by Xzed
Runtfest by Xzed
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Dr.Scolaris Rep. 20
#201   14 Aug 2023
A legendary map, i played this map when i was a child and after all these years, recently just downloaded it again for the nostalgia. Details of the map are very lovely, well done and thanks to the creator <3
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Yeti Rep. 64
#200   25 Aug 2021
I have been playing this map for 20 years and I still love it. When I gather with friends for some LAN fragging, this is one of the maps we always play.
Thx Xzed for such a great piece of fun
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Bottacco unregistered
#199   25 Aug 2021
Apple changes cpu architectures again and one of the first things I wanted to find is if I could play Q3A… and I can!!!
After that I had to look for my favorite maps, and this is one of my top 10. I love this map.
Thx Xzed for creating it.
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Vicarious Rep. 158
#198   25 Feb 2018
Thank you to the creator for making an amazing map. played this as a kid and now i get to play it again.
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erik unregistered
#197   25 Sep 2016
cool map!
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Miguel unregistered
#196   02 Feb 2016
I just played this map on Urban Terror 4.2 and it seems to run fine just single player. I bet it will play great online!
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DEKE unregistered
#195   13 Nov 2012
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#194   17 May 2012
Wow! This map looks amazing and plays very good but has a few lagging issues but will work fine when I type com_hunkmegs in the console. Has to be one of the best room based maps I played but ENTE beats you on this :P.
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PaN61 Rep. 377
#193   26 Dec 2011
Yes, setting the com_hunkmegs value higher might be the trick, but make sure you don't set it past 1/4 of the amount of ram you actually have installed.
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ndoh unregistered
#192   26 Dec 2011
com_hunkmegs 128, 256 or 512 might work
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Alexje60 Rep. 72
#191   22 Oct 2011
Don't Work. If i run this level, my Quake 3 will crash. Please help, anyone!
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shrinker unregistered
#190   05 Mar 2011
this map is cool but i've seen other giant maps that are better than this one
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#189   29 Jun 2010
One of most popular map played in LAN Parties organized by my association. It's very well done, gigantic and fun to play. Perfect !
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db unregistered
#188   17 Nov 2008
Better than the padman maps - and the padman maps are on my machine as well as this one - both graphically and in game play. This map is FUN.
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Tig Rep. 1612
#187   21 Jan 2007
Place the PK3 file into your baseq3 folder.
Start Quake 3 and select the skirmish menu option.
Browse until you find the map you wanted.

NOTES: Some maps will not appear unless you select the correct game mode. Some older maps will not appear at all and you will need to use the console method.

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me :D unregistered
#186   21 Jan 2007
How do you install maps in quake 3, it never works when I put it in baseq3.

When i put /map "name of map" in the console the game crshes with an error report. This happens with all maps, do I need a mod or something?

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Fien unregistered
#185   10 Sep 2005
Runtfest ruikt naar kaka
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gego unregistered
#184   20 Jun 2005
this map is coll.. i tried it with nexuiz.. and iliked it.. but the lamp has a bud in nexuiz... and one cand have Real wold lighting on... b cose then it crashes...
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[avery] unregistered
#183   14 Jul 2002
Menudo mapa... ¡¡menudo mapa!!.... Por Dios y por la Virgen Santísima... It isn´t a map: is "the map". Good Work!
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Roadkill unregistered
#182   11 Jun 2002
Sweet "Nighthawks"
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Me, Stupid unregistered
#181   24 Feb 2002
Fab., just fab.

I love these maps

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Professor Booty unregistered
#180   10 Feb 2002
Just looking in the .pk3 file theres some 'PlanetQuake' screens, can you make them come up on the monitor?? Just wondering, i've shot everything that looks like a button.

This map is truly inspired, i cant believe the amount of work that must have gone into it. Only problem - the BFG only comes with 10 shots (good that it cant rule the map) but it runs out so quick :-(

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SquirrelJam unregistered
#179   02 Oct 2001
I'm writing this a year and a half after this maps release and I just played it for the first time. This map is truly creative and just downright fun. I can't add an additional agreeable comment that hasn't already been said.

It runs fast and smooth on my rig. Too bad there's so many whiners complaining about this and that. I realize it's a year and a half later and I'm using a GeForce these days. Regardless, respect should be paid, for the creativity, time and effort put forth by such a mapper as Xzed. Truly a great work! This map will be a part of my permanent collection.

Thanks Xzed!!

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snake_sucks unregistered
#178   24 Aug 2001
Padman want a be? I have all of padmans maps, and while they are very good, they have nowhere near the detail of this map.
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Espygraphics unregistered
#177   17 Jun 2001
Design a map where one person is normal human size and everyone else is the size of action figures kinda like a gullivers travel map. That would be fun.
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snake unregistered
#176   24 Apr 2001
padman want a be
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Matrix_Musabi unregistered
#175   02 Jan 2001
This was one of the best maps i have ever seen! very origianal concept and was very well done as well! Make smore maps like this Xzed!
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antimatter unregistered
#174   21 Dec 2000

I loved the map during the days of OSP Clan Arena, and its still fun now. Very original concept...but for a real challenge: build a whole 3 bedroom 2 bath house :)

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Proteus unregistered
#173   10 Nov 2000
FANTASTIC design. Great concept, perfect execution. it's a 12 on a scale from 1 to kickass. Seriously playable, and the detail is phenominal. The "Lonley Diner" picture teleport is far beyond pimp.
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NeoNite unregistered
#172   30 Oct 2000
Fantastic! In one word! Fantastic! Finally had the chance to play this map. Althought it weighs heavy on the system, it doesn't kill the map.

The map is damn original and one of a kind! LIke the mousetraps, shafts, the picture(!!!!!!!!!), the lighting great job on that one...

Gameplay was fun. Bots however aren't covering THE whole level (such as the picture) but who cares, they cover most and if i want, i can sneak up to the railgun and quad :) hehe

Bfg is very well placed in the map!

4 players? well maybe, but i'm sure if you're one of those lucky bastards with a superheavy system, you can play this baby with 16 or 32 :) utter madness i love it.

Runtfest is fantastic.

I give it a 9 :) what the hell it's my opinion a 10!

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murdererofhoofedmammals unregistered
#171   05 Oct 2000
Been playing this map since the beta...still love it. Oh, if you want a challenge, try rocketjumping to the top of the doors. It is possible.

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Timmy!!! unregistered
#170   29 Sep 2000
Very cool
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N/A unregistered
#169   03 Sep 2000
this is the best map ever!tons of places to explore..great attention to detail..loved the Helnwein picture alternate universe...I have that same picture hanging over me right now!He's one of my favorite artists! For those of you who don't know the picture is called NightHawks. Helnwein also did the cover of the Scorpion's Blackout Album.

