The Campgrounds - Matrix Edition
The Campgrounds - Matrix Edition by sst13

This review is not going to be fun for me. I just don't get it. I'm a big fan of The Matrix too. Especially all the Quake engine inspired, 3D, cgi graphics in the movie. And I love the way Doom 3 begins with a Matrix style landing ship with the hover pads. But to decompile q3dm6 so that you could send me this is just a shame.

It would appear that the author has something to offer in the way of shader creation. All the textures are in .tga format which add to the clarity of the the visuals. The icons are very clear. Maybe the point of this is to show off a certain texture asset? Well It could have gone much further if there was some original concept map to display it in. Instead you get a something that seems like a mockery of q3dm6.

Gameplay: it's q3dm6; bots: it's q3dm6; fun: it's q3dm6 ... in all green

I guess some people will like this. For me I could barely stand it long enough to reach a decision that I really didn't like it. I can tell you it took some scripting talent to create the shader file for the textures. Good job on that. After looking at the authors site I am even more perplexed. This author obviously has talent. I must assume that this is supposed to be a tribute to the great pro death matches that have been won and lost here, rather than a defiling.

I wish people had more consideration for the work of others. While the scripting of the texture is very well done, I just don't see the pay-off. My 2 Cents.

Review by Mez

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