Powerstation - Extended
Screenshot for Powerstation - Extended by sst13
Added: 26 Feb, 2017   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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21 Mar 2017
Rep: 503
Nice improvements compared to the original id map!
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15 Mar 2017
Rep: 1111
@1v4n: If he should keep the original look, he should redistribute textures from Team Arena, which is illegal. And extending such an open space an large map is pretty much a dumb idea as it's already extended. Distant Screams is even larger map and thus this makes it not necessary to do such conversions. If you want to play these maps, get yourself a copy of Team Arena. How, it's all up to you ;)
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12 Mar 2017
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Hi, sst13! I really like your Quake III-ish maps, just because they are pretty much the same quality level! :D
I was just wondering... could you re-make/convert one Q3TeamArena map into Q3?... That would be awesome. I'm talking specifically about that one map that is really big and has an enormous open space (MPTERRA1: OVERDOSE).

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06 Mar 2017
Rep: 1111
Thanks for correction, Tig :) It was really a long time from when I played carnage :D
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05 Mar 2017
Rep: 653
Review has been updated / corrected in regards to the teleporter. I did intend to check the teleporter in the original (as I did not remember it) but assumed I had simply forgotten :] Thanks for the correction Tetzlaff.
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05 Mar 2017
Rep: 1111
Sorry, too long I played original maps :D
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05 Mar 2017
Rep: 31
By todays standards of maps I just go bored of this really quickly.
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05 Mar 2017
Rep: 93
I always wondered how q3tourney1 could be turned into a more serious deathmatch map, whith more verticality and better connectivity. Since the orginal has a great futurist/gothic theme but an all too basic layout. Well, sst13 made it happen and it became a fun little map!
A side note to the reviewer: original q3tourney1 does not include a teleporter, the plasmagun room is a dead end there.

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