Scummymap by Scummy

As of late we have been seeing a bit of a comeback for ye olde Gothic Style maps over the new techy, texture-loaded maps. This is one of those levels and has some interesting properties too.

First off, the level is riddled with traps to make it more interesting. If you are not a fan of levels with grenade turrets or buttons that cause the floor open into a pit of lava you cannot escape, do not even start to download this one. I however, thought it was cool how the bots used these traps often which shows the mapper has some bot routing skills!

What does hurt this map is the BFG10k. I'm not saying having it in the map is bad, but I think it should be harder to pick-up. The game flow can be kind of wonky at times with the catwalks and dead ends, but they are not too bad.

The author has some innovative ideas that make this map worth a try. But if you are too oldskool for that, move along.

Reviewed by KommissarReb (SW12)

Tigs notes: A very interesting map. The overall layout is great and has a lot going for it, however with tweaking and editing this O.K. map could be a great a release.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: Scummymap by Scummy