Desalination by AKUTA
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#3   14 Jun 2020
Nice and fast map, but as HS said, it can get quite easy to dominate the map. I would have removed the teleport to the YA in the rail room and instead add a boucer in that room. Still, gameplay is nice.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#2   15 Jun 2019
Great layout and weapon placement, I think the level design here is near spot on. However, the two ya and mh are way too easy to pick up all in one sweep so I'd probably space them out a bit better. It would be great if the rails weren't clipped so you could get up to the mezzanines from the bottom and maybe lower the MH platform just a little bit to make it easier to get with a rocket jump and riskier to get from up top. Again, as with some of your maps, it could be better lit in some areas, but I really liked everything else.
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georgejjburns Rep. 101
#1   11 Nov 2017
this map has an awesome layout! Really enjoy the fast pace the layout sets out
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