BathHouse by Shkiper2012

This map was made specifically for the CPMA mod, though the author states it can be played on vanilla Quake III, so that is what I will be reviewing it for.

The map seems to be a floating bath house in the sky. The main chamber is usually the center of attention. Stairs and jumppads connect many ledges and catwalks that provide good angles and advantages over your enemies and are also home to many weapons and health pickups. I like the blend of vertical and horizontal gameplay here. There is a pool at the bottom of the chamber that not only cushions falls but also serves as a trap if anyone should fall in it at the wrong time - it becomes shooting fish in a barrel for everyone else. Connected outside the floating bath house are many precarious ledges connected by jumppads and floating stairs. Many goodies are strewn about here. A few doorways and a teleporter offer access to these ledges from the inside. My biggest problem with the outside is that it is easy to get lost bouncing around on jumppads and some of the stairways are arranged in very inconvenient ways thus making navigation difficult and likely resulting in falling to your death.

The visuals of this map stood out to me. The amount of details in the textures and architecture are well done, look great and are not too distracting. It is all clipped off nicely too so you won't get snagged on some random bit of detail. The lighting is not too dark or too bright either. Bots play pretty well but there is an area outside where the bots tend to get stuck - like the readme mentioned.

This is a good map. It plays well and looks nice. I'm glad to see people still making Quake III maps these days.

Reviewed by gooball

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (5 votes)

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