Brass Tax
by mrd
Brass Tax by mrd
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Neon_Knight Rep. 324
#3   30 Mar 2024
I'm amazed. This level reminds me of late-era UT99 levels with the level of detail. Even though it uses a Q2-inspired texture/shader set, it definitely is on par with the MachineGames' levels of Call of the Machine.
It's quite vertical too.
I love it.
Tried in OpenArena, works flawlessly, only a few not-so-common textures missing (not from the map itself OFC) but otherwise quite playable. Definitely a TDM keeper.
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Geniraul Rep. 1476
#2   27 Aug 2023
I saw this level in the map queue and instantly thought it was a very decent release! The well-executed lighting, geometry and good gamepley are all present on this map, although I wish the second was also done with more interconnectivity into the level, but that's rather a minor issue.

Despite being somewhat difficult to get, the mega is still reachable with a bit of strafing. The level really does have some Quake 2 feel to it thanks to the strogg flags and color palette, which considering the date of this release, I think is a great way to celebrate the new Quake II remaster in Q3! :)

4.5/5 of me, very well done and keep up the good work!

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Foo Rep. 367
#1   27 Aug 2023
Been playing this heaps whenever we can get enough people together for a 3+ FFA match. Very fun!
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