by Myth
13th March 2000
BROGAN: Release: 1

This is a user created map for Quake 3.
Quake is a product of id software. All rights reserved.
This file (mq3dm1.txt) is part of the 'mq3dm1.pk3' distribution.
The contents of mq3dm1.pk3 are:
mq3dm1.bsp, mq3dm1.aas, mq3dm1.arena, mq3dm1.txt, mq3dm1.dm3 and mq3dm1.tga
If you do not have all these files in mq3dm1.pk3 (zip) then either download
the file again from "" or e-mail me at
"**email removed**".



Map name: Brogan
File name: Mq3dm1
Author: Mike Denby (Myth)
E-mail: **email removed**
Website: (not mine!!)
Devlopment time: approx 15 hours (first time on Q3Radiant tho)
Compile time: 31 mins (full vis, extra light)
Ideal players: 2-4
Gametype: Deathmatch or Tourney
Weapons: 1 Rocket Launcher, 1 Rail Gun, 1 Plasma Gun, 1 Shot Gun
Powerups: 1 Megahealth, 1 Haste, 1 Quad Damage
Map style: Void
Description: A small Void map where there is nowhere to hide }:) Height has
Never been more of an advantage. This map should provide some
pretty intense 1 on 1 sessions. It is my first Quake 3 map.
Credits: Equim for keeping me upto date with all things Quake 3 and
constant Q3Radiant help. The boyz at ID software for, well you
know! And of course Robert Duffy for making Q3radiant.
Shouts: STCboy, Nembel, Tonylad, Ctrl-Del, Curlygirl, Peter "Jesus" Jones
Cyber Satan, Molotov, TK1, Chris BROGAN for the loan of his name
(unknown to him!) and anyone else I forgot :)


Extract the file mq3dm1.pk3 from this zip file ( into the 'baseq3'
folder found in the Quake 3 folder.
Run the game and start a skirmish from the menu selecting mq3dm1 from the
end of the map selection screen.

NOTE: There is a demo of me playing against bots found in the demo menu, enjoy :)