Frozen Abyss
Screenshot for Frozen Abyss by nanoSpawn
Added: 29 Apr, 2018   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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02 May 2018
Rep: 237
very nice map for nowdays. I'd like it to be downscaled a bit. :-)
maybe a bit too much armor shards.
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02 May 2018
Rep: 30
Tried it with NetRadiant, but all the textures are messed up. May bother some day, but I'd rather start a fresh new map.
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01 May 2018
Rep: 136 can convert the bsp file to a map file....just need a utility or create a batch file.
Good work on the map.
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30 Apr 2018
Rep: 30
Thank you for the reviews. Wanted to point out that this map, albeit freshly submitted and reviewed, was made in 2002.
I don't have anymore the .map file, as of now, I'd change quite a few things from the map, adding a couple jumpers and reworking item placement, and even perhaps making it a bit more CPM friendly, as well as fixing the bot issues, it is true that they do not use the whole map.
It's released at least, and hope you all enjoy it.

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