High Speed Graffiti
Screenshot for High Speed Graffiti by fKd
Added: 13 Jul, 2013   More than 5 years old A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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14 Apr 2018
Rep: 488
Love this map. Captures can be fast and bots tend to take only one route when capturing, but overall it's still fun. The textures and architecture look so nice together and it is all very nicely done. I liked the windows overlooking the flag in the railgun room and the pool at the center of the map. Well done!
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12 Jan 2014
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Gorgeous brushwork and visuality. I could literally frame the first screenshot on my bedroom wall because its that beautiful. Gameplay runs smoothly sometimes but gets completely ruined when bots do get stuck in some parts of the map like i_like_quake has quoted. Overall this map is really really good.
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29 Sep 2013
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Nice geometry, but I feel this map is really small. Very fast captures are possible. Haven't found Grenade Launcher - would be useful for protecting lower floor of base.
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15 Jul 2013
Rep: 313
Absolutely amazing brushwork combined with clever texture layering and choice. I love the rounded-off corners of your windows looking out (i.e. near the two JPs at the RL). In quite a few cases I am wondering how you did it, and why I never tried those things. Sigh :). Very clean look. Would fit QuakeLive IMO. Wish this was a FFA map though :-P
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14 Jul 2013
the map looks really nice, i personally loved the pool in the center with the blue and red lights. A couple of issues though, bots sometimes get stuck in the little niche spawn on the 2nd floor parallel to the RA and the bars near the RG area can easily be passed making for ridiculously fast captures. Those aside the map looks great and is fun to play on

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