Electric Substation 30
Screenshot for Electric Substation 30 by fKd
Added: 20 Oct, 2017   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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11 Nov 2017
some of these textures appear to be off the map phobosbase1
I missed the shub niggurath reference on readme, my bad.
This pretty good map I thought
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07 Nov 2017
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I enjoyed playing it while building it but thats cool; I really should get some play testers while building but they are hard to find. Thanks for the feedback. :)
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07 Nov 2017
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If the creator would've had the same eye for gameplay as for detail this would've been an very good map.
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24 Oct 2017
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IT REALLY IS EYE CANDY! Looks like a Doom 3 map (thumb up)!
This map could really work well with TankJr, Phobos, Anarki and Gorre (because of the colors).
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21 Oct 2017
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Eye candy. Annoying lack of weapons at lower levels.

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