The Very End of Reality
The Very End of Reality by V1979
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V1979 Rep. 315
#9   23 Sep 2017
Some of us doesn't know English well... I wrote that I successfully adapted more than 100 QL maps for Q3A. The latest dozens of them (.bsp files) were modified with HEX editor ONLY. After replacing 2E by 2F (it's enough to convert BSP v47 to BSP v46) it was necessary to replace 'func_advertisement' by 'func_static'. It can be done in QuArK or in HEX editor. In HEX deitor it should be 'func_static ' (with 7 spaces to make the same number of symbols).
To play with bots a modified by such a method
.bsp file should be used as a sample for bspc.exe.
Also items which are missed in Q3A can be replaced.
After such procedures maps are playable in Q3A.
As you can see yourself there are no problems with them www.excessiveplus....quake-live-maps
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CZghost Rep. 1543
#8   21 Sep 2017
Even it would work, it's wrong. Remember that Quake Live BSP has different binary structure, than Vanilla Q3. Quake Live has additional lumps, and of you compare two identical maps in hex editor, however one version q3 and one version ql, you'll see that headers are slightly different (in terms of data, and terms of length). It may work for decompile, but may NOT work for game. The difference makes the two versions incompatible. You have to convert between those using q3map2. If you want to decompile, use -game quakelive, then it will work without having to change bsp version...
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V1979 Rep. 315
#7   14 Sep 2017
You are wrong. Direct modification of .bsp files via HEX is possible.
Read here:
I successfully edited more than 100 QL maps (
.bsp v47) to adapt them for Q3A (which works with .bsp v46). To adapt them there is no even need in Radiant and q3map2. Only a HEX editor is necessary, and bspc.exe to make new .aas files.
If you feel ready to pay my efforts, I could write you a detail manual ;-)
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CZghost Rep. 1543
#6   08 Sep 2017
@V1979: Don't mislead him. Editing BSP version may corrupt the map and it may corrupt entire game. Quake Live and Quake 3 have each different binary structures of BSP map format. Though they are very similar, it has to be same in order to make it work, and it's not. Therefore even small difference counts and such conversion is then impossible. If you need convert a BSP map, use q3map2 -convert -game <quake3/quakelive> command to convert between those games. This is the only one correct way to convert a map...
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V1979 Rep. 315
#5   07 Sep 2017
xaero365, is it about v46 and v47 bsp? If so, edit your *.bsp by HEX editor and fix symbols in 1 range 5 column - 2E (v46) or 2F (v47).
To edit items on a map, use QuArK.
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xaero350 Rep. 0
#4   26 Aug 2017
I tried to edit this map but I get an error
.bsp has wrong version number
help me please
i just change the waepons
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Colton Rep. 329
#3   27 Apr 2016
It's a conversion of Beyond Reality II to regular Q3A, jsyk.
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CZghost Rep. 1543
#2   15 Aug 2015
Just a wonder. This strongly reminds me Team Arena's Beyond Reality. Even the second version of the ID Software's map available as free addon looks exactly like that one. I think here on LvL is Beyond Reality II available for download, too. Try to compare both this map and ID Software map. If there will be too much of match, it would probably be some kind of copyright infridgment. I do not think ID Software would ever make all the things for the game able to edit and redistribute. It may not be so harmful, but be honest: if I steal a movie that is pretty old, but still under copyright holding, and share it via torrent or another sharing platform, even modified in some was (e.g. a parody dubbing) I would probably likely be busted... What does mean few textures or models, it's quite nothing, if it is still for the same game. But take someone's map, make some minor changes and distribute it as your own or as a modification of another map which evokes that it was modified quite heavily, that is worth of some interest in the dark side...
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FragTastic Rep. 1512
#1   30 Aug 2014
Hahah! such a fun map to play in. As soon as I spawned I realised that this map is going to be a huge amount of fun to play and guess what, I was right. I used the Mod FFA for this map and my god it was perfect just perfect! Rail & Rocket's are the one for this map indeed! Good work V1979!
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