This map is nice change of pace from all the gothic dungeon shit.don't get me wrong I love those maps but they are starting to get old...anyway my 2 cents...

hopefully Xzed plans on doing more maps.

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malo/ travieso unregistered
#168   30 Aug 2000
great abit big and nice surprises, look within a picture. :)
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pu§hy unregistered
#167   29 Aug 2000
runs unbelievably smooth with my 575mhz (overclocked) system with a tnt2 ultra card at 1024x768x16. this map is the best!
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Zak unregistered
#166   23 Aug 2000
It's my #1 map right now. At first it seemed like a silly idea until I actually loaded and played it. The fun is unbelievable. Any more like this coming???
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Spon unregistered
#165   17 Aug 2000
UNBELIEVABLE FUN !!! I love to see alternative maps like this. Just to get something like this to the right scale is good let alone all the textures and models! Top notch work!!! So much much fun. It must of taken ages to complete.

Just download it.

Congratulations Xzed. One of THE most impressive maps I've ever seen! It almost feels ilegal that its a free download L

So what room are you gonna do next? L Attic?, Kitchen? Garden? L

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MaX unregistered
#164   11 Aug 2000
...........Well, what can i say.
This must be the best map i have ever sean.....
...........its simpely the best!
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ratburn360 unregistered
#163   29 Jun 2000
Runs sorta slow on my PII 300
128 RAM voodoo2.


All the brushes must have taken weeks!

Best Q3A map I've played so far!!

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Toni unregistered
#162   26 Jun 2000
Nice work indeed, runs silk smooth on my 416 Celeron, 64 megs of Ram and Asus 6600 GeForce 256
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Theseus unregistered
#161   24 Jun 2000
Very Slow (relative to other maps) Really tests my new Duron :).

Nice however, though I would have done it in Unreal / UT, open areas don't like QuakeIII much.

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WEL DaN unregistered
#160   23 Jun 2000
Great work. If I only have a Patience like you ????
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Roger_Rabbit_southafrica unregistered
#159   10 Jun 2000
WOW-what else can i say ,but WOW

i can only play with four bots ,but then again thats more than enough for me ,it feels like toy story ,the idea is great just a pity here in South Africa ,it will take alot of nagging to get this map up and running ,but the next lan will have it !!! again WOW

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Locutus_MP unregistered
#158   10 Jun 2000
This map, by far, is the most original and coolest map i've played for Q3A so far. It certainly stands out from all the gothic and uninspired maps out there that might as well be carbon copies of each other. The amount of detail, the creativity in the design (Love the open PC... and the drawers! The drawers kick ass!), and the sheer amount of places to explore in this level just make it a gem that will always have a place on my hard drive.

i think the playability takes a hit because of the openness of the level, but with the level style i don't think there's much of a way to avoid that. As it is i think the author did i good job at trying to add as many smaller places as possible. i mean, from looking at it, you'd think "okay, big open room" but then when you get down to exploring, you can go behind every piece of furniture, into every cupboard, behind the books, in the drawers, climb on every shelf, and take a trip through the air vents for good measure.

Overall, i give this map a 9. The one suggestion i have is this: BUGS! Hey, i can believe you keep your room REAL clean and all, but how do you get every last dead fly out from behind those desks? Don't you think it'd kick ass if you were running into one of those deep, dark corners and jumped halfway out of your chair when suddenly you were staring at a gigantic fly laying on its back with its legs crossed across its chest? And what about the air ducts?? Man, you have the cleanest vents in the world! That's the ONLY part of the level that in my opinion sucked. They're all shiny boxes with no detail. Where's the bread crumbs? The dead rat? The G.I. Joe that you lost 5 years ago and could never find?

Okay, fine, one more suggestion. Ambient noise. The level's begging for it. The speakers should make a low hum (that should sound larger for their size), the computer fan should be heard, when in the vents, you should hear the light breeze passing through them. (Remember, these guys are tiny. Little sounds become BIG sounds) And the fish tank... The giant fish were FANTASTIC, but it would have completed the illusion if you could hear the sound of the bubbles and the hum of the lamp.

Other than those two points, this level ROCKS! If you haven't already, download it NOW!

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Xavier unregistered
#157   08 Jun 2000
Yeah baby !!!!!!
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Torian unregistered
#156   08 Jun 2000
This map really stands out. Layout is interesting and "hiding" the jump pads in other graphics was a nice touch. Plenty of room to run and plenty of places to hide. Great job!
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leobaby unregistered
#155   07 Jun 2000

once your're inside the picture, you can rocket jump all kinds of places like on top of the short building and also into the far right window of the far building. From there you can rocket jump to the thin top wall of that building. If you find the missing texture, you're in the right spot!

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[grs]Exterminator unregistered
#154   05 Jun 2000
Best and finest looking stage ever seen.

It's a glory looking at the little quakers running around down there on the floor.

Finaly Comment :

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Dew unregistered
#153   03 Jun 2000
This map is awesome for teamplay, get about 10peeps and play it using the q3f mod!
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Nitro unregistered
#152   03 Jun 2000
Didn't download this map yet, but it looks to be great, although a bit of a rip-off of ratz for Half-life.

p.s. If this was made by the ratz guy, I am gonna' look like such a cock

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Raziel unregistered
#151   03 Jun 2000
Sensational map.

Great fun to play. Love the fish tank.

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not entered unregistered
#150   03 Jun 2000
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-=S*H=-Star*Kill* unregistered
#149   03 Jun 2000
How do jou make it?
Verry Verry VErry Verry Verry Verry Verry Verry Verry Verry
Its my fevorite map.
Do jou make more map like this?
How long jou working on that map?
Realy good.
SO i like the map.
End bye bye
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voltogimp unregistered
#148   02 Jun 2000
howsit goin, yall
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## V O L T O G I M P## unregistered
#147   02 Jun 2000
PHAT!!!!!! uhh i guess i just suck at making maps, eh?
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Roderick Snijder unregistered
#146   02 Jun 2000
The best map i ever see.


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not entered unregistered
#145   02 Jun 2000
Very special! Very detailed! What a work:)
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Rave unregistered
#144   31 May 2000
Im sorry it'll not get any better with me..

winkrushr..dude..are WE all playing with a system that heavy? are we living in impyland?

SOrry to dissapoint you man, but some of "we" are playing with a p3 500 mhz, and oooooooooooooooooooonly 128 ram and heck a voodoo banshee. But in my right mind, i'm gonna buy a geforce 256 ddr. Cause banshee really sucks...

