 mod with monsters that you can place like in Jedi Academy, because I see a lot of custom Quake 3 maps on here that would make for nice Co-Op maps.
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$u$h| }{ unregistered
#3   22 May 2000
After playing this one Ive been gettin an idea for a map. How about the Circus Maximus from the Roman days??? Eh? Eh?

...........Ok maybe not

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rave unregistered
#2   03 May 2000
Yes I also have to agree on the lighting part. It's horrible in the main arena (hyea)

Damn shame, 'cuz the layout isn't bad.

Texturing reminds me more of a flat quake map from "back then" ;)

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Rokscott unregistered
#1   22 Apr 2000
This map concept has a lot of potential. Playing against a bot is quite a hoot for a short while. Unfortunatly every thing Tig said is true :-(

Learn how to alter the light values of the shaders connected to the sky textures and spend a bit more time on the basic textureing and this could be real good.


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