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High Speed Graffiti
by fKd
================================================================================ * QUAKE III ARENA LEVEL INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE : High Speed Graffiti FILENAME : q3ctfp13.pk3 AUTHOR : Peter "fKd" Ward e-Mail : **email removed** HOMEPAGE : no home page DATE : 24/08/10 uploaded 16/10/12 GAME PLAY TYPE : ctf Default FOV : 90 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL DESCRIPTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A CTF map i've been playing around with. heh, not much to go on aye :D ummm tight 3v3 or 4v4 ctf... fast, lots of paths... BOOM HEAD SHOT! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHMATCH : meep meep CTF! SUGGESTED PLAYER LOAD : 4-6 BOTS : WEAPONS : Rocket Launcher, Rail Gun, Shotgun, Plasma Gun, Lightning Gun POWERUPS/ARMOR : YA x 2, RA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CONSTRUCTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITORS USED : GTKradient 1.5 UTILITIES USED : Winrar, Q3Map2 Toolz, Notepad, Photoshop 6 KNOWN BUGS : I dunno, some might complain about clipping? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * OTHER LEVELS BY THE AUTHOR * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quake III Arena : q3ctfp3 Quake III Arena : q3dmp4 Quake III Arena : q3dmp9 Quake III Arena : q3dmp11 Quake III Arena : q3dmp14 Unreal Tournament : ctf-433 Unreal Tournament : ctf-sublevel17 Well these are maps im proud-ish of. there are others.. but we will forget about those :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS OR INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just dump q3ctfp13.pk3 into your baseq3 directory. Type /map (or /devmap) q3ctfp13 in the console. Or go to skirmish->CTF and select q3dmp13. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CREDITS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yves Allaire : Textures. www.evillair.net/v2/ Ydnar : Q3MAP2, misc textures. (www.shaderlab.com) PJW : Ha more textures And of course Id software -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * THANKS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All at quake3world.com and Tig at lvlworld.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * COPYRIGHT/PERMISSIONS * Copyright 2010 by Peter "fKd" Ward. All rights reserved. This package may only be distributed by means of electronic transfer, free of any charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way. All the files included in the original package must remain intact and unmodified. This package may not be distributed on any CD-ROM without the prior, explicit written consent of Peter "fKd" Ward.
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