Silence by cityy & OXOTHuK

A difficult map to review. The game play and visuals are awesome and very solid. The kind of release that you will download and keep. A map that you will play at a small LAN or a Tourney and will return to time and time again. That is not the difficult part.

The problem is the map is an unofficial port of the Quake Live map Silence by cityy. The transmogrification has been completed by OXOTHuK who is infamous for bringing the hard work of others to Quake 3.

Silence is a tight, Tourney or small DM release with a lot of vertical action in a Gothic and industrial theme. With Quake Live game play, rules and features being closer to Challenge ProMode Arena (CPMA) than standard Quake 3, this release is best used in conjunction with the CPMA mod. The fact that 2 Green Armours are included just highlights this.

If you find yourself really enjoying this release (which you will), check out the other awesome releases by cityy or maybe even check out Quake Live.

If you are after a much more detailed review, check out this YouTube review by Daniel Kapadia and czm.

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Silence by cityy & OXOTHuK