Electric Substation 30
Screenshot for Electric Substation 30 by fKd
Added: 20 Oct, 2017   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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09 Apr 2018
Rep: 488
Good looks and layout. I had some fun frags on this map.
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09 Mar 2018
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More maps please.
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07 Feb 2018
Rep: 60
One very important thing that you should try to avoid (in my opinion) are doors that don't function but look like they can. Also keep in mind the maximum jump distance and try to play with that because it's really fun to just fly over a map that's tricky to navigate but opens a ton of possibilities when you are able to.
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11 Nov 2017
some of these textures appear to be off the map phobosbase1
I missed the shub niggurath reference on readme, my bad.
This pretty good map I thought
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07 Nov 2017
Rep: 232
I enjoyed playing it while building it but thats cool; I really should get some play testers while building but they are hard to find. Thanks for the feedback. :)
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07 Nov 2017
Rep: 60
If the creator would've had the same eye for gameplay as for detail this would've been an very good map.
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24 Oct 2017
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IT REALLY IS EYE CANDY! Looks like a Doom 3 map (thumb up)!
This map could really work well with TankJr, Phobos, Anarki and Gorre (because of the colors).
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21 Oct 2017
Rep: 225
Eye candy. Annoying lack of weapons at lower levels.

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