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FragTastic Rep. 1482
#9   22 May 2012
@EmeraldTiger: I would suggest making a gimmick type TA map. It could be a new map that no one has ever created.
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2303
#8   21 May 2012
Thank you Scorpion. It's a pleasure to create and to satisfy my audience. :)

I'm going to be participating in the next Maverick competition, and the new map will also include a bit of TA support as usual. I still need to think of a good layout though.

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Scorpion Tank unregistered
#7   21 May 2012
emerald tiger, i'm loving this map so much, could you do more quality team arena maps like this one? thanks
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2303
#6   20 Feb 2012
Thanks for your comments everyone.

Sadly during the time this was on #uscpmpickup we didn't get an opportunity to try it out. (although plenty of people were eager to do so) We got close one time with 7/8 players for MOTW, but then someone added for CTF which was also 7/8. But he just entered and didn't know what was going on, so we forgive him. :)

MOTW is almost never played there anyway, regardless of the map being used. One person (can't remember his alias) joked, "You could cut off both my hands and I'd still be able to count how many times we played MOTW".
Edited: 20 Feb 2012 AEST

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Vymmiatacz Rep. 145
#5   20 Feb 2012
I found this map quite good for TDMs.
BTW - nice trap triggered by button :)
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CZghost Rep. 1533
#4   13 Feb 2012
Wait... There's a green armor, that's in CPMA... Author doesn't tell anything about green armor placement, but other items are decribed... Does the software on websites (q3a.ath.cx) have some code errors?

Oups... CA and FT tells everything...
Edited: 14 Feb 2012 AEST

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themuffinator Rep. 907
#3   09 Feb 2012
Quite a blast, especially for FFA. Has a decent flow to it through most of the map, although I few areas still feel a bit strange to me, notably near the fog in the Quad area. I'm personally not a fan of the Invulnerability sphere so I tend to avoid it at all costs, which makes taking that route through that entrance a hassle when it has spawned. It is great to finally have a proper FFA/TDM map for Team Arena, so big ups for that!

Most of what I can say about this map I already mentioned in the development thread. In summary EmeraldTiger gets progressively better the more he maps and I'm pretty sure at this rate his next map will be top class stuff.

A few things here and there that don't quite do it for me, but it's still damn sexy! 8.5/10

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FragTastic Rep. 1482
#2   09 Feb 2012
Textures are spot on :). 10/10

Edit: I also found this map on another website click the link :). q3a.ath.cx/map/pasdm1/
Edited: 09 Feb 2012 AEST

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Eraser unregistered
#1   08 Feb 2012
Oh boy, I played two beta versions of this map and never got around to playing the final version. The betas were promising so this should be good!
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