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Perterbia "A snap Judgment"
title: Perterbia "A snap Judgment"
date: 29th September 2014
file: perterbia.pk3
author(s): Peter R. "B{ooDK{oTz" Amundsen
email address: codclan27[at]hotmail[dot]com
URL: n/a
description: Quake III Arena Map
[Play Information]

Players : CTF,FFA,Duel,TDM,DM
Bots : Yes vanilla
New Graphics : No
Powerups : Regen, Mega & Quad

current UPdate
:updated sept 29th 2014
Gratitude section of readme,readme in gen,Lights, some wider doorways, alterd some textures and patches, Higher cellings in base, reset Mid jumppads,added new portals, removed medkit and opend some areas up a bit. Final Version "3" has a new aas file as well.
Lights are more throughout the map, I played it on r_gamma 1 i enjoyed it that way, all fx maxed.
past rev 2.3 "unreleased"
I have made .aas AI bot files for all maps.Included the concept shorts too.."they are below" enjoy.. for me the .aas file creation was a challenge and i had many attempts pooch out on me..I am gratefull to Simon "Sock" for this achivement. he too had some issues wiht it on his POM "pyramid of Majik" map, check it out and also if you would like another experiance with idtech3 or Quake III arena gameplay his map "The Edge of Forever" or "moteof_final2.pk3" is entertaining.Recreated/ restructured Two included 2nd gen =TC=bots "True Cause" SkoW3r and Ibl!s.


to play:
I'm happy you've downloaded my map perterbia.

to use this file:

-unzip the perterbia.pk3 to your quake 3 arena baseq3 dir

-execute your quake 3 arena.exe

-drop down your console and type /map perterbia

-press the enter key

method 2:
- go to Singal Player
- skrimish
-select desired game type "CTF TDM ect"...
-select desired game settings
-click on fight
-have fun.
Comcept Short story
This follows the above story post the battle or AFTERMATH of. you see after Klesk was loosing his athority at the battle for Santhrum his Clanmembers began to doubt his perspective and leadership. He began to phycologically create and decieve Phobos to other beings and cyborgs.. Comletely decieving his Notions, positive progressions and causes behind his digs findings and inovation. Klesk now had manipullated,phycologically re-created Phobos in many other minds eyes. If Phobos was not hated or misunderstood, it seemd he had been forgotten as well..so like the map, he built a complex to serve another venture this some-what backfired following another battle for posistion.
Story by:
Peter R. "B{ooDK{oTz"
to be continued.......

Story by:
Peter R. "B{ooDK{oTz" Amundsen

Note: well I did'nt spell check.. there they are. you might want to play now.

well... even though I have exercised some intellicual properties for this release.. many people and programs generate maps theses days so i think it will become common to see a themed or structured map with simularties.


[Gratitude Credits below]

Anyone one or comminutues I've ever spent time with online/played Quake III Arena with.
I have been Happy to share my entertainment time with you.
"With the exception of the occasional F-bomb I release when i feel deceived". no regreats there. lol

Special thanks to The Gtk+ project and specially Lillqvist, maintainer of the win32 port of Gtk+.

Many thanks to: Myself for maintaining constructive behavior and exercising the knowlage obtained from
the many points of referance and jumping back into a old hoby.
the Creators, Developers, Testers, Inovators and people sharing thier own experiances under such content exercising,and plain old artistry.
You know who you are. But heres a small list incase you do not know.As a reminder if it wasnt for them we wouldnt be where we are today.

referances and constructive difinitive turtorials:

the many to an from

id software "iddev site"
id I enjoy your many titles you send out editors and promote a wide spread flavor of players, artist and devolopers. you seldome leave any being out and from what i've seen if you had.. you made a solid point to fix it or allow..

"elusive" one of the finest mappers and scriptcalls ive experianced

Simon "Sock" another talented individual

Katsbits.com talented as well



QuakeUNITY.com "one of the finest quake sites on the web"

Wiki.com [] "is it getting worse by the day wiki no... no... noo....."?

codeproject.com "thanks for the good reads"

Programs I used for the process of this creation


IrfanView: Irfan Skiljan

Quake tool kit: "real nice tool, supperseeds the mass edits of .arenas and bot files ect... check it out".
Jerry 'Eraser' Laman
Programming, Research & Design
**email removed**

Rick 'r3tina' Laman
Research, Testing and Suggestions
**email removed**

Remco 'SithLord' Mooijweer
RTG Programming
**email removed**

Microsoft: Notepad and Microsoft Windows"

VLC media Player.


// Quake3 Arena entity definition file for Q3Radiant
// Based on draft by Suicide
// Upgraded by Eutectic
// (terrain information added to func_group entity by Paul Jaquays)
// Q3Map2 entitys/keys added by ydnar

Loki Games
Leonardo Zide wrote the initial port to Gtk+,
which is based on the win32 version of Q3Radiant by Id Software.

