Hell's Gate v2
Hell's Gate v2 by UDARvEBALO
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Colton Rep. 329
#6   30 May 2016
I think the additions are OK, just they need a bit of tinkering & improvement, then I think they'll probably be gold, but for now, it's a meh type of map.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#5   04 Jul 2012
I second leilei's opinion on the fire near the armor. Doesn't this person know how to make a map?!

He/She could have at least attempted to finish creating it before sending it without bot support.

The only interesting feature was the Fog of Death now being ordinary fog.
That aside however....What a waste! 1/10

Did I mention that he rated his own map 7/10?!

Because I just found that out, THIS GETS A ZERO storms off in a rage >:O
Edited: 04 Jul 2012 AEST

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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#4   17 May 2012
I don't really find Hell's Gate to be remade or improved, It's just fine as it is. Plus no bot support dude :/. 5.5/10
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99ymx Rep. 118
#3   11 May 2012
Lack of bot support. XD
The .aas file is not included.
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leilei Rep. 413
#2   20 Apr 2012
The flame on the skull torch by the heavy armor is seriously messed up too
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CZghost Rep. 1611
#1   20 Apr 2012
I like remakes,but it's only grow up original release, plus missing bot support - 6.5/10
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