Silence by cityy & OXOTHuK
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Tig Rep. 1702
#2   24 Aug 2023
@cityy : Thanks for sharing some of the history behind this great map.

With your name not even appearing in the readme, I wanted to make it as clear as possible who the real creator of the map was.

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cityy Rep. 373
#1   24 Aug 2023
I was kind of surprised to see my name in the lvl e-mail update regarding this release. While I don't personally mind the release of this conversion, it does of course include official QuakeLive assets which is technically a problem which we can only hope to be tolerated.
The map was released to QuakeLive on July 24th 2012 but it was actually created some time throughout 2011. It has made an appearance in numerous tournaments such as Dreamhack Winter 2012 and several 125fps sunday cups. Upon release it was quite infamous for visibility issues as most QuakeLive players use green enemy models which happen to conflict with the (placebo effect inspired) glass pipes and the lighting. :) That is probably a reason why it hasn't gained more traction upon release.
It was played a lot though and is still played a fair bit. There is an old review video by ddk and czm on youtube:
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