Leonardo Zide
QA: Mike Phillips
Bernd Kreimeier

Id software
supporting the project by providing resources

QERadiant.com is the main entity behind the editor. The team has been handling editor developement,
website work and documentation for several years now.
Many people on the team have been involved in several areas,
plugin developpement, contributing patches, doing documentation

Project leader:
- TTimo <**email removed**>

Editor developers and contributors:
- Arnout "RR2DO2" van Meer <**email removed**>
- David Olofson <**email removed**>
- Dominic "Hydra" Clifton <**email removed**>
- Geoff "Gef" Davis <**email removed**>
- Geoffrey DeWan <**email removed**>
- Gordon "djbob" Biggans <**email removed**>
- Jan Paul "MrElusive" van Waveren
- Jonas
- Leonardo Zide (initial ports and general developement) <**email removed**>
- LordHavoc - Q1 support work
- MarsMattel <**email removed**>
- Michael Schlueter
- Nurail
- Pablo "^Fishman" Zurita <**email removed**>
- Randy "ydnar" Reddig <**email removed**>
- Ryan "Riant" Lahaie-Cohen <**email removed**>
- Robert Duffy
- SCDS_reyalP <**email removed**>
- Shawn "EvilTypeGuy" Walker <**email removed**>
- SmallPileOfGibs <**email removed**>

ET GamePack:
- SplashDamage

OSX Port:
- X-Man
- fink team
- Anders Gudmundson

Q3Map 2.0 and general Q3Map improvements:
- Randy "ydnar" Reddig <**email removed**>

Picmodel library:
- SeaW0lf
- Randy "ydnar" Reddig <**email removed**>

Setup media: sample maps, shader scripts, md3s, entities.def:
- AstroCreep
- Jean-Francois "Eutectic" Groleau
- Primer

Game Packs Help
- Raven Software - James Monroe & Mike Majernik
Jedi Academy game pack " i didnt use it, but good reads and referance"
- Ryan "Riant" Lahaie-Cohen <**email removed**>
Jedi Knight II, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, and Soldier of Fortune 2 game packs
"same as above quote" nice work and nice touch.

Half-Life Module
- Dominic "Hydra" Clifton <**email removed**>
"again i didnt use them but refernace was worth the read"

BobToolz plugin:
- Gordon "djbob" Biggans <**email removed**>
- MarsMattel
"nice minds eye there bob, thankx.

PrtView plugin, various bug fixes and q3map guru:
- Geoffrey DeWan

Gensurf plugin
- David Hyde

2D background image plugin
- SCDS_Reyalp

Web staff:
- Dave "Bargle" Koenig and Jason "Wolfen" Spencer
- Geoff "Gef" Davis <**email removed**>
- Tristan "Jherax" Blease <**email removed**>
- neo279, Erukian, space, ButtMonkey
- Thanks to John Hutton, AstroCreep and W2k for web help

- Equim and Wex

My family for putting up with late night/early AM Keyboard taps and support . Passing down PC hardware/software as well

Note: If i left anyone out, deal with it. :)

Back to the map pk.


If your experiance with the lighting of the map is too dark, you Could change the gamma to a higher value.
Note: that the gamma console command only affects vanilla quake III Arena if the game is in full screen.
(the game fills all of the screen, no window border)
"Alt+Enter" is default to switch to and from full screen, you may use the gamma correction under

The default value of '/r_gamma 1.0', a good starting point,
usually 1.2 and something a lot brigher is 1.5,.

if that fails attempt Vertex and or lightmap settings seta r_vertexLight "1" if you need referance
try searching the web via your perferd search engin for Quake 3 arena vertex or lightmap cmds.

Note: if you elect to use r_vertexlight "1", this causes shaded textures to become dull/washed out.
Example: concrete floors and walls were effected most in my experiance.



The map will run singal player @ default memory settings.
If the map will not start from the
menu please check your memory settings with the console command.

The default value is '/com_hunkmegs 56' NO '
Recomended settings is '/com_hunkmegs 75'up to'com_hunkmegs 128'for online play.


i appplied the textures using vanilla quake 3 arena pk files, CTF, Common,Base and some Gothic however,
HI-resolution mods are availble if your system Superseeds the requirements.
Known bugs:
Bug:Bots get caught in the base pools.

seems to be a YZ dimention issue, If, and that is a If i attempt to fix this area of concern I'll be making the Base Pools larger and creating another cellar,or 2nd floor in base.

any further bugs or coments email me. I'd prefer the map name as the title or subject.

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

Copyright (c) 2011
All rights reserved

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state.MUST
include this readme.txt file, and may NOT be modified IN
DISTRIBUTED with intent to profeit, sell or rent, ON CD-ROM or any digital media WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION by the creator.


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