by Myth
BROGAN by Myth
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#7   09 Aug 2000
It's not THAT big, but big enough for a good complement of bots. I found it ran pretty smoothly, and was well enough put together that I was never left wondering how to get where I needed to go. Good weapons placement and armour too ( LOVE to camp on the high side platforms... ) so I say this well worth the d/l, especially for space map fans.


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Rave unregistered
#6   21 May 2000
map isn't bad. Big is the word and can get boring. I hate sniping. Love running in a group with my rl and make a mess.;) U know what i mean for example q3dm17 can get messy with 8-9 players.

The demo however wass extremely dull. And I think the bots used, cadavre bones and crahs, were either i can win or bring it on bots. No "hardcore" bot drops after one rockethit!

nitemare bots are psychotic.

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STCboy unregistered
#5   23 Apr 2000

Since I got this a while back, I've been able to test it out and it's cool . . . in spite of the fact that I don't really like the "space" levels!!!

It's well laid out and very shweeeeet! Can't wait for his second level . . . hurry it up Myth!!!

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Equim unregistered
#4   22 Apr 2000
....pressed the submit button a little too quickly :)

I think this map is good fun, with lots of jump pads giving you mega air! 8/10

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Equim unregistered
#3   22 Apr 2000
This map is great for long distance rail shots. The blue plasma gun area looks extremely good, with great use of coloured lighting.
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McCoogan unregistered
#2   22 Apr 2000
not too bad for a first map, the graphics are a bit dull, but I thought it played well so I give it seven out of ten.
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Ray unregistered
#1   22 Apr 2000
I thought that space maps are supposed to have a good gameplay. This one's an exception. Graphics 5, gameplay 2. Overall 3.
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