So "we" are not all the same. I guess. "we" play on different systems. But I can say...not "we"...that quake arena still flows on my system. Ok so i cant get 16 bots in a small map...whatever. Quake plays solid, I don't have th best fps and so on...i do understand what i am talking about..

and oh yeah i forgot to mention!


what a world what a world

well we're not all loaded..

joking. afcourse there is the possibility called upgrading, but in most cases, it's expensive. And yes i do work, but it would be silly to put most money in the machine.

Quake arena is running fine on my slow system, winkrushr..sorry to dissapoint ya ;)

What about doom anyway..that was like a lite featherweight haahahhahahahha! compared to quake arena...ho boy

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Gollum unregistered
#143   30 May 2000

well don - superb, where's the next installment - gimme gimme gimme, YEAH!!!!!

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krueger unregistered
#142   29 May 2000
......i can hear them running around in my room....... can`t sleep. I think visor is hiding in my bookshelf......nooooooooo
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manybrews unregistered
#141   29 May 2000
fabulous map..more fun than i thought possible...wide open, but tight at the same time.

sooo..everyone quit your whining about it...its fully functional as a deathmatch map, requiring new skills to be attained for maximum pleasure. Sure, wimpy little purists will whine about " camping", and other misc. crap, but the fact is, sniping and "camping" are strategic attacks, requiring skill to perform and defend. Besides, ther really arent a lot of camping spots available on this map...unless you quietly sneak around....SHHHHH!!!!

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Dutch unregistered
#140   29 May 2000
WinKrushR you are one of the reasons taxpayers hate state workers.You suck.See you in hell.
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fatbobo unregistered
#139   29 May 2000
Great map.... i love all of these spry wannabe maps.... (spry is the sin level) however.... besides the original, this was the best one yet.
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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#138   28 May 2000
This map rocks. Its a huge file but who cares. It didnt work at first but then i got that point release thing and it rocks. As for the cpu speed that everyone is talking about. i can play eight bots, 600 x 800 resolution, 32 bit graphics quality perfectly fine on a PII, 366 MHz computer. It just depends mostly on your graphics settings. How do you get the BFG by the way? Sure, I can get it with the grappling hook no problem, but how do you get it normally? Anyway kick-ass map. A definite 10!
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Seymour Gibbs unregistered
#137   27 May 2000
I downloaded this map believing it to be like my most favourite HL map ever Rats ( right on, Storme Dude ), but a few things really spoiled it for me -

Missing textures

a missing polygon in the cafe ( turn around when you enter , its above the window )

Perhaps Xzed will come to his senses and release another version? I sure hope so.

Oh, and the jump into the picture was a bit crappy and superflous. the bots never use it and theres always someone camping there. Play with Coliseum for more fun.

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WinKrushR unregistered
#136   24 May 2000
Get PointRelease, K? If not, make sure you have your latest vid drivers. Thassa major problem, too.

For all of the "lil' whinies" out there complaining about the PII400s w/64 MB RAM, c'mon, jeez! Didn't you get a little more RAM for your Cyrix90 when DOOMII came out? Just head out to for a little info on the hardware scene. No, I don't work for them, but it's a great site, along with They have way cool review, etc. Just get another mboard, processor, and a little ram. when you get the skins, grab a GeForce and hit the map again. You'll be glad you did.

This map rox on my lan. Granted, we're all playing with PIII600-733s w/256MB+, but that's my I love a State job. This map is beautiful on a flat 21" monitor.

Moral of the story: Get a cool job in which you control the lan and work overtime. Can anyone say InstaFrag until 3am???

Love, Peace, and Afro-Grease, my Funk Soul Brothas and Sistas.

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big guz unregistered
#135   24 May 2000
Hell o!!!!Why can't i plaz this map.....I want to play it,but it crushes my system :( Please

help!!!!!I like this kind of maps.And according to the is cool! TNX

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marco unregistered
#134   24 May 2000
map runtfest no work, crash sistem.

My sistem is atlon750 geforce 32mb ddr, 256 mb ram disk 18gb scasi.

I'm sorry

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dupa unregistered
#133   23 May 2000
amazing and original...
i found myself running around for about one hour exploring and absorbing everything...
open the cd-rom drive to find exact replica of q3 cd inside...
jump on the stapler to jump into the picture...
there are only two things that didnt work out too well:

  1. the windows in the diner are transparent only from the inside.
  1. the fish in the tank can crash you right after you teleport from the phone booth.
but after all...AWESOME MAP!!!

thank you...

Jessie "the Body" Ventura

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KG reading onwards unregistered
#132   23 May 2000
This map is beutiful, yes. But playable? No way! This maps just has too much eyecandy.

Too much eyecandy? in quake3? seen q3dm0 yet?

yes, my comp is getting a little old but this map is half as fast as most of the other ones. And you can't even add any bots. In order for it to be playable I could only add 2 bots but then the map was too big to play at all.
snip out ...but come on! How can anyone play this with any less than 128 RAM and a GeForce?

you mean, if you have a pc that's a p-200 with like 64 mb and say oh a voodoo2 w/ 12 mb (just one card) it's not that playable, really?

did you read the recommended syspecs for quake3?

I've got a athlon 500 with a tnt2u and 196 mb of ram and it STILL drops frames when you hit the full views. that because this map is fragging huge and that is what makes it special. 's no use crying about it, own up and buy a Pc instead. (maybe dont buy booxe for nine weeks... worked for me :)

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KnetterGek unregistered
#131   23 May 2000
MF kickass map, this.

my fps stays nicely near the 30 mark... no probs, eh?

Ps crybabies about the 22mb should think about getting that 2GB harddisk replaced by a 40 Gig version.. you're all way out of touch here guys. (22 mb is only 1% of a 2gb disc anyway, and everyone has a 20 gb or more, so what the f* hell are they crying about?)

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Timmer unregistered
#130   22 May 2000
This map is soooooooo cool!!!
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Shadow unregistered
#129   20 May 2000
It’s a large map so the more people the more fun it will be. A lot of detail went into it so definitely explore around before you play.

Unfortunately bots get stuck above the red armor, and I just wish there was more rail ammo around.

But all in all, a great map.

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XBEYONDX unregistered
#128   18 May 2000
Oh I forgot to give it a score.
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XBEYONDX unregistered
#127   18 May 2000
Hey Xzed!

Are you coming out or working on any more maps? This map and mario seem to be my favs right now. We play it on lan everynight at work. 20+ people. And DAMN IS IT FURIOUS!

