Eagles Temple
Eagles Temple by r3tina
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GuyNamedErick Rep. 227
#11   25 Aug 2018
Always strikes me as odd when Quake 2 (on Steam as far as I know) includes Threewave CTF in the game's folder, but with Quake 3, it's just the base maps and Team Arena. Of course, downloading Threewave CTF for Quake 3 isn't hard so at least there's that.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#10   17 Jul 2011
It feels like I have seen maps like this before. I don't quite get the mix of a gothic cathedral and satanic symbolism.
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#9   06 Apr 2000
When i find that damn texture set i will play this map. Until then. Either include the textures you used or..NEXT!
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Jim unregistered
#8   06 Apr 2000
This is a nice looking map, texturing and lighting are done fairly well, and I like the stained glass effect. But it is missing something- I think the layout could be a little better- and it needs something more to keep me there...
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r3tina unregistered
#7   06 Apr 2000
What about all mappers who create custom textures for their maps put those textures in a different dir than those used by id? In other words, I think the base_something, gothic_something, sfx, skies, etc. dirs should be reserved for textures that are included in a basic q3a install. That would save a lot of trouble.
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TheSameHumongousPenis unregistered
#6   06 Apr 2000
ok ok how about just the texture set included in a point release? that would make everyone happy, no?
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EvilDildoManHater unregistered
#5   05 Apr 2000
errr people are willing to wait for a 40 meg download of q3 fortress. a point release at what? 8 megs? aint that big a deal
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Lyer007 unregistered
#4   05 Apr 2000
-because then the point releases would be huge in size.
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r3tina unregistered
#3   05 Apr 2000
First off all, thanx for adding my map to ..::Lvl. It's my very first map build from scratch ever, so I'm quite pleased with the short review :-)

About the missing textures, I noticed that only two weeks ago, but I had already submitted the map for review :-( It's really quite annoying that those threewave textures are not in a dir called threewave or something, but are instead just mixed with the basic id textures.

Thanx everyone for downloading my map :-)

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goat nipples unregistered
#2   05 Apr 2000
Because that would make too much sense.
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GargantuousPenileImplant unregistered
#1   05 Apr 2000
why doesnt id just add the damn threewave maps in a point release so everyone will have those fuckers?
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