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============================================================================= Title : Survival Release number : 1 Date : 30 may 2013 Original release date : 30 may 2013 Filename : ep_survival.pk3 Author : Eraser Email Address : eraesr [at] gmail [dot] com Description : Single player map for use with the EntityPlus mod Mods required : EntityPlus ============================================================================= - Play Information - This map requires the EntityPlus mod. Get it at code.google.com/p/entityplus The map does not play as a traditional single player adventure. Instead, it offers a wave-combat type of gameplay. Enemies spawn in waves and each wave has to be fully defeated to advance to the next wave. The goal of the map is to set a score as high as possible. When the player has lost all five of his lives, the game ends and the final high score is determined. ============================================================================ - Construction - Base : From scratch Editor(s) used : GtkRadiant 1.6 Additional Tools : Quake ToolKit, Paint.NET, Audacity, Notepad++ Textures used : All textures in the map are custom textures. See credits.txt for texture credits. Models used : Trees, plants, crucified man and angel statues are custom models not made by the author of ep_survival. See the respective readme files for information about these models. Compile machine : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz with 4GB RAM, running Windows 7 ============================================================================ - Change history - v1: - Initial release. ============================================================================ - Links - Engines of Creation - www.theenginesofcreation.com EntityPlus - code.google.com/p/entityplus Quake3World Forums - www.quake3world.com/forums ============================================================================ This map is 2013 by the author and may only be distributed by electronic means. This map may not be copied as a whole or parts of it without prior consent by the original author.
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