Gauntlet III
Gauntlet III by Equino-x Forever
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Equino-X unregistered
#11   10 Jan 2001
macho> to je preto aby aj slaby hrac raz dostal toho silneho... pokial by tam bol healt tak by sa dobry hrac stale doplnal a slaby by bol v prdeli... takto raz musi prist ten okamih kedy aspon jeden frag bude pre toho zleho hraca... a inak je to dost rychla mapa tazke healt je tam dost zbytocny...
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MACHO unregistered
#10   04 Jul 2000

Tak pán Exuino-X, pár pekných slov k tvojej mape Gauntlet III. Je to celkom dobrá mapa, ale mne osobne tam chýba

nejaké to HEALTH.


Good, quick map, but I would like some health there.

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Xaero unregistered
#9   07 May 2000
Thrice cursed shotgun gorilla!

You will learn manners!

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Palladin unregistered
#8   27 Apr 2000
Well sorry for the harsh words, but my point was that Semish must have a thousand opportunities to praise Equino-X´s work in privacy (clanmates, remember?) and doesn´t need to do that on a public board. I mean what was his point?
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Mandog unregistered
#7   24 Apr 2000
Palladin: whoah down boy, since when can't your friends publicly say they like your work. Sure stating your association with the author is good but not a prerequisite.
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Palladin unregistered
#6   21 Apr 2000
Fuck you [DVT] Semish! The map is good but why dont you tell people you are Equino-Xs clanmate? Leave the comments for people who aren`t involved with Equino-X. Again, the map makes a good and original tourney.
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PeterPosslethwaite unregistered
#5   19 Apr 2000
I agree with rokscott. Bigger would be better.
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RiO unregistered
#4   19 Apr 2000
Um.. hello? The .arena file is broken!

Get a program to make .arena files from

Apart from that minor problem, good map... roll on another, Equino-X!

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[DVT]SeMish unregistered
#3   18 Apr 2000
Excellent work Equino-X!

Very fast 1on1 map, very playable.

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Alex unregistered
#2   18 Apr 2000
Very Cool Fast Map ! Perfect Weapons Placement ! Very powerful Map, Equino-X good work !
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Rokscott unregistered
#1   17 Apr 2000
Fun map only for a short while. Great looking though, and near perfect lighting. A larger map using the same texture set would be most welcome.

7/10 (cause it looks good).

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