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============================================================ Title: Dynasty Filename: pasdm1.pk3 Author: Ricardo "EmeraldTiger" Stevenson E-Mail: **email removed** Description: A large gothic-themed map, aimed towards TDM, also good for FFA or Large CA (8v8). Team Arena support included. ============================================================ How to Play: After downloading, unzip pasdm1.pk3 into either your baseq3 or missionpack folder. Running vq3, open the game, go to single player, select skirmish, then go through the list until you find pasdm1, then click on it and run with desired settings. Running Team Arena, open the game, start a server in FFA or TDM, and run with desired settings. ============================================================ Story: Story? What story, bro? ============================================================ General Information: Free For All: Yes Tourney: No Team Deathmatch: Yes (Recommended, 4v4) Clan Arena: Yes (8v8) Freeze Tag: Yes Capture The Flag: No Players: 8 - 16 (in TDM, 4 - 5 players per team, CA 4 - 8) Weapons: SG**, LG, GL, RL, PG, RG, CG* Powerups / Items: Quad Damage Size: Large Skill Level: Intermediate Bot File: Yes New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes (See credits below) New Music: No *In Team Arena only **If not running TA, there are two shotguns, one replacing the CG. ============================================================ Build Information: Base: Built from scratch Editor Used: GTKRadiant 1.4 Other Programs: GIMP (for custom textures) Notepad (for readme) WinRAR (for .pk3 creation) Quake 3 Shader Editor (for shader creation) Bugs: Some fog clipping issue near sky, only really noticeable in spec mode so nothing high priority. Build Time: About 2 months ============================================================ Changelog: Alpha 1 (09/15/11) - First released to the public. Alpha 2 (09/18/11) - Swapped RL and LG positions. - Swapped GL and RG positions. - Established some very basic, early architecture. - Removed the original jump pad with quad hanging in air. It was replaced with a platform which can be accessed with a new accelerator pad in front of it, a small protruding brush nearby, or a new interconnection. - Added some doors to block line-of-sight. - Replaced fog near MH in favor of lava. - Removed the underwater tunnel teleporter in favor of a plain slipgate teleporter. - Removed the underwater slugs in favor of four 5+ healths distributed towards both sides. - Expanded the tunnel where the GL is. (formerly RG position) A grate is placed right below the RL (formerly LG position) to allow players to look down and shoot. - Can now shoot through grates. Alpha 3 (09/25/11) - Added a new room between the Quad and MH rooms. The MH room now has a higher walkway allowing for more vertical gameplay. This new room also adds a few walls to the Quad room, making it much less open than before. There is an experimental Personal Teleporter platform as well. (Invulnerability if in TA and gametype is not TDM) - Redirected some of the teleporters. The MH tele now takes you to the platform above MH, (mentioned earlier) and the underwater tele now takes you to were the MH tele used to send you, at the lower walkway near the MH room door. - Increased the size and space of the quad platform to allow more room for fights. - Moved the quad accel pad to the higher walkway, wedged between two co- lumns. - Hall between Quad and statue rooms (see below) is longer and bends 90 degrees. - Several item placement changes, including a GA for CPMA. - Added a statue of Ranger. (temporary, experimenting with Blender) Alpha 4 (09/25/11) - Changed lava to slime. - Changed fog color to a bright green hue in accordance with slime. - Experimental change: Crusher now must be activated via a button. (which is attached to a new column which helps break up openness) It can be activated every 4 seconds. - Team location information added. - Replaced the trigger brush for the trigger_hurt in fog pit with nodrop. - Slightly modified geometry near MH room exit to make it less obtrusive when tele-jumps are enabled in CPM / CQ3. Beta 1 (10/28/11) - Established visuals. - Added falling sounds for fog of death. - Added a second button that also activates the crusher, but also has a viewing screen which allows you to see someone going for RA, as otherwise the crusher is obscured behind the walls. - Atmospheric sounds added. - Water in main room replaced with fog, teleporter and it`s respective destination have been removed and a jump pad leading up to the invulnerability hatch has been added where the teleporter destination was. - Slightly widened the hallway next to the RG, added some CG belt ammo. - Bridge in the LG room is now a sloped platform which can`t be walked under. - Fixed issue with crusher not killing players instantly. (hopefully... :p) - LG platform has been changed to not have it`s own ceiling anymore. Column extended for cover. Floor is grated so you can damage someone from below with a hitscan weapon like LG or RG. - Hint brush placement for FPS optimization. Max r_speeds peak around 16,000 traingles. - Numerous other things. Beta 2 (11/05/11) - New, more contrasting skybox from ra3map7. (The