Keep the world posted on this amazing schtuff! go to for some awesome maps as all heck

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Darqhorse unregistered
#126   17 May 2000
The most fun I have had playing any map. I give it a solid 9.
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James.Bond unregistered
#125   14 May 2000
Looks like my computer room! all it needs is the geek at the desk!
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ss97 unregistered
#124   12 May 2000
Cute map!!! It gives you feeling of being so small. I have never seen something similar. The map is as great as I can't imaging before. The only problems are large size (it's .pk3 = 22 Mb), and lower FPS cause it's huge.
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Ploog unregistered
#123   11 May 2000
A very funny map, especially in 1on1 matches. Much dark places for ambushing your opponent. 8 points from me. I like this map a lot.
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Rave unregistered
#122   10 May 2000
To Brimmie

  1. you sure have enough ram ;)
  1. You did install the latest point release? or at least version 1.16n, which is about 8.5 megs Go get it and install it if you haven't.
  1. DO you have enough free memory??? :o cuz runtfest is quite large...
I think it's the point release

Everything else should be fine.


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vader unregistered
#121   09 May 2000
this map rules, by far the best and most impressive map I have ever played.

a perfect 10

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brimmie unregistered
#120   08 May 2000
i downloaded map and can't seem to run it, it crashes quake3, several others have posted and i am wandering what the heck the problem is, anyone know?

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Q3A Sarge +6 unregistered
#119   08 May 2000
Sorry Xzed, forgot to vote.

Here it is. 9.

Guess a 10 for the next one.

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slight unregistered
#118   08 May 2000
Fantastic map Xzed, cant wait to LAN it properly. deserves its place in the top 10.

framerate aside, the painting on the wall could've been done with a portal, so you'd see the little guys running around inside...

PS doesn't anyone read the other comments before posting their own?

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not entered unregistered
#117   06 May 2000
i had this map before - too freakin laggy. Perhaps they could release a version that is less detailed or something. I just cant put up with lag for very long and i have a good computer so no need for lag. Still original idea but i cant run it very well. ( Besides 22MB unzipped is a bit much.)
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Muppet unregistered
#116   03 May 2000
Hey, who the fuck was in my room? Who was it then? eh?

Great map, played my mates and totally raped them on it, so you can have a ten.

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[DPS] Kane unregistered
#115   02 May 2000
not a map for real q3-playing, but there's a crazy but genuine brain behind this map. my favourite fun map. really very VERY HOT!!!!
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not entered unregistered
#114   02 May 2000
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Ra$ta_{OQF} unregistered
#113   01 May 2000
played this map over my brothers house...I give it two thumbs up !! here downloading it for myself. can't wait to squash the little runt.hehe :)
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Cutla$$ unregistered
#112   30 Apr 2000
Here's an idea for Xzed. Players are supersmall and they fight inside a LAN network, they battlefield is mostly vertical and the PC's are connected by ethernet wires. (tunnels). Well It's not much of an idea know but someone will turn it into a kickass map soon!
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Stro unregistered
#111   30 Apr 2000
I love the gameplay on this map, and I'll tell you why- visibility is a factor in play. If you stand where everyone can see you, everyone will shoot at you.

This is the only map i know where it makes sense to stop and look before you go rushing into the open.

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Grendel unregistered
#110   29 Apr 2000
I just finished reading all of the comments posted by other players (the good and the bad critiques) while waiting for the map to download.

Everyone seems to have put their fair share of thought into the below comments and I can't wait to actually play the map (hopefully very playable with a PIII 550 and TNT2) :)

I'm giving it a ten just for the novelty of it and I love weird maps like this, it keeps great games interesting.

-Reminds me of one miniturized section of the Half-Life custom level USS Darkstar (great map, found on many PC Gamer CD's), anyone who has played through that map knows exactly what I'm talking about.

To help put the UT and Q3A debate to a close: their both great games, each with a different feel, and both have a place on my hardrive.

Power to the Freedom of Choice!

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EvlMinion unregistered
#109   29 Apr 2000
Amazing map, I have never seen ANYTHING like it on any game. I love the idea, though. Gameplay was good, but it is hard on my TNT card, framerates were rather low. Guess I'll have an excuse to get a new one, heh. Much kudos to Xzed. Keep em comin, man. ;)
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#108   29 Apr 2000
I've removed a post be an imposter, claimning to be Xzed. Their details where;


ip #

29 Apr 2000 10:46

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Demoniac unregistered
#107   29 Apr 2000
Great stuff!!!

Perhaps an invisibility or a second railgun would be in place, but it sure is te best and most original map i've ever played!


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Kal-el {KEA} unregistered
#106   28 Apr 2000
I've been saying this all along...ONE HELL OF A GREAT MAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

although i miss the invisi powerup in the first beta version...ROCK ON.... i give it an 11

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Q3A Sarge +6 unregistered
#105   28 Apr 2000
Wow! Damn good Map. Thought i was in Toy Story! Hehe.

Gimme more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Drumoon unregistered
#104   27 Apr 2000
Everyone in my LAN agrees, this is the best map we've ever played. The flow is genius. Jumping off of the stapler into the painting, grabbing the rail in the shop, and then passing through the phone booth into the tank, avoiding the fish and having only 5 seconds to get the BFG... Then no BFG amo anywhere else! And if you get a good momentum, you end up on the top closet shelf for the Quad. Beautiful.
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Miggs unregistered
#103   26 Apr 2000
This level got me back into playing Q3 for the moment. It adds a lot of life to the fragfests. I do wish something had been done about the keyboard however. It is pretty fugly and eats up quite a few fps. Nice to see a map that if we could smell it, it wouldn't smell like shit. Translation: Fun-filled, detailed, original map. Great work.
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XC0r3 & SGT.AmoK unregistered
#102   26 Apr 2000
A really great map with lots of fun. WE WANT MORE !!!!!!
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-XENO- unregistered
#101   26 Apr 2000
Playability on older machines is the only reason I take off a point and give 9 instead of 10. If your system is up to snuff then this plays very well on several of levels. The opportunities for sniping are obvious and if you're not much but a rocket flinger or pellet pusher there are still good areas to catch players with splash or buckshot. It can even get hairy down in the ductwork when players low on ammo and health have dropped down to nurse their wounds. My first time playing this map had more than a couple of machinegun and/or gauntlet battles over the precious health orbs and armor shards.

For even more fun with this excellent map, try various mods. Anything with a grapple should be great and Excessive is a blast. For those who hate the long rocket shots across the room, try it when you can let about a dozen a second fly - You can do some literal carpet bombing!

