The Colosseum

title: The Colosseum
map name: tddm2
file: tddm2.pk3
author: Armageddon
email: **email removed**
created: March 8, 2000


Extract the file tddm2.pk3 to Quake III's baseq3 folder.
Run Quake III.
The map should be visible in the Single Player - Skirmish screen
and Multiplayer - Create screen under the Free or All and
Tournament game types.
You can also access the map by typing /map tddm2 at the console.


game type: Free For All, Tournament.
players: 2-4.
weapons: Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun, Rail Gun.
power ups: None.
bot support: Yes.

The Colosseum was inspired by perhaps one of the greatest arenas
ever built - The Colosseum in Rome. It was designed for tournament
play but can hold up to four players fairly well. Focus was given
to making gameplay as balanced as possible so combat becomes a true
test of skill. Enjoy.

Thanks to Fishmon and Defiler for all their help.

Copyright (c) 2000 True Dimensions. All rights reserved.

You may freely distribute the file tddm2.pk3 via any means
possible, provided you include this file, tddm2.txt, and make no
modifications to either tddm2.pk3 or tddm2.txt.