Cloister of Unnamed Colony
Cloister of Unnamed Colony by Rust7
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JADscratch Rep. 477
#2   31 Dec 2013
Tried this map out before, and it was quite puzzling to me. It had that "wide-open-spaces" feeling, but it was just too bland in that sense as well. The actual fighting is quite tricky with such an open landscape, and with the weapons all placed evenly around a large map like this, it can get a little nerve-wracking to get a new weapon or some ammo/health.

Has its issues, but can be a little fun sometimes...

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GuitarMan Rep. 468
#1   19 Oct 2013
I've downloaded this map a couple months ago but couldn't write a proper review due to time constraints.

Yeah, it's pretty simple, could have been a lot better with no extra work.
Items and weapons placement is bad. And some weapon choices are questionable on such set-up.

Also, you can easily camp on the railgun spot and shoot everyone from up there.

Still, fun to play if you like open spaces.
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