Temples of Retribution
Temples of Retribution by V1979
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Colton Rep. 329
#3   01 Apr 2016
V1979 made a different version of these maps. Here's the link to it Tig, might wanna put this map in as vq3dm7ctf3 in this pk3: cloud.mail.ru/public/NAV8/zEnfytU7H
Just so you know. :)
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Vymmiatacz Rep. 180
#2   27 Sep 2014
Quite good experience to see map which was played thousends of times but in a CTF variant.
I'm wondering how it is possible to broke AAS in such well known map? Bots aren't playing well, some can stuck in the corner, they are avoiding RL area...
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CZghost Rep. 1581
#1   30 Aug 2014
Hello everyone :) I will try to complete the review with some closing comment words:
I played this map with fun, interesting to see most common map coming with default game installation translated into CTF and as it comes with Radiant as a sample map, it is easy enough to make some particular changes, such as double map and change textures. Well, reducing map is not so much easy as making duplicate, but it shows that author has good scale of fantasy, which I give him great plus. I'm not sure V1979 still maps, readme file and also time it was sitting in queue says it is at least two years old... I'd suggest him to continue and learn more mapping. Giving full stars rating, just for the fantasy and effort taken in the second one map =^)

///EDIT: Oups. a mistake happened :) My memory is quite damaged, it was month I tested it, but then I discovered PK3 build date in overview and release date in readme (which do not correspond, it is about half year from release date and PK3 build date, that I do not understand)... Well, maps play great and I am happy that someone made CTF conversion. It is what I imagined when looked in the queue and I must say that it was groovy job. Especialy the reduced version, which required much more edits and fantasy. Thumps up for the V1979 and looking for some new maps from you :)
Edited 22.44 hours after the original posting.

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