Sure the concept isn't new (Half-Life Rats kitchen and bathroom maps for example), but it is rare, refreshing, and, in this case, very expertly done and beautifuly rendered with the bounus of offering fighting ground for various player types. Two thumbs up and four stars to Xzed. Bravo! & Encore! :-)

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not entered unregistered
#100   25 Apr 2000
This gets a vote of 10 simply because of the originality of the design!
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[R]Ridicule unregistered
#99   25 Apr 2000
An absolute visual masterpiece. The build quality is well above average and the new graphics really make you 'feel' as though you're about 3-inches high. Playability is not standard but is devilishly well executed and offers a welcome break from all the 1v1 maps that've been released. I give this map a 9. Ouch!
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Slacker unregistered
#98   25 Apr 2000
Absolutely AWESOME - sweet looking and playable for hours. This is the first user map that actually made it into the rotation on our Q3 server at work.
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Kraster unregistered
#97   25 Apr 2000
Stunning work! AND PLAYABL...YES PLAYABLE! Do you dissenters really want to spend the rest of your lives playing "Q3DM1000000000000"?
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ODYSEYY unregistered
#96   25 Apr 2000
Huh?! What's wrong with you people. This map is beutiful, yes. But playable? No way! This maps just has too much eyecandy. yes, my comp is getting a little old but this map is half as fast as most of the other ones. And you can't even add any bots. In order for it to be playable I could only add 2 bots but then the map was too big to play at all. This is just a gimmick map. Albeit a good one that took a lot of effort but come on! How can anyone play this with any less than 128 RAM and a GeForce? There's just too much eyecandy for gameplay. i gave this a 7.
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LowGun unregistered
#95   24 Apr 2000
I have played over 30 altmaps for quake3 and this is my favorite! For everyone reading this I will have this map running on my server for the next few days solid at Lowgun'z altmaps at port:27960. This is one of those maps you will either Love or Hate it looks like for alot of people but I personally think there is something for everyone as long as you have enough participants. Yes the theme has been done before but not this well! And how can anyone knock this theme, it hasn't been done nearly as much as the goth/space themes? I just don't understand some people? This map is a must play!


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What?? unregistered
#94   24 Apr 2000
Gameplay on this map most definatly does not suck. It's just different. Different in a way that I much prefer. If you play by holding down "run" and "shoot" while tapping jump than stay away. This isn't that kind of map.

Nice work.

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?!? unregistered
#93   24 Apr 2000
Gameplay just plain sucks!!!. I don't care how great the map looks, if its not fun to play, then it isn't fun. that my 0.02.
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Mike unregistered
#92   23 Apr 2000
For some reason I can't play the map, the game crashes.

What's up with that?

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B-Witch'd unregistered
#91   23 Apr 2000
OK for Nobel Prize for Xzed.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#90   23 Apr 2000
I've removed 2 really dumb post by Nexus. There where just cut'n'paste of the page. Why Nexus did it is beyond .... :[

(next time I'll ban you Nexus)

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... unregistered
#89   22 Apr 2000
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JakeDawg unregistered
#88   22 Apr 2000
Awesome map, lot's of fun. Also, good for stressing your system...
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beetle unregistered
#87   22 Apr 2000
I tried playing the map but it doesn`t want to loud any anwsers

PLease i want 2 check out the map

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Rave unregistered
#86   22 Apr 2000
ok ok ill shut up already :(
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Rave unregistered
#85   22 Apr 2000
O yes can everybody tell me why almost every mapper (xcept for xzed) is affraid to use pictures of women in their maps? It doesn't have to be pornographic you know (cause that would make me laugh so hard in a game i'd probably loose..;)
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RaVe unregistered
#84   22 Apr 2000
To mike007: you're right. quake

arena textures are beautiful; and ut also. :)

To scampy: let's just say xzed his map and the id maps have amazing textures ok? it's just 2 different "worlds" ;)

Now me: since i am a messed up gamer who likes nothing more than to grab the rocket launcher and plunge myself into a group of other gamers and here by killing myself but getting lostafrags hehehe i say this map is a classic. And to be honest ( no i really am xzed) i once had the idea to built a small garden in quake or quake2 but make it also that the player was scaled ( im a fan of large maps, but not always in deathmatch...i prefer in your face dm arenas with gallons of rubbing alcohol flowing down the strip :B

I wonder what other people will create in the future with the fantastic quake arena engine.

And i didn't know that y'all could build a level that big in quake arena. Quite frankly i was startled when i saw it's size oh my bloody hell :)

It makes me want to back to the old huge doom levels..Yeah those were big fuckers!

Keep on the good work xzed and please..don't build your bathroom as a next level ;)

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Nexus unregistered
#83   22 Apr 2000

this is the best map I have EVER seen in my whole life!!!

I love the new textures and I like to play it with LAN and BOTS!! I give this map a 9 because of the great looking new textures and the bot support.

Greetz Nexus

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The SARACEN unregistered
#82   22 Apr 2000
5//337!!! Very nicely done - missing textures and all. There were also a few shader errors but they should be fixable with just a text editor.

Gameplay - what are you losers yapping about??? It oozes gameplay by the pusload!! (Yes, I meant to say that!) There are so many different opportunities in this level - having played it against one other guy and 4 bots, and been involved with Railgun sniping, rocket duels, punchups, sitting on the Grenade Launcher on the top shelf with the Quad Damage and just plugging, and even prowling the shadows for unsuspecting victims. This map is awesome!

Loved Nighthawks (even though I didn't know the name, just the pic!), the chair, the CD drawer (and what was in it - priorities!!), the fishtank/BFG10k, the Playboy (heh!) the mousetraps, that faulty power outlet (nice touch!). Now I'm going to try playing it with my Open Source mod - Lightning Discharge into the fishtank...hehehe!!!

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Ripcord unregistered
#81   22 Apr 2000
I haven't even played it yet. But I'll say this: I am so impressed by what I saw at work as a co-worker was goofing around, especially the 'Nighthawks' area which is amazingly well done, that I'm downloading it ASAP after this post. Looks like a definite keeper.

Love the fishtank, a good laugh out of that. Too bad you can't frag the fish.

