The Yard Of Stone And Steel
The Yard Of Stone And Steel by Kaustic
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#4   25 Sep 2019
I didn't mind the conversion actually. the rg is slightly easier to reach but because there is no clear los to the bottom it is not as easy to camp it and it also makes for some interesting encounters when going for the quad MH hint: tempt some rocket slash damage or plasma hop off the pad. I think that is why the plasma gun is there. I agree that the sg is useful here, and I also think the stairs and bridges help prevent players from railing you off a pad as in the original. i'm gonna keep this. but it is still a dm17 remake and the texturing is a bit bland.
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Obsessed Rep. 637
#3   20 Dec 2018
Very nice arcade map! nothing really close to q3dm17, just usual "rail arena" with using another weaps sometimes. Every weapon is useful, especially, including SG. The only thing disappointed me - I couldn't take MH, but bot could do it! 0_O
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freightshaker Rep. 11
#2   23 Apr 2017
I enjoyed it , but I do like space maps :)
Thanks Kaustic for some hours of frag fun.
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Vymmiatacz Rep. 190
#1   27 Sep 2014
Another variation of DM17? Well, texturing and lamp models doesn't look very suitable for space-arena. Also RG is too easily reachable.
Map can be player a round or two.
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