Zero Indulgence
Zero Indulgence by Rynvord

Big, wide, long corridors and a series of jumppads, all covered in pulsating tech textures make up the most of this publicly released, yet unfinished CTF level. Due to the lack of a final vis pass, the entire level is drawn on each frame. In 2009 when originally released, this could have been a bit of an issue. The majority of today's video cards should have no issue at all.

At first, visually, the level appears interesting, busy and fresh. It is only after a few minutes of game play that a sense of monotony kicks in. That is from the lack of variety in the brushwork and the heavy reliance on a repetitive texturing. The constant animation that at first gave the map a feel of busyness soon becomes an annoyance. In places the lighting is working very well. In other sections it is simply dull. The misaligned textures with a shader affect also jars the eye.

A lot of the map is missing clipping. This means it is possible to catch on some of the brushwork as you move around.

With four entires into each open base and the criss-crossing paths between, a group of 8 players (4vs4) will be needed to enjoy this CTF. The lack of bot support means this is going to be a LAN only event.

An interesting idea to release an unfinished level publicly. Including the map file could have been very helpful and might have lead to someone else picking it up and adding some final touches.

Skip it.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: Zero Indulgence by Rynvord