Houses of Infliction) - Removed the Persian rugs in favor of metallic flooring in places. - More atmospheric sounds added, including some flame sounds that I forgot to add for Beta 1. - Reduced the contrast and saturation of several green-colored objects. Green lighting has either been toned down or removed. - Clipped the rocky GL tunnel. - Re-clipped the trees. - Several other clipping adjustments made. - Some minor brushwork and texture fixes. Release Candidate 1 (11/17/11) - Renamed map from "Domain of Red Snakes" to "Dynasty". - Reworked the terrain at YA to use terrain blending. - Some more clipping adjustments. - Fixed some visible caulk areas, albeit only reachable by rocket jumping or spectating. - Slightly lightened the item spawn markers. - Fixed (hopefully) possible shader conflict issues. Final Release (11/19/11) - Intermission added. ============================================================ Tips and Strategies: - In Team Arena, use the invulnerability if you are under attack in a room you are controlling and need to fight the resistance. You can even deny access to a few areas by activating it while using the accelerator pads. - Additionally, the invulnerability can be used at the crusher to stop yourself from being squished. The crusher will hit the bubble and you will take no damage. - In CPMA, use the accelerator pads to your advantage to gain very high running speeds. Despite the map`s large size, you can reach any point very quickly. - The crusher can be activated by two buttons, one that can be seen while you are going to RA, and another one which only the presser of the button can see, not you. Before grabbing RA, call for a teammate in teamchat to use the lower GL teleporter and clear anyone camping the viewing screen. Unless they have good reflexes a SG blast in the face will get rid of them, and you are safe to go. Well, unless you have an abusive teamkiller. But then you can /callvote a kick, or shout at him for his incompetence. - The GL is right next to the teleporter spawning you next to the RA accel pad. Spam some nades at the exit and you`ll probably catch a few people attempting to come out. - You can also spam nades through the LG grate (it allows weapons to pass through) for the same purpose. ============================================================ Thanks To: My family, for always being there for me, both through the good times and bad times. Let us always be together. Victor "DaEngineer" Karp for allowing me to use his fantastic tree models. TheMuffinMan for helping me fix some model issues. Simon "Sock" `O Callaghan for the wonderful plant textures and terrain blending tutorials. CGTextures for many of the textures. Yan "Method" Ostretsov for the arched trims (yan_test) and a (slightly modified) brick texture. Pawel "ShadoW" Chrapka for the door designs (used from the q3shw26 .map source) and for some of the primary textures. Dan "Inflict" Haigh for ra3map7 sky. All testers: - Ferdinand "cityy" List - Victor "DaEngineer" Karp - Jerry "Eraser" Laman - "KittenIgnition" - "obsidian" - Adam "pikaluva13" Trowbridge - Dan "TheMuffinMan" Da Costa id software for Quake. id software and Loki Software for GTKRadiant. Anyone else I forgot to mention. :) ============================================================ Legal Notice: Dynasty by EmeraldTiger, Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena are registered trademarks of id software inc. All rights reserved. By downloading and installing the map, or by playing this map, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 1. That the user may download and use this map for the sole purpose of entertainment, with no cost or special permissions. 2. That the user may electronically distribute this map through the World Wide Web, through a map download and review service, so as long as the map is distributed freely at no cost to the downloader, and that all contents of this package, or "zip", file, are left unmodified, including this readme file. 3. That the user may save this map file onto an electronic storage device, which includes, but is not limited to: CD-ROMs, flash drives, and floppy disks, so as long as the user does not attempt to give such a device away to any people they do not know or trust, regardless of whether or not it is being distributed for profit. 4. That if the user wishes to officially distribute this map file to the public, that permission is obtained from the author (EmeraldTiger) prior to it`s distribution, and that proper credit is put in place, such as placing the author name in the title of the map. 5. That the user may not disassemble, reverse engineer, decompile, modify, or alter the files, then distribute it either electronically or physically. This includes the map file, textures, sounds, music, and shaders, should any be included with this package. You acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions that have been presented before you, and that by downloading and installing this map onto your computer, that you are to agree to these terms and conditions. If any breach is made in this agreement, you will no longer have the right to download or play this map. ============================================================
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