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Duckhunt, Duckhunt DOOM! and Duckhunt VR
"Duckhunt", "Duckhunt DOOM!" and "Duckhunt VR!" by Eraser ============================================================================= Title : "Duckhunt", "Duckhunt DOOM!" and "Duckhunt VR!" Release number : 1 Date : 30 june 2015 Original release date : 30 june 2015 Filename : ep_duckhunt.pk3 Author : Eraser Email Address : eraesr [at] gmail [dot] com Description : Three single player maps for use with the EntityPlus mod Mods required : EntityPlus v1.1.6 ============================================================================= - Play Information - This map requires version 1.1.6 of the EntityPlus mod. Get it at github.com/T...eation/EntityPlus The maps in this mappack all mimick the gameplay style of the famous NES game Duckhunt. The three maps are different flavors of the same thing. Where the original "Duckhunt" map uses assets that look like Duckhunt, the "Duckhunt DOOM!" version looks like the id Software classic Doom and the "Duckhunt Holo!" version looks like a grid-based, 80's inspired holographic VR experience. All three maps play exactly the same. They only differ visually. Points are scored by damaging enemies as usual in EntityPlus, but an actual kill nets you a bonus 20 points. The maps last for 60 seconds after which the scoreboard is shown. The red dots on the floor indicate the time remaining. Each dot represents 10 seconds. Obviously, you cannot move around the map. Since you cannot die, the difficulty level has little influence on the actual difficulty of the map. Enemies might be slightly more difficult to actually kill in one shot (on easy they have 6 health, on nightmare 14, which is more damage than a single shotgun pellet deals), you do get a score bonus in EntityPlus depending on your difficulty level. Playing below the medium difficulty level therefore seems pointless (enemies have 10 health on medium, enough to get killed by a single shotgun pellet). Shooting the dog, Hellknight or Pinky demon does not offer any rewards. The Hellknight cannot harm you, even though it shoots a bolt of plasma. There are no secrets to be found. ============================================================================ - Additional Information - Both the distribution ZIP file and the PK3 itself contains the source .map files for all three maps in the "maps" folder. These map files are distributed under a CC BY-NC license, meaning that you can study the work, modify the work, use it as part of another work and distribute it as a non-commercial product as long as you give credit to the original author. So feel free to make your own variations on this map and share those with others! ============================================================================ - Construction - Base : From scratch Editor(s) used : GtkRadiant 1.6 Additional Tools : Quake ToolKit, Paint.NET, Notepad++, 7zip Textures used : Custom only. Compile machine : Intel i7-4500U with 8GB RAM, running Windows 8.1 ============================================================================ - Change history - v1: - Initial release. ============================================================================ - Thanks - To YouTube user Ch4rLizard (www.youtube.com/user/Ch4rLizard) for inspiring me to do another EntityPlus map. ============================================================================ - Links - Engines of Creation - www.theenginesofcreation.com EntityPlus - github.com/T...eation/EntityPlus ============================================================================ This map is 2015 by the author and may only be distributed by electronic means. This map may not be copied as a whole or parts of it without prior consent by the original author. Duckhunt is a registered trademark by Nintendo. Doom is a registered trademark by id Software.
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