Screenshot for BlackHurricane by Martinus
Added: 29 Apr, 2018   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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26 Aug 2018
BTW nice choice in.... Well everything.
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26 Aug 2018
Want to play this. Sadly after loading an error message appears then return to menu.
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09 Aug 2018
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I like the ship, makes me feel like a real pirate.
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10 May 2018
A few missed opportunities is that you could have made the cannons so that they fired (either by player-activated trigger or by scripting) and added the name on the bow of the vessel. Nice homage with the Q1 logo on the mast. BEAUTIFULLY done, nonetheless.
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01 May 2018
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Ships are hard. I've tried to make a map kind of like this 2 years ago and failed. It was also an air ship but powered by hazardous propellers (some hazardous, and some as convenient jump pads)
Trying to figure out a good symmetrical FFA map for one while looking convincingly like a ship is a challenge so +1
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29 Apr 2018
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Beautiful :-) nice job
and so glad to see ..::LvL still active!
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29 Apr 2018
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Thanks for the reviews!
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