Zero Indulgence
Zero Indulgence by Rynvord
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Geniraul Rep. 1476
#1   25 Sep 2023
I think this map has a lot of potential for the finished version. The layout of the level reminds me of those underground-corridor Q3TA maps, which for me is a sign of quality. Various paths to get to each of the bases and a feeling of travelling inside these tunnels, despite the fact that this map was created for CTF and despite a certain degree of linearity in the tunnels.

Great job on texturing (color palette, dynamism) and it can be seen that some considerable work has been done with the lighting, too, although some places seem a little too dull and could use some brightening. The map is rich in both items and weapons: it features all the basic weapons, which is a strong point for larger levels like this one, and also endows the player with well-placed power-ups and valuable items (Quad damage, Hastes, Medkits, Mega Helaths, Red and Yellow Armors), there is also no shortage of ammuniton, which is partly achieved due to the excellent layout.

My biggest issue with this level is the lack of bot support / AAS file, because as someone who usually plays with bots, I'll normally only launch it to appreciate its visuals and general geometry for some very short time.

@Rynvord I would recommend to finish this level (if possible) and update it with a newer version, because it's really a pity that after releasing a map with so much potential, its technical state is still 'under construction', in my opinion.

Personally, I think it's a common feature of your levels — they're very close to be perfect, but lack something really important (for instance, scale or bot support), which gives them a certain feel of being incomplete, but at the same time the overall feeling is good enough for the player to keep returning to them. I may give this map 4.5/5 or even 5/5 in future if it gets a few tweaks.

Anyway, this is your map, so do as you wish; some truly awesome work on the layout, item placement, texturing and color palette, good work on lighting too, I apprecciate that!
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