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BathHouse by Shkiper2012
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leilei Rep. 228
#2   01 May 2018
Bathhouses are also hard. I've also tried to map some japanese sento CTF map 2 years ago and having that look convincing while having tubs placed is hard to figure flow out and then there's the general hydrophobia of the 'winner' playerbase as water is kryptonite to the bunnyhopper.
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.ric. unregistered
#1   01 May 2018
a cube with, gorgeous, unusual textures on the inside. the outside pathways are as best reviewed, "precarious". game flow for me was o.k. seemed like the inside was too cramped with items, stairs, and such, for a fast, smooth game. bots played surprisingly well. also, this map can be played in dm/tdm/ctf modes. i enjoy this map, for the unique visuals, just wish it a bit larger.
.thank you.
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