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Questionable Sanity unregistered
#80   22 Apr 2000
I don't think I've seen anything cooler than a CDrom that opens when you shoot the button.
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Ray unregistered
#79   21 Apr 2000
When I first spawned, I thought (since i didn't read the text that describes the map) that I was somewhere in a lobby of a house. But then I realised that I was just a small figure there. Nice work, Xzed! And hey! I found a "secret" area in your map! Players, jump on the desk and go to the place visible in the screenshot. See that black little thingy? Jump on it and it will take you in the picture which is actually a teleport. It will teleport you in a street which is shown in the picture. Very original. That was all really nice, but gameplay has gone for vacation. But what the hell?! I'll just give it a 9.
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WillAaron unregistered
#78   21 Apr 2000
A beautiful map! It combines amazing architecture with some good puzzles... (How the !$#% do I get to the BFG!). It takes a while but it'll come to you sooner or later. The textures make the whole thing come together into a tightly wrapped package. I didn't see any trouble spots anywhere at all on this map. The only thing is that some things are a bit unconventional. You have to find the path. The bots work very well with this map. They loved the top of the desk and the bookshelf adjoining. They used the air ducts a moderate amount, which is good. Also, they made proper use of the chair (it took me a while). They did have a problem, however, with the stapler and the near empty box of "Power-Ups!". My only problem with the whole and entire map was that it crashed my system the first go round. It started out a bit jumpy and I, being the fool that I am, ignored it. My problem was that I didn't give it a chance to smooth out. If it gives you this problem, just find a hidin' place and give it a few seconds. This map is overall deserving of a 9.5, but I can't give it that, so it gets a 10.
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Lordy unregistered
#77   21 Apr 2000
omfg this map rocks :)
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DownEast unregistered
#76   21 Apr 2000
My clan just had a 4 on 4 InstaGib+ Rail only on this map...WHAT A BLAST!!!

I would love to see a whole series of this type of maps! Heck, you could even create your own MOD based on this!

Thanks Xzed!

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Some Dude unregistered
#75   21 Apr 2000
Definitely a must-have. Reminiscent of my previous favorite novelty level, rats for Half-Life (which took place in a kitchen). The placement of the rail is superb. Nice timing of the flight power-up, if you're careful you can get the BFG and land not too far from the Quad. The trick with the painting is my favorite thing, very Hofstadterian, through-the-looking-glass idea. How about doing a map that's a museum that lets you get into other famous paintings the same way? How about an Escher gallery? :)

Whether against bots or online, the gameplay is great. More from Xzed please!

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Abomination unregistered
#74   20 Apr 2000
A must have, the coolest map I've seen yet. although the framrate can be a lil choppy.
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Slyko unregistered
#73   20 Apr 2000
The Rail is awesome! I loved the art trick. Fantastic Map!
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xzed unregistered
#72   20 Apr 2000
oops - I meant that comment about art for Cranial Bore.

SiCdeth: My humble apologies - "tga" is the format that the textures used in the level is stored as in the pk3 file. (which is just an uncompressed zip file)

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xzed unregistered
#71   20 Apr 2000
dezperado: My understanding was that tga's retain better image continuity and quality when scaled, as opposed to jpgs, anyways. 2B honest, I 'd have to do some experimenting.

If anyone knows, please drop a line.

SiCdeth: to get the rail, you should get into art.

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SiCdeth unregistered
#70   20 Apr 2000
dezperado, what tga format, call me stupid, but i'm lost on that subject
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Cranial Bore unregistered
#69   20 Apr 2000
This map is awesome. I think it just needs a Rail gun in there somewhere. I give it a 10.
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dezperado unregistered
#68   20 Apr 2000

one issue - why did you kept the textures in tga format?i'm for example on a shitty 49k connection, it was a stressfull job to download a piece of 10mB instead of ,let's say,5mB.

9/10, for the artistic feeling of the map, and the detail.

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Lunatic unregistered
#67   20 Apr 2000
TIGGER review "q3sody4"!!!!!!
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#66   20 Apr 2000
I put this map off for a while cause of its dload size. I have to say that Everything seems to be scaled well. I pity the person who has to clean the rug!!! 8/10 game play is pretty good. Nice touch with the flight timing to get to the bfg! Really makes you work to get it. A first map..Xzed has good ideas.

And to everyone who keeps arguing about UT and Quake textures:

Q3 textures are more detailed and bigger.

UT are smaller and very different. The lighting is what makes people think UT graphics better.

There!! I like both games so get off the "what game is better" deal that has been around for a long time. Move on.

Ok this map rocks. Make more Xzed!!

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CasbahBoy unregistered
#65   20 Apr 2000
Crazy shit - I especially like the secret related to the railgun, the meaning of the painting on the wall, and the fish tank death trap. Pure geinus. A rare 10.
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Bongwater unregistered
#64   20 Apr 2000
I can't take anything away from the map artistically. The "Night Hawks" gag was a mind blower, especially. I just prefer high-octane slugfests and this map doesn't flow that way. Either I have to take a cab to get to the action or fill it up w/ players and lag out. Otherwise, it's just rail city and not my bag.
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xzed unregistered
#63   20 Apr 2000
Dr. Pain: try installing Point Release 1.16n - that seems to work for other who had similar probs.
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Dr. Pain unregistered
#62   20 Apr 2000
I downloaded the map yesterday (took me freakin' one hour and 30 mins) and then I tried to load it all excited...It crashed quake3.exe!!! I'll double check again to see that I got the entire zip and that it's not chopped off, but has anyone experienced anything similar? My system is a PIII 600 with a NVDIA 256 GeForce. Any ideas? I'd really like to try this map, it looks really cool!
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FuKKeR unregistered
#61   20 Apr 2000
This map is a riot. Good looks, plenty of room and great textures. Original? Well, execution counts for more.

Xzed ...thanks.

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TinCow unregistered
#60   20 Apr 2000
I love this map just like so many other people. Since I run my own dedicated server(s) I decided to stick it up on one. Go to it's something like the 5th or 6th map in rotation, but all the others are good too so the wait won't be boring!
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Grandmaster B unregistered
#59   20 Apr 2000
I loved the map. The custom textures are just cool.
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ryan unregistered
#58   20 Apr 2000
i dont know how you guys could say anything bad about this map. none of you could probly even make the fuckin textures, let alone all the other cool shit he has in it. this map is killer, and should win some awards like the nobel prize, hehe.
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Lunatic unregistered
#57   19 Apr 2000
..::I agree with Scampie
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Lunatic unregistered
#56   19 Apr 2000
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Slyko unregistered
#55   19 Apr 2000
Oppps! Forget what I just said. I'm an idiot! I'll give it a 9. Add some sound for a 10
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Slyko unregistered
#54   19 Apr 2000
Great map! I loved the theme. I would have loved to see a Railgun in here. Gameplay........hmmm.
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Ramza unregistered
#53   19 Apr 2000
realy good !

its .. awesome :P

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xzed unregistered
#52   19 Apr 2000
Wow! thanks for the great feedback! Glad to see so may people are enjoying it.

