The Campgrounds - Matrix Edition
Screenshot for The Campgrounds - Matrix Edition by sst13
Added: 22 Apr, 2017   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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27 Feb 2018
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Hands down the best custom map in my opinion. Not only does it look badass,
you picked the best original map to do it with. Awesome.
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05 Jul 2017
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It's pretty obvious that you don't have your video card drivers properly installed. Even a PentiumMMX+Voodoo2 12mb can get 15-40fps in this map (with the lightmap and effects all on)
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04 Jul 2017
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@sst13, BTW love most of your maps, and dedicated radeon r580 gen 6 pretty sure. 2 gigs ded vram should be more than enough to play this. Don't care what other people have, but i've posted my specs and this plays like garbage. I truly hope more have better experience than me. and the pill in hand was pretty cool.
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03 Jul 2017
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you mean the hand with red pill outside a window?
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02 Jul 2017
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@Naglz: This map doesn't need much RAM, because of the few testures I used. I got stable 125FPS in most of the maps areas, with my 6 year old system (core i5 + GTX560 Ti 1GB) @2560x1600 with AA + AF on high settings.
Do you use a dedicated video card or some kind of integrated video "card"?
By the way: It's pro-q3dm6 not q3dm6. This map was also made for a movie project and not really intended to be "playable". I'ts all about eyecandy.
PS: Did anyone found the little secret yet?
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23 Jun 2017
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i3@ 3.4ghz, 12 gb ram, 2 gb ded vram = 17fps? garbage.
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28 May 2017
@leilei: On this website at least. Well, except for that one by cruelstroke and a poster in PadCenter
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28 Apr 2017
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Why this map wasn't done 17 years earlier is a bit baffling. The Matrix was at its peak then and all Q3 got out of it was that Quatrix map
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28 Apr 2017
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Well, this is a LOVE or HATE map… I LOVE it!
The texturing AND lightning is great. It really has a captivating and calming effect to the eyes.
Most players had to switch their enemy colours in this map… but also the green zzz-models look very cool with this background.
I don’t think that gameplay is identical to the original in vanilla mode. The item placement is quite different.
A nice renovation of a great old map!
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25 Apr 2017
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This map looks really amazingly "done" with just a few textures and shader changes! I have to admit that you, SST3... make very interesting and seductive releases. As I am a fan of Quake and Doom, I'm also a fan of Half-Life; my wish is a version of CrossFire for Quake 3 (yeah, I love classic FPS games!). Any reléase that is connected in some way to HL, DOOM or QUAKE is ALWAYS apreciated. Keep em' coming, sst3, I say it again: your maps are FRAG-TASTIC!

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