Sabbac's Revenge
Sabbac's Revenge by Renegade
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2342
#8   19 Aug 2011
I kinda liked it. Some of the architecture needs work but I didn't find anything particularly wrong with this map.
Edited 1416.95 days after the original posting.
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gooball Rep. 1091
#7   18 Aug 2011
The music is annoying. 7/10
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Anonymous unregistered
#6   09 Jul 2008
may be you should think about q3map2' "samples X" or "super X" switch in the light phase - squared shadows don't look very well
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Zathras unregistered
#5   21 Apr 2000
I like this level for 2 or so players.

The music ruins the mood for me so I made a pak file to replace the music.

I used the mp3 "Alienation" by James Grote from his cd "Songs for Deathmatch". You can download the full mp3 free (not warez) from here:

I used Winamp to convert the mp3 to a wav file using instructions found here:

I reduced the wav to 22kz from 44kz using a sound program that came with my soundblaster live.

I took the final wav and renamed it fraggit and put it in a folder called sabbac_music in the subfolder music. I then turned the sabbac_music folder into a pk3 file.

I'd post the file somewhere, but it is 18 meg. I can icq it to you if you have a fat pipe.

ICQ me at 1619042

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not entered unregistered
#4   19 Apr 2000
Music bites... can you say cheese 80's rock meets badly done muzak organ solo.

Too much health...

This level proves that just because you know how to use the editor doesn't mean you know what you're doing.

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Roger unregistered
#3   18 Apr 2000
The music is definitely a waste of space and bandwidth, but this is a map I keep coming back to. Nice work.
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Interceptor unregistered
#2   17 Apr 2000
Check out my review at the QIC.

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0ozE unregistered
#1   17 Apr 2000
This map is a great tourney map. I think the item placement is great...I really have nothing bad to say about it. Railers will have a blast.

I could do without the music, but u can turn it off anyway. L8r!

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