Geotechnic by Phantazm11
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FragTastic Rep. 1512
#6   18 Jan 2016
WHen it comes to creating beautiful and futuristic style maps, Phantazm is your man! Absolutely stunning visuals I'm just so very impressed with your skills. You seriously need to teach me a few ways lol.
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CZghost Rep. 1543
#5   16 Aug 2015
Though I had little time to try it out, I must say this is really masterpiece. I like the YA made to strafe jump required, though a RA would be better IMHO. Anyway it's so full of details and such great and HQ textures. Just the death pit core that sends player to graveyard could have visible faces from bottom as you can see HOM effect (pink color for me using devmap command, I always load up with developing tools)... For me full of 5 stars!
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FragTastic Rep. 1512
#4   14 Aug 2015
Amazing! I've never been so amazed at such artwork before. This truly is a piece of art!
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pat h unregistered
#3   13 Aug 2015
really inspiring texture/shader work here. it seems like your maps are always raising the bar in that category. awesome work, phant!
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NemiX Rep. 71
#2   11 Aug 2015
A very nice, futuristic design. Good textures and a lot of detail. And I mean A LOT! It would be nice to see a bit more color, though.
When it comes to gameplay, at first it was really hard to navigate through the corridors. They all seemed to look very similar. After learning the layout and being able to distinguish three main rooms the fun could start. A lot of trick jumps, good scale of the map and fine item placement.
I would like some parts of the map to be brighter. Also the "grinder" was annoying as hell at the beginning :)

Overall, one of the best maps I've seen in recent years.

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MBT Rep. 233
#1   09 Aug 2015
Bow down to Phantazm11!
Great architecture, game play and visuals. Gotta say it again: WOW!
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