Since this is my first map, It may be worth mentioning that the concept was to see if a "real world" design could be made playable.) Hopefully it may even support of a range of gaming styles - from sniping and camping in the book shelves to toe2toe gauntlet matches on the carpet, and whatever fall in between.

I humbly apologize for the missing missing textures (I'll just go sit in the corner and hit myelf with a blunt object - doh.)

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SiCdeth unregistered
#51   19 Apr 2000
i kinda liked this map, its cool how he put in all the little details, like the bounce pad swivel-chair, and the open-able cd drive on the pc, the only thing i didnt like about this map, is that its a little too big, most of the little shelves arent even used, but i cant really find anything wrong with this map, except for the not that great playability.

P.S. i dont know how many of you get the umping into the picture thing, but my dad has that painting and when i was walking around inside i was just like, "whoa, thats cool"


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HARRYtuttle<TFI> unregistered
#50   19 Apr 2000
this is one of the most original, and best level that i have ever seen. the attention to detail is what makes is so fu*kin phat. hint:jump on the tip of the stapler for a phat surprise!!!!
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Johnny Law unregistered
#49   19 Apr 2000
Scampie dude, I'm starting to think that you have Issues with Xzed or something. :-)
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Scampie unregistered
#48   19 Apr 2000

no gamplay + cliched theme + ok looks = AW3S0M3 L33T0 M4P


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Satapher unregistered
#47   19 Apr 2000
This map would be a great RailWars map.
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Chunks2Much unregistered
#46   19 Apr 2000
The stapler (spelling?) jump into the pictue clinched it for's a BAD ASS map. Frame rate problems? Buy a better system...its called upgrading!
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Downeast unregistered
#45   19 Apr 2000
I liked the beta better....sorry. The frame rate has dropped due to the lighting and there was a missing texture error from the 2 story building in the picture.

Still a fun map :)

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mattman32 unregistered
#44   19 Apr 2000
excellent creativity and attention to detail -- love the little nooks and crannies and secret areas.
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Ryno unregistered
#43   19 Apr 2000
thats a sweet map!
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Dreiem unregistered
#42   19 Apr 2000
The b3st map ever!
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not entered unregistered
#41   19 Apr 2000
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jOk3r unregistered
#40   18 Apr 2000
This map is a whole lot of fun and looks gorgeous. A tad framey on my TNT1 though =(

I gave it an 8 for everything else the author did right

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Scampie unregistered
#39   18 Apr 2000
i hate maps like this.

it's cool the first time you see somthing like this but, its just a novelty, not a real 'map'.

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smartasspunk unregistered
#38   18 Apr 2000
not entered what the hell?

Id textures are boring?

:( And I guess you can do a better job hey mister know it all? Damn I really enjoy looking at the beauty of the quake arena gothic and tech maps: for example; deva station is one of the most beautiful id maps i've ever seen and believe me when I say that I 've seen them all :)

Yeah ok runtfest has very unique and pretty textures and the lighting is fabulous. I'd be one dumb shit to say otherwise. But please don't say id used ugly or sucky textures for quake arena! Quake had a few ugly textures: the base textures!! They just don't fit well.

But ok something new is always great...untill it gets old ;)

( I hate it when people rate add-on maps and think they're not that good 'cause the author used id textures...)

I hope y'all understood what I was trying to say here ;)

Oh yeah one more thing not're kinda missed up right? First you say quake arena textures are way better then ut textures...and then you say they suck? hm :)

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MogWaEE unregistered
#37   18 Apr 2000
I played the beta version of it, and I had already come to the conclusion that the visuals are stunning! Unfortunatly, the large open area is a gameplay killer :(. The map is full of neat gadgets and I think it's a great map, so I ran off to d/l the final version with the .aas file included, and to my surprise, that's where the gameplay excells: against stoopid bots! Let me explain: this is THE map I load each time I want a quick lil' game of Quake... it's so much fun to pick off GI-Joe looking bots from a distance, and if you are bored of just sitting on your ledge, you can also jump into the action and wipe them out with your RL! It's all up to you! You decide what kind of style of play you're in the mood for, and just adjust... I love it.
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kal-el unregistered
#36   18 Apr 2000
this is the best q3 map i've seen much attention to detail, and a fun level to play on...
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MrGTI unregistered
#35   18 Apr 2000
Excellent map. Neat idea. Great execution. This map will be a great map when next i have a lan. Well worth the wait.

Piranah - Get the BFG from the flight powerup in the fish tank.

Missing textures - i'm hoping for a second pak file.

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lebowsky unregistered
#34   18 Apr 2000
This map is just plain fun with a bunch of people. Load up a mod with the grapple and it gets 10 times better. Yes, it is huge but still incredibly fun.
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Bitwise unregistered
#33   18 Apr 2000
Go get the new Bender Model "blue robot" and its like playing in Toy Story.

Love this map!

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chickenman unregistered
#32   18 Apr 2000
A great map for lans, just finished a 15 hour Q3 lan where this map and the aqua mod dominated. 5 humans and 4 bots is just right for this map, and this map with aqua is just insane. I give it a score of nine(-1 because i hate those bloody fish)
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not entered unregistered
#31   18 Apr 2000

can u please put uyp the dm4 quake1 conversion map for q3?

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guy454 unregistered
#30   18 Apr 2000
innovative, fun, looks amazing.
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than unregistered
#29   18 Apr 2000
well the level looks pretty amazing. Very different from most other things. Kind of reminiscent of beyind the bookshelf for Sin. I haven't had a chance to try human opponents but bots did not play well at all, they kept dropping lower down the map into the air vents and that's where almost all the action was taking place.

Still, probably worth the download just to look around :)


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Steinecke unregistered
#28   18 Apr 2000
Xzed is Quad!
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not entered unregistered
#27   18 Apr 2000
The level looks ABSOLUTELYAZING! This is the most unique map I have ever seen in a game. It's such a relief from the plain grey and goth textured maps of regular Quake 3. What's the deal with id Software anyway. They need fresher textures. A lot of people rant about how much better UT's graphics are but I think Quake 3 has WAAAY better graphics. It's the just the textures that suck on Quake 3. This map, however, is abosolute eye candy!
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pujo unregistered
#26   18 Apr 2000
hahaha. this is one of the most unique maps i've ever played. excellent, outstanding. detail quality is amazing! the screenshots look like an autocad render. the rail location is brilliant.

now i know how mice feel. heh.

