Duckhunt, Duckhunt DOOM! and Duckhunt VR
Screenshot for Duckhunt, Duckhunt DOOM! and Duckhunt VR by Eraser
Added: 08 Aug, 2015   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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23 Aug 2015
Rep: 488
Good ol' EntityPlus. This maps looks fun, I'll try it out.
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16 Aug 2015
Rep: 1111
So I decided to watch original gameplay of Duckhunt on YouTube, it's so much funny game, I might try it out, if it exists also for DOS :)
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09 Aug 2015
Rep: 654
The cool thing about the map file being included is not replication but how was it done. Someone, somewhere might get an idea that expands on this experiment and they can make something new from it.
Often it is the first step that are the hardest after you have an idea. Being able to see the map file helps make those first step a lot easier. That is why sharing a map file is a great thing especially with experimental maps.
BTW. Updated the review to include this info.
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09 Aug 2015
Rep: 1111
I think it won't be necessary to build own versions, maybe for education purposes, but I do not see any pros for public release as it is already there :)
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09 Aug 2015
Rep: 120
For those interested, the .map files are included in the download under a CC NC-BY license. If people want to build their own variations of the map, they are free to do so.

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