Sudden Death (2)
Sudden Death (2) by CZghost
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CZghost Rep. 1681
#2   22 Mar 2021
I just looked into the readme file and oh boy, my English was really bad 😂
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CZghost Rep. 1681
#1   28 Aug 2017
Thank you for publishing :) This is really very first map I ever made and published :D You may not see it from pk3 build date here, but if you look up into worldspawn sites (now on - use Advanced search and search for author CZghost - you'll see some maps I published before I discovered Tig's sites), you can clearly see the pk3 build date on the original download page.

Just I want to inform you that this dug up release won't be the last version of this map. I actually plan to rework this map (make a redux). It will first of all enhance the dull architecture somewhat, I'll completely change the visuals, and the map will be later converted for Quake Live, after I buy the game and start playing and mapping for this awesome FPS. Not only this one, but also every other I released and will release there.
Edited 23.32 days after the original posting.

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