Screenshot for Scummymap by Scummy
Added: 05 Sep, 2013   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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04 Sep 2017
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bots play perfectly.
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09 Dec 2015
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This map is great in physically and emotionally GREAT! So cool to see a map like this in the community. :)
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18 Sep 2013
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It's because Open Arena does to use couple of custom textures which are not copyrighted. Get a copy of Quake 3 to see all textures. You can buy the item at steam, including Team Arena datadisc. Then you can enjoy the map in it's full visuals including the cool teleporter.
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18 Sep 2013
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Nice job Scum!
Love the statue, flags and all the rest of the texture work, looking forward to throwing some bots in and giving it a crack.
Stay Scummy :)
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15 Sep 2013
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Such a good map, I love the design. Since I played it on OpenArena 0.8.8-5 I couldn't enjoyed a couple of textures (the teleporter for instance, which looks so cool in the picture. And the statues). Perhaps in the OpenArena's next upgrade.
The playability is great. Is a really enjoyable map.

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