Server Overload
by fKd
Server Overload by fKd
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5360
#5   23 Sep 2019
1 tiny problem, the same with your other "complex" ctf map: I think don't use door features unless they actually function as doors. But it's learnable. But WOW! what an effort! The textures, themes, atmosphere, detail, and EFFORT! If I was gonna bitch about a door-not-door no map would ever get a 5, but you my sir. 10 out of 5! Impressive!
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LotsofPain Rep. 55
#4   26 Apr 2018
not the best ctf map ever, but I did think this map was very cool. I was going to rate about a 3 but I saw some idiot rate it at 1.5 and its obviously not worth of that rating so I rated it a 4.
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Porto Rep. 120
#3   07 Feb 2018
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Anonymous unregistered
#2   25 Oct 2017
One of the best CTF maps ever made as far as I'm concerned. Fun as hell to play, keep up the great work!
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1v4n unregistered
#1   24 Oct 2017
The map is obscure an looks very isolated! Also looks like a Half-Life 2-ish map. Great work and atmosphere, FKD!
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