BathHouse by Shkiper2012
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gooball Rep. 1081
#7   06 Mar 2022
@Tig I'd say HelterSkeleton's comment covers the CPMA aspects of the map pretty well. However, I still stand by my review for the map as it plays in vQ3. It may not be the what the map was designed for, but I believe the map is far more enjoyable if you go into it expecting a more frivolous and chaotic romp rather than a streamlined CPMA experience.
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Tig Rep. 1604
#6   05 Mar 2022
@gooball : Feel welcome to write an update review of the map and submit it. More than happy to make updates.
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gooball Rep. 1081
#5   05 Mar 2022
Coming back to this map a few years later, I'm starting to regret my rather uninformed review. I realize now that the promode physics add an entirely new dimension to the gameplay of the map, and that there are many little design choices that are tailored toward said physics. @HelterSkeleton, your suggestion has been noted - I probably should have foregone my review in light of all this. I'm sure a seasoned veteran of CPMA (of which I am not) could navigate this map quite efficiently with some practice, and as such write a more accommodating review.

I think HelterSkeleton provides a much better, honest, and accurate summation of the map: it's an interesting idea, but it falls short in terms of gameplay and flow.

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bepisman Rep. 148
#4   06 Mar 2020
I think what is depicted in the panorama is the best part of this map and everything else is as reviews describe. Still very fun though and the textures are very interesting.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6308
#3   20 Jun 2019
For a box map in space there are some nifty ideas here and interesting visuals. As a creative exercise there is a lot to recommend. But there some serious flaws in game play and this is where this level will take the most hits in terms of my final score. There are a lot of features to get caught on (something you do not want in cpm): the most offending party on this count is the stairs, and as the reviewer says the outdoor area is precarious, but the pipes in the interior are pretty precarious too. There are many features intended for cpm movement that are underutilised, and some superfluous details. For example, under a set of stairs there are two angled wall trims, only one of which can be used; i'd just get rid of the other. And the bath on the ground level; it is intended to cushion the fall of the player grabbing the RA and as a trap for said player too. But it simply prevents the necessary strafing to get the speed to use said wall trims to reach higher platforms. The openings above the wall trims are way too small, often blocked by stairs, and preventing access to sections of upper platforms. And the stairs, I think from memory to the lg, have angled trim at the bottom and top corners. These needed to be scaled slightly larger to make important diagonal jumps across the map and to reach the upper adjacent platforms. Finally, weapons and ammo: way more than is necessary! I appreciate that the outdoor area is tricky, and people probably won't want to venture out there too much but it is not too difficult to duck out to a platform, grab a weapon already present on the inside and to jump right back into the box. Just as a suggestion to the reviewer: if a map is suggested for intended gameplay then you need to playtest the game on the recommended gametypes/mods and tailor your review accordingly. If cpm is not your bag, fine, but then leave the map in the queue for reviewing and perhaps also bring it to tig's attention so he can find a more suitable reviewer if necessary (e.g. if it has been in the queue for too long). Big ups on the author of this release for exploring some novel ideas but unfortunately they just hurt the gameplay.
Edited 4.37 minutes after the original posting.
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leilei Rep. 413
#2   01 May 2018
Bathhouses are also hard. I've also tried to map some japanese sento CTF map 2 years ago and having that look convincing while having tubs placed is hard to figure flow out and then there's the general hydrophobia of the 'winner' playerbase as water is kryptonite to the bunnyhopper.
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.ric. unregistered
#1   01 May 2018
a cube with, gorgeous, unusual textures on the inside. the outside pathways are as best reviewed, "precarious". game flow for me was o.k. seemed like the inside was too cramped with items, stairs, and such, for a fast, smooth game. bots played surprisingly well. also, this map can be played in dm/tdm/ctf modes. i enjoy this map, for the unique visuals, just wish it a bit larger.
.thank you.
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