Oblivion Temple
Oblivion Temple by ShoveL
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#17   06 Jul 2011
Takes me back 5 months those mornings I played ZDaemon COOP on maps that had a similar atmosphere to this.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#16   29 Apr 2000
it was a pretty cool map i loved the detail but all those winding stairways just gave me a dam headache, i loved the PT to the Quad, and the underground forest-like area, for some reason i just couldnt get over that area, although it would have been better w/o the lamps. im a bit lazy today so i wont comment much. one other thing, that RL area is really cool too, i F*ckin love that growling sound!


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RD unregistered
#15   29 Apr 2000
nice map :)
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C-3.14 WithHeld unregistered
#14   24 Apr 2000
a very kewl map i dont think that the reviewers comments about the varying styles is at all valid, sure there r some different styles used but i dont belive that it in any way detracts from the atmophere or 4 that matter and other element of the map. my only problem with the map r the redundant corridors leading down 2 the cave but after talking to shovel, the skilled designer of this very playable map i have been made aware of the design issues which lead 2 the gates jumping 2 there current destination.all round i wish more ppl had this map so i could play on it more often
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Mar unregistered
#13   24 Apr 2000
Yeah I found this map to be great for both Duel (slow, but tense) and FFA. The attention to detail is fantastic. I really like the RL section with the small amount of water. That bit in itself blows me away, still ;).

The only part I dont enjoy are the corridors leading to the teleport to the cave section. Its got some nice arty type bits (the trails along the walls leading to the circle thing), but other than that, its a bit 'samey'. There isnt any reason to go down there, I think that bit should have been left out to keep things moving. This is a minor problem however as the rest of the map is great. Oh, the only other thing I dont enjoy is how the two tele's in the cave section face you in different directions when you exit them... But again, a very minor complaint. I dont want people to get the wrong impression about the map because of these very small things I personaly find troublesome. This map really is excellent. Suited to an FFA style of play more than duel I think. Its strange that the default bots is only a single bot (Doom). Download it and enjoy. I look forward to ShoveL's tourney map ;). Overall, I give this map an 8.

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BSS unregistered
#12   23 Apr 2000
Well, its a pretty cool map. Theres lots of good ideas in the asthetic design (like what is shown in the screenie and underground) as well as just general cool things(the quad, that teleporter thingy and the well).

I defy anyone who doesnt love the suicide jump for the quad. Of course the bots have NFI how to get it, just means more for me :)

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pjw unregistered
#11   23 Apr 2000
I like this map quite a bit. The fine touches really make it. I liked the way to get the quad, the cave, the invisibility placement, the RA and RG placement . . . I even liked popping up the stairs like a demented jack-in-the-box :-)

I played a couple of games with the default/tourney load (Doom), and found it a little slow, even for me (and that's saying a lot as I tend to like slower-paced games), but it was better w. more bots. My biggest problem with the lighting (and it's not like it's vomitous or something) was that the areas with a lot of grey/concrete looking textures were a little washed-out/overly bright looking.

While this map lacks the really classic level-over-level-over-level, packed in tight, deathmatch feel that is becoming, if not the standard, a standard anyway, I had a lot of fun playing it, it's very creative, and it will stay on my harddrive. An 8 instead of a 7 just because of the warp teleporter! :-D

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Haccess unregistered
#10   22 Apr 2000
Smooth level... I like how "the good stuff" is hard to get to. The cave area's really sweet... I think Tigger's problem with the lighting comes mainly from the RA area (the area from the levelshot). It's got that vertex-lighting look to it. Overall though, very nice: 7/10
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Juggalugs unregistered
#9   22 Apr 2000
Nice map.. the cave section is my fav, also the area near the Quad.

Thought there couldve been some more ammo around, and maybe a little better weap placement, but otherwise those things are good.

Like the portal effect, good to see a few ppl using it in their maps.

Um.. some bits of the map, like the outside, feel sorta sticky at times. Getting the Quad is always fun, and that hole looks cool.

Cool map, i gave it a healthy 8.

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Jim unregistered
#8   22 Apr 2000
I'm not much into symmetric maps, but this one has all the elements of a good, unique map. Layout is good and placement are good, and the method for obtaining the quad is quite ingenious- the first time I've seen this method used.

I like the architecture and detailing, from the overhead beams to the cavern-style "basement" area. The trim on the walls and detail on the doors is a nice touch. A couple of things that I don't like is that the outdoor area (with the red armor and railgun) is either too bright or too grey- couldn't quite figure out which- maybe both. It just looks a bit too flat, but the architecture is still very nice in this area- just needs some "accent" lighting I guess. Also, the curved staircases were a bit odd because if you stayed toward the inside of the curve- you could ascend them VERY quickly- felt a bit odd.

Nice map- worthy of a 9.

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[TRU] OMAGAN unregistered
#7   22 Apr 2000
well i reckon its a great map can be dueled on , to the full 8/10 ppl slaughter and looks like the author makes u work if u want to go collect the big items
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ShoveL unregistered
#6   22 Apr 2000
Thanks guys, I was abit confused to hear that the lighting needs alot of work? in what way exactly? and as far as gameplay is concerned, well natuarlly I disagree, what does everyone else think?

I gave myself an 8, theres always room for improvement.

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AnThraX unregistered
#5   22 Apr 2000
Great map, whoever reviewed it was prolly drunk to say gameplay is missing, and the events which can happen trying to get the quad make fer a good laugh
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BiLLy unregistered
#4   22 Apr 2000
good r_speeds & excellent underground terrain, oh & the warp teleporter rips!


/ ssmokin!

| |>

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Vampyre unregistered
#3   22 Apr 2000

The quad is heaps fun to get.

the fall to the underground rocks too.

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WaSp unregistered
#2   22 Apr 2000
9 YERS from the WaSpman :-)

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yer unregistered
#1   22 Apr 2000
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