Roman Duel
Roman Duel
by Bliccer and DaEngineer

- textures have been taken from (THANKS for your free support!)
- and from here: www.fudgegraphics....n-texture-pack/
- tree models by DaEngineer. Using these models prohibited without prior written permission. Contact: daengineer (at) gmx (dot) de

- morbus for the help
- Noruen (for chitchat, textures, help, presence, ideas)
- SST13, cityy for good input
- phantazm11 for texture help
- Maverick (for the comp and clanbase :D)
- (for the fun during work! Twisty and Decl especially...)
- (for existing)
- EmeraldTiger, subst and bst (for testing)
- to Patrick "Scout" Schotte for gameplay testing

Greets to everyone in #maverickservers and #clanbase on irc.quakenet (e.g: StormSh4dow, phantazm11, Maverick, cityy, hell5pawn,