The Yard Of Stone And Steel
Screenshot for The Yard Of Stone And Steel by Kaustic
Added: 30 Aug, 2014   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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23 Apr 2017
I enjoyed it , but I do like space maps :)
Thanks Kaustic for some hours of frag fun.
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14 Oct 2014
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One of those maps where you have to rocket jump to get the mega health. Some like this others find it annoying. In my opinion Rocket jumping to a megahealth isnt bad as long as theres an alternate route to it. Players shouldnt HAVE to take damage to get their delicious mh, but instead CAN use their rocket skills to obtain it if they choose instead of going a longer route to it.
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27 Sep 2014
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Another variation of DM17? Well, texturing and lamp models doesn't look very suitable for space-arena. Also RG is too easily reachable.
Map can be player a round or two.

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