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Equino-X unregistered
#25   18 Apr 2000
Excellent!!! Very Impresive Idea. Great!!!
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GarlicBreath unregistered
#24   17 Apr 2000
At lunch we went from 5 min each of other maps in rotation to 60 min of this map, forgot the rest and didn't look back. This will be exclusive or in rotation for a long, long time.
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baronh unregistered
#23   17 Apr 2000
Jump off the stapler on the desk into the picture on the wall !!!! Very C O O L !!!! Wheres ELVIS ?
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TargetBoy unregistered
#22   17 Apr 2000
This map is really fantastic. I love all the little cool things that were done. All the little secrets, the attention to detail. I'm going to really look forward to playing this online.
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m66 unregistered
#21   17 Apr 2000
This obviously took a lot of time and effort, and it shows! Just awesome. Well done and please keep making maps with different themes.
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Mimi unregistered
#20   17 Apr 2000
-- Funtfest map ’s so very fun to play on the LAN party with a bunch of friends (girls & boys).

-- The Map has very good game flow and very playable in the Single User Mode with 6-8 bots.

-- I'm so tired and bored with all of other Gothic/Tech look a like maps. I wish all of the Map Makers would give us a break from the Gothic / Tech themes. Please, give us something like this RUNTFEST map or JAPANESE CASTLE map.

-- Thanks to Xzed to provide us with One of the Best Quake 3 Map ever done. This map is an excellent visual art and wonderful game play. I give the RUNTFEST a Big 10 & a MUST HAVE map.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#19   17 Apr 2000
Hopefully he'll release a little "patch pk3" with the missing textures.

There's also some texturing problems on curves, especially bevel caps, but other than that the map is visually superb.

It's not got gobs of traditional hardcore DM gameplay in it, but the experience of playing this map for the first time is priceless. :-) Pretty darn funny. And it's probably got quite a bit of mileage in it for "just screwing around" games. For that matter, it's also entertaining just to explore it alone for a bit. (Hmm... I wonder if there's a secret that can open that Playboy?)

Download it and have a look. Good work dude.

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Jim unregistered
#18   17 Apr 2000
Now here's a well-made map. Attention to detail here is incredible. It is very immersive with its Gulliver-esque scale, and the conversion of the environment to the Quake world is well done- for example, the mouse(frag)traps- the aquarium, the chair, the ductways, etc all have a function without having to de-realize anything to "fit into" the Quake realm. The painting on the wall was done very well also. And it all flows together well, with good placement of items and structures which are easy to navigate- although it does take a while to make your way up to the quad.

My only regret here is that this map is just begging to be played at high-res with max texture detail- unfortunately I don't quite have the hardware to handle it, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying this fine work.

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FenrisLoki unregistered
#17   17 Apr 2000
Running this map on dualt3 connect at Stanford - popular server at: just callvote to runtfest and go from there. Its an awesome map and deserves to be played on the net. Have fun!
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Waimea unregistered
#16   17 Apr 2000
The beta version was a blast to play, and the finished version even more enjoyable. Goth-style maps get old really quickly, and this is a breath of fresh air.

Missing textures tho'. Apart from the already mentioned second ramp (quad), also underside of the desk (Red armor), edges on mouse jumppads, edge on last ramp (quad) and bottom of video shelf. Weird, as I didn't spot any missing tex. in the beta version. But...those are ofcouse minor details in a map that truly is brilliant.

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Wreta unregistered
#15   17 Apr 2000
This map is awsome.Made by a true artist.The looks of it beats allmost every map out there.Lots of cool things.

very good inded :)

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Bob unregistered
#14   17 Apr 2000
I have the beta version of this map
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Joel unregistered
#13   17 Apr 2000
It does not work
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half wife unregistered
#12   17 Apr 2000
I couldn't believe my eyes
when I saw it the first time.
I'm sure they'll be lying to me
when I'll eventually see it!
When it comes to looks, this one is incredible.
The only thing I'm having seconds
thoughts on is the gameplay.
See that's the problem with
those damn big maps :)
But hey nothing beats those supersmall nerdy boxmaps with flat texturing and all the weapons and 100000 spawnpoints right?? ;)
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Bongwater unregistered
#11   17 Apr 2000
A work of art to be sure. Lacking in gameplay though. I prefer slugfests, and this one is WAY wide open and long range.

I would call this more a spectacular demo piece than a playable map.

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Patridiot unregistered
#10   17 Apr 2000
Haven't played this version, played the Beta. The gameplay wasn't there - might have been fixed in this version, I don't know. The "Unfinshed" area w/ the bar is cool because it is the scene that is on the painting you jump through. Aside from that, this map is beautiful and really shows you what the Qauke 3 engine can do.
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#9   17 Apr 2000
Cool map, although I cant tell if he spent more time scannig images and converting them or doing the actual design. I love the picture on the wall...jumping into it from the stapler is very cool. Cdrom, another cool idea. Lots of cool stuff. Not my favorite map though by a long shot. It does not play very fast, most of the action is shooting rockets from half way across the map. To laggy for any serious large online servers, but fun for LANS, even then lower end systems will chug. The map is a novelty if anything, but it wears thin after awhile. Not to take anything away from this guy...the map is a great work of art...then again how artistic do you have to be to mimic the realworld and scan some images in your system? I'll get flamed for this review for sure, but I'm just being honest. Good work Xzed, I just dont think it's all that original..and the gameplay lacks.
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Lund unregistered
#8   17 Apr 2000
The Bar seens to be barly completed. You know where you get the railgun. A lot of black walls in there
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Witz unregistered
#7   17 Apr 2000
Okay, so who's gonna pay xzed to make a pinball map ?
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Bob_The Hardward Guy unregistered
#6   17 Apr 2000
GreenThumb: I think you are write. I found 2 missing textures. One of the was on the rapm to the Quad. Other than that, it was a very enjoyable map. BFG is fairly easy to get. Undergound passages are nice, IF you are low on health. I thought there were a bit to many plasma guns though...
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Dharana unregistered
#5   17 Apr 2000
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BabelFish unregistered
#4   17 Apr 2000
Incredibly fun map. Well designed, well executed, and a real blast to play. The level of detail is amazing, and the gameplay is carefully balanced. I'm looking forward to Xzed's maps in the future.
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Steinecke unregistered
#3   17 Apr 2000
The most cool and wonderful map in the whole world!

A M U S T !

The Bfg? Try the aquarium (for the powerup)!

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[uM]Greenthumb unregistered
#2   17 Apr 2000
is it me or are there a few missing textures??

very cool map indeed

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Piranah unregistered
#1   17 Apr 2000
This map is a must have. Xzed will surely get snagged by some company for thinking outside the box. Jump on the stapler for a treat. I can't find a way to the BFG though